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I CRICKET. I WELSH REGIMENT v. LLANELLY". Played at Pembroke Dock in beautiful I i weather on Saturday. Scores:— Llanelly. Rees c Veal b .Pittard 41 H. Howell c Veal b Marshall 22 H. John c and b Marshall 19 Clough c Veal b Marshall 41 Bowen c Dickenson b Marshall 23 Rogers c S-tiiitli -b A] arsliall 9 Bevan c and b Marshall 5 J. Howell not out 12 Phillips not out 5 Extras. 11 Total (for 7 wickets) 188 (Innings declared.) Welsh Regiment. I Capt. Veal c and b Howell. 66 Dickenson c Rees b Clough 24 L. Phillips c John b Howell 35 Sergt. Smith c Howell b Clough 1 L. C. Evans b Howell 2 T. H. E. Marshall b Howell 0 Private Anguish b Howell 0 Gransmore c Davies b Clough 0 Private Pittard c Davies b Clough 2 Corpl. Torrinton c Bowen b Clough. 0 L. C. Oiislow not out 1 Extras 7 Total 138 LLANELL Y II. v. PONTYBEREM. I Pontyberem gained a decisive victory over I | Llanelly Seconds at Stradey on Saturday. Scores:— Llanelly Seconds. J. Rees c D. J. Thomas b J. Davies 13 D. W. Nicholl b J. Davies 0 H. M. Griffiths c and b G. C. Seymour 5 W. H. Davies b J. Davies 7 A. Lewis c J. Jones b J. Davies 0 H. E. Jones run out 2 Griff Rowe not out I I. 10 D. H. Davies c D. E. Jones b J. Davies 1 E. E. Bailey b G. 6. Seymour 0 ,1. Randell b G. C. Seymour 0 B. Watts b J. Davies 1 Extras 4 Total. 43 Pontyberem. D. E. Jones not out 33 Jos. Jones b H. M. txriffiths 4 Tom Roberts c Nicholl b A. Lewis 10 Isaac Jones c J. Rees b Griffitlis 4 D. J. Thomas b Griff Rowe 17 Jack Lewis c J. Rees b D. H. Davies 18 G. C. Seymour lbw b D. H. Davie's 2 A. E. Seymour b E. E. Bailey. 15 W. Thomas c H. E. Jones b Bailey 0 R. Seymour c A. Lewis b Bailey. 4 (T. Bowen b E. E. Bailey 0 Extras. 14 Total. 121 EEIJNEOEL v. BURRY PORT. I t League match played at i ehnioei on i i Saturday. Scores:— Burry Port—G. P. Lewis (senr.) b D. Staples 3, E. R. R. Lewis c J. Williams b Staples 5, (I T. Williams c W. T. Davies b D. Staples 1, H. Bowen c D. J. Saunders b P. Davies 0, N. Roderick b P. Davies 0, G. P. Lewis (junr.) b E J. James 6, J. Davies c H. Griffiths b P. Davies 4, D. Davies c J. Griffiths b E. J. James 1, H. Groom c Roberts b E. J. J amcs 3, C. Williams not out 3, extras 3, total 62. Felinfoel-W .T. Davies c D. Davies b E. R. R. Lewis 9, J. Williams b E. R. R. Lewis 4, E. J. James b Lewis 5, J. Griffiths b Lewis 0, E. Roberts b Lewis 5, H. Griffiths b D. Davies b Lewis 8, D. J. Saunders b Lewis 0, W. Griffiths b D. Davies 0, G. Williams not f out 0, D. Staples b D. Davies 0, extras 5, total 41. PONTYBEREM v. LAMPETER COLLEGE. The above match was played at Lampeter on Tuesday of last week, and ended in a draw. Scores:— Pontyberem—D. T. Jane.3 c Roberts b Wil- liams 34, Joe Jones Ibw 1) Longford. 18, J. Jones st b Howells 29, A. E. Seymour b Williams 0, D. J. Thomas hit wicket b A. C. Roberts 3, J. Davies c Howells b Longford 19, R. R. Seymour run out 15, G. C. Seymour c Howells b Longford 5, W. Thomas b Longford 4, T. Roberts b D. J. Davies 2, G. Bowen not out 1, extras 5, total 135. Lampeter College—E. D. Davies b Seymour 11, A. C. Roberts b Davies 0, J. B. Davies b Davies 0, W. J. Williams not out 26, W. Rees b Davies 11, J. S. Buckley not out 15, W. w. Howell b Davies 7, extras 5, total (for seven wickets) 75. I PONTYBEREM v. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE. PONTYBBREM Y. LLANDOVERY CLL:E(;E Played at Llandovery on Thursday last, and ended in a draw. Scores:— Pontyhercm-D. T. Jones c Barker b Davies ¡' 10, Joe .Tones lbw b Davies 26, T. Roberts b l Thomas 46, A. E. Seymourc and b Barker 4, J. Davies not out 54, n. J. Thomas not out 58, extras 20, total (for four wickets) 218. Llandovery College-—W. W. Thomas Ihw b Bowen 19, E. Humphreys b Davies 1, W. Richards b Seymour 7, J. T. Davies b Sey- mour 4, H. Barker c Jones b Thomas 30, Cox b Thomas 15, Walters e Thomas 1) Seymour 9, Williams not out 9, Jeffries not out 1, extras 10, total (for seven wickets) 105. PARK CHURCH v. LLANGENNECH. The above teams met at Llanelly for the return encounter on Saturday last. The visi- tors opened the batting, and aggregated 95 runs, J. Williams (26), R, T. John (27), and W. J. Bowen (17) making useful scores. Park then went in, the first six wickets falling cheaply for 21 runs. J. Rogers then joined A. Edwards, and so brilliant was the batting of these two players that 103 runs were scored before the partnership could be dissolved. J. W. Walker (20, not out) played very finely, his score including one six and two fours. For the homesters J. W. Walker captured five wickets for 19 runs, J. Harrington one for 4, and W. Rosters one for 9. Scores' Llangennech-J. Williams -1) Walker 26, G. Owen b Walker 4, W. J. Hughes b Walker 0, T. Rees c G. Davies b W. Walker 0, W. S. Bowen c A. Edwards b J. Rogers 17, T. John not out 27, D. Thomas run out 0, S. Rees c I and b W. Rogers 4. E. Williams run out 2, J. Rees b Walker 0, D. Jones b J. Harrington 1, extras 14, total S3. Park Church.—'W. Rogers c T. Rees b J. Hughes 10. E. Evans e'-D. Thomas b Hughes 9. E. Bray b J. Hughes 0, J. B. Jones b 3. Williams 0, F. Rogers-c T. Rees b J. Hughes 2, T. V. Phillips b J. Williams 0, A. Edwards c E. Williams b J. Hughes 42, J. Rogers b E. Thomas 52. J. Harrington c G. Owen b J. Hughes 3, J. W. Walker not out 20, G. Davies b E. Thomas 5, extras 16, total 159. The Park Church XI. journey to Briton, Ferry on Saturday next to meet the W averley C.C., when a keen struggle is anticipated. PONTYBEREM lI. v. LLANELLY COUNTY SCHOOL. This match was played at Pontyberem. on Saturday last, and ended in a win for the homesters. Scores-.—Pontyberem Seconds, 73; County School, 37.


IAlleged Theft at Ponthenry.


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