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I Distressing Fatality.


IPrehistoric Welsh Camp. I




IAlleged Theft at Ponthenry.


Alleged Theft at Ponthenry. At the Police Court on Saturday, Patrick Smith., Ponthenry, was charged with stealing a silver curb chain and a razor from Pont- henry Post Office. P.S. George deposed that he arrested the prisoner at 11.30 the previous evening, and took him to the Pontyberem Police Station. He charged him, and in reply the prisoner said, I had the, chain in my possession for I days, and Mrs. Thomas has told me to keep the watch and chain." Prisoner admitted ( taking the razor. On the application of Snpt. Rogers he was remanded until Monday. The case was resumed at the Police Court on Monday before Messrs. Dan Williams and Joseph Joseph. There was an additional charge against the defendant, of stealing some under-clothing. The evidence of P.S. George was read over, and he added that when lie visited Henfelyn Cottage, where he arrested the defendant, he round him in bed. In his trousers were -some of the missing articles. The defendant had been lodging at the Post Office, and some of the goods stolen belonged to his brother. Sarah Thomas said she did not give the de- fendant permission to take the under-clothing because it was not her property. The razor belonged to her husband, which she valued at 2s. She also missed the silver curb chain. of the value of 2s. She denied that she had given him permission io keep it. Defendant: Did your husband go away with all. his belongings on Tuesday?—He took his clothes on Wednesday. What happened aft-er yuur husband left on Monday ?—Nothing. Why did your husband lean-i, -No answer. Defendant: I could bring the whole village of Ponthenry here to speak as to the character of the house. Defendant lurther asked the witness if she j gave him 5s. j Witness: I can: him 5s. iV>r his brother. You said I could take whatever I wanted | from the Mr. Brodie: Any other questions 3 Defendant: No, sir. She will not answer, j One might speak to the wall. Kate Smith, wife of John Steven Smith, said she lived at the Post Office, Ponthenry. About 11.30 on Sunday morning, the 12th inst., she had a conversation with the defen- dant in the kitchen at the POfSt Office. De- j Jfudant showed her a silver watch and chain, which she knew was Mrs Thomas's property. s There was no bad feeling, to her knowledge, existing between the brothers. t Evidence was also given by the brother of i the defendant, who identified the under- clothing as his property, which he missed on the 9th instant. There was &ome ill-feeling between hi, brother and himself. Defendant said he did' not intend to ask his brother any questions. He had only been j in the house five days, but there had been j some unpleasantness in the family for the j last twelve months. j Mrs. Thomas (re-ealled) gave additional evidence with regard to the clothing. Mr. j Thomas left the house because he had a quar- { Tel with his brother. | Mr. Sampson: What was the dispute about? [ Witness: One struck the- other, and the | quarrel ensued. Defendant pleaded guilty to stealing a razor I and not guilty to stealing the clothing and ¡ the chain. Last, Friday week, when lie was in j Swansea, he had a message from his brother, I who'm lie had not seen for two and a. half | years, asking him to come to see him. When. he got there his brother wanted him to stay with him, which he did. On the following ) -day he obtained work, and started on the Monday. On Friday he helped Peter Thomas in the garden, and they subsequently went to [ a public-house^ where they had three pints j of beer each. On returning to the house they had tea. together, and a row occurred between some of the people; in the house, and his brother threatened to murder Peter Thomas, j His brother went out of the house- half an < hour later, and did not return. When he j offered the watch, iludchain back to Mrs. Thomas she told liim to keep it. He had a very good character, and had his disehargeJ from tlJe Army The Bench said they would deal with tlw; defendant, under the First Offenders Act, and he was' bound over for twelve months.


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