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- -' - -?:? COMING EVENTS.I


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{lIt first Apsocmtion was held at FeHnfoel' a ththe .yea l' ??' but nothing is known, C 1 entlcally U to whe.t was done at the 1 ?nce 01 ?hia Association. The next Association was held a. Felinfoel in' the summer-of 1718. It was at this Associa- tion it was resolved to set aside the first Sunday in August in each year to thank the Lord, in a special way, for the glorious deliverance of the Nonconformists of the country from the persecution of the Church I of England in the year 1714. The two political parties of this period were known as Whigs and Tories. The Tories were Churchmen, and the Whigs the Liberals of the times, and, as a rule, they were Non- conformists. The chief cry of the Tories was, Down with the Nonconformists, as the Established Church is in danger," whilst the cry of the Whigs was, Defend the Nonconformists, because the Protestant Succession to the Throne is in jeopardy." During the last days of the reign of Queen Anne, the Tories were in the ascen- dancy, and they did all they could to j destroy Nonconformity in the Kingdom. Lord Bolingbroke was their leader, and he was a great favourite with the Queen. The Tories succeeded in placing upon the I Statute Book of Great Britain one of thel most disgraceful Acts which had ever seen the light of day, known as the Act of Schism." The Nonconformists, for their own benefits, had established most excellent schools in the country, and the object of this Act was to destroy the whole of them, and that with the object of stamping out, as they thought, in a most effectual way, the Nonconformity of the country. By this Act, it was enacted that if any teacher attended any place of worship other than the Established Church, he was to be imprisoned for three inoutus. HUM prohibited for ever afterwards to undertake the duties of teacher. Besides this, if the teacher, even if he attended the Established Church on Sundays, taught or even allowed to be taught in his school any form of Catechism other than that of the Established Church, he was liable to the same penalties. This Act was to come into force on the first of August, 1714, but to the chagrin of the Tovies and the Churchmen of the period, the Lord God intervened and laid low in death Queen Anne before He allowed her to sign the Act of Schism," and, to quote the words of the Rev. Thomas Bradbury, a Congregational divine who headed a depu- tation of \ministers who wended their way to the Royal Palace to present H.M. George 1. with an address of welcome to the throne of Great Britain, We have come to the funeral of the Act of Schism and to the resurrection of religious freedom." In commemoration of this deliverance, the Baptists from these days to the present time set apart the first Sunday in August in each year to thank the Lord for his divine intervention on behalf of Noncon- formity and religious freedom. ———— ————

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I'. I Girl Attacked at Llwynhendy.





Llanelly Royal Choir.I

-__! Mr. Ben Tiilett at Llanelly



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