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Intermediate Managers.,


Intermediate Managers. MR. J. S. TREGOXIXG RESIGNS. A meeting ?f '-t:ntermediat sehooll Managers ?ae held at the Schools on Thurs- day last, The Rev. J. H. Rees presiding. The other members present were Mrs. Nevill, Mrs I Phillips, Messrs Joseph Roberts, E. T. Jones, J. Ll. Thomas, W. CSreville, Rev. Dr. Johns, II together with the Clerk (Mr. Bloke), the Headmaster (Mr. W. Lewis, B.A.), and the I Headmistress (Miss Davies). .PP")INCT.P"-I' /)T A 'CO'.i ('ERr¡ I APPOINTMENT OF MANAGERS. The Clerk reported that the Parish Council had xe-app;niiled the Rev. Roger Williams as manager far the uou-provided schools of the district. Mr. Spowart, clerk to the Urban Council, also wrote that the Council had ap- pointed the following as governorsMrs. Phillips, Rev Dr Johns, Rev W. Trevor Jones, Messrs. J. S. Tregoning, E. T. Jones, and Jos. Roberts. He also enclosed forms of consent. Mr. J. S. Tregoning had intimated his inabi- lity to act, and it was therefore necessary to hold another meeting to appoint someone in his stead. As soon as the person was ap- pointed, and had sent notice of consent, he would convey official intimation to the Clerk. The Clerk observed that Mr. Tregoning had sent him a letter, in which he stated that he regretted he would be unable to attend the meetings in future. He much regretted hav- ing to leave the work, but he did not feel justified in continuing it in future. He was glad that the financial condition of the school was going on, and he hoped it. would con- tinue progressing in every direction for good. Dr. John's regretted Mr. Tregoning's inabi- lity to continue his work as a manager of the school. It was, undoubtedly, a great loss to the Committee. Mr. Jo Roberts re-echoed the sentiments j of Dr. Johns. j Mr. E. T. Jones proposed that they place Oll record the invaluable services rendered by Mr. Treg-ming to the Intermediate School. As chairman of the Committee for many years, he did his work in the most efficient manner, and lie knew from his personal knowledge that Mr. Tregoning had sacrificed a considerable amount, of time and labour in doing his utmost for the welfare of the school to which Mr. Lewis could bear testimony. He did nor only work at the Committee meeting, but he was a frequent visitor at the school, and offered every encouragement to the staff. The Chairman said they all appreciated ¡ the services (Jf Mr. Tregoning, and lie asso- ciated himself with the remarks of Mr. Jones. Mrs. Phillips observed that Mr. Tregoning understood the correct interpretation of the Intermediate Act, which probably no other governor did. It was a matter of regret to their children and the staff that Me Tregoning had been obliged to withdraw from further service. It. was unanimously decided to place on re- cord the invaluable services of Mr Tregoning. The Clerk said that with regard to the ap- pointment of representatives for the Urban District Council, he observed in the news- papers that a very lengthy discussion took place- as to whether they had legal power to appoint more than one female representa- tive. He had had instructions from the Board of Education, who were to interpret in this matter. A letter from the Board stated: "With reference to your letter of the 27th instant, I am directed to state that whilst the scheme of 1908 requires that one of the gover- I nors appointsd by the Llanelly Urban District Comicil shall be a woman, ;[ doe? not pro-I hibit the* appointment of more than one woman." He (the Clerk) had seen Mr. H. W. Spowa?t with regard to this matter. In reply to Dr. Johns, the Clerk said he j scut t" th-e Board for the informal k>n as i guidance for the future. I SCHOLARSHIPS. With regard to the scholarships, the Clerk F-aidlie regretted tn state that the County had decli^ ned to allow additional ones. Their letter stated that no additional scholarships could be allowed 1" pupils between thirteen and iourteen. years ot age. He understood that similar applications had been made to j the County fiom other schools, and they had been declined. I v 'I' I> 'I' ""t1")I.\I.)-'IIll) I'" "JT\T\ I l,'NTIiA'(?E EXAMINA- 1 TIONS. ¡ The Clerk roonried tha; he had received 166 applications ¡he entrance -?''h.??rF.hip < i u*u Llanelly Urban-Bynea, Dafen, and examination, and had fixed the following *1 «« Burr. Port—Kidwelly, Pembrey. Irin^trj), Pwll. -mi ( mgwili. Mt'. J. Ll. I i' i"e;m,red why the Cwm- Burry Pert. The Clerk replied that the applicants had their own option. It was ultimately decided that the C'wm- dula.?, with Tycro?.s a ad Llangenntch dis- gwiii district be lixed for Hendy and Pontar- tricrs. j The Clerk said that 129 would sit ;?L):'u?i elly, 22 at Burry Port, and 15 at Hendy. NEW INTERMEDIATE SCHEME. Apropos to the amendment to the lie., In- AproPos to the Iii,ii,?(-?,ii(iiiient tf-) t-l"?e tion, fill. ?i objecUons in respect of the scheme should be sent to the Secretary of the Board of Educa- tion. There was one matter which affected them. Clause 97a of the last amendment. i -stated that the school managers may establish a pupil teachers' centre in connec- > km wit ht he school, and make any modifica- tions relating to ages, education, and subjects of instruction, etc. Instead of that clause, the new amendment stated that the school managers' may make speeuit. pinvisjou. in c-on- i <o n in with the school in the education of girls who intended qualifying as i i i< :s in elementary school*. The iiiana- may also, if they think lit, make modifi- ratiin- according to the ages, instruction, and cxarninatioll. and the County Council may m?ke re?in&tlous with legard to the tuition j [totS they mav think suitable. •Itie Clerk, in reply to Mr. E. Jones, said i< tile new clause w..uM abolish the old  a< i r rcntre. I Mr E. T. Jones: Rut, what « j» m- ,i>-> i tht Bui .j freedom to the governors in dealing with the I bursars!. With regard to the subject of in- struction ,the governors were at liberty to choose their own subjects for intending teachers. With regard to the examination, the :e?ciiers may cho<?e their own examina- tion, either the Oxford Local or London Mat- riculation, or any examination they provided ¡ for them. It was really, a permissive clause, I and gave the governors more freedom in pre- pal iug teachers. I Mr. Joseph Robert., said that with regard to I' the pupil teachers' centre, it would have to be abolished. The LlaneHy Urban Authority had declined to adopt the Bursar Scheme at ibe present time, and 'U«. County threatened to discontinue the centre. He would like to know whether the County could diseuntinue the pupil teachers' centre, although the other authority decided- to continue the pupil teachers' centre, rather than adopt the Bursar Schema. Mr. E. T. Jones said that the amendment "n the scheme would oom]> • in Llanelly I Mdwatlon Committee to revetA to tt <■>. County Bursar Scheme, Fp to tlio present they had i refused to adopt the '"omify Conned scheme, i the amendivi-ent- io the original scheme would I '•ompel them to adopt it. II Mr. Joseph Roberts said that if the clause- were passed, a (ill > ht r.nipjj teachers centre was discontinued 4hi nothing to pre v.-nt the Urban. from  .ttit ??'!t'"?' af ?!C M!.?',r.t' M????? ?h??! which they could do under the regulations of the Board of Education. lVIr. Greville: What Mr. Roberts wants to know is, whether the Urban Authority can light the Carmarthenshire Education on this question (laughter). Mr. Roberts: No. I want to know what the effect of this clause is. It was subsequently decided that the .matter be deferred until the next meeting. GRANTS. Ihe uterK reported the receipt ot £q:( 10s. in respect of a portion of the girls' grant, and £ 535 10s. in respect of the boys.

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