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j MUSTARD AND CRESS. I MUSTARN CRESS. Several persons were summoned at the Police Court on Wednesday for keeping a dog without a licence. Mr. Herbert Newark will present the Lib- rary Committee to-morrow with a portrait of the late Col. W. Buckley Roderick. The game between Llanclly and Llandovery was off on Saturday, on account of the latter failing to get a team together. The Bishop of St. David's, at an ordination on Trinity Sunday, licensed the Rev. J. Ll. Evans to the curacy of St. Paul's, Llanelly. The duties of registrar of the County Court were performed on Monday by Mr. Lewis Bishop, brother of His Honour Judge Bishop. A Welsh schoolmaster, who has been i-iead of the same school for forty-four yaars, states he is now teaching the grand-children of his first pupils. The Llanelly Imperial Band, whic-li was re- cently formed in the town, contemplate enter- ing in the various band contests that- will be held on divers dates. Some prominent local elocutionists intend competing at the London National next week, including Mr. David Owen and Miss Bessie Smith, Seaside. The Band of the 4th Battalion Welsh Regi- ment will play selections of music in the Town Hall Grounds this (Thursday) evening) at 7.30 p.m. (weather permitting). Miss Smart: "But if marriage is a failure, Mr Levi, you have at least a substantial asset in Mrs Levi and the children."—Levi: "Asset! Asset! you call 'em—those are liabilities." Whilst shooting big game in British East Africa, Mr. Roosevelt, ex-president of the United States, was the guest of Mrs. Harris, Nairobi, daughter of Mrs. Jenkins, Llangen- deime. Mr. David Harries. A.C., who was choir- master at Dock Chapel for twenty years, was presented with .a. beautiful illuminated ad- dress on Tuesday evening, in recognition of his long and faithful services to the chapel. Congratulations to Mr. William Rogers, Pwll, upon his appointment as ch-eckweigher at the Grovesend Colliery, near Gcrseinon. He secured 105 votes against his opponent's 66. Ahout. two months .ago he w is eiectca to a similar position at Maesteg out of 99 can- didates. The children of the local Band of Hope Union held a succ-essful demonstration on Saturday last. Many thousands took part, and the procession was of considerable length. Preceding the procession were the Llanelly Town and Salvation Army Bands, who played selections along the route. Whilst the owner of a dog was pleading its innocence at the County Court on Monday last., with regard t.o the killing of sheep, it is alleged that this innocent pet was actually perpetrating a similar deed at the very same time. We are deceived in our friends and those whom we desire to shield very often. The plucky Llandebie collier who made a leap from the balloon at Carmarthen was in great form when descending through the clouds. The aeronaut, looking down, and observing that the parachute had opened safely, shouted to him, "Are you alright?" and the cheery voice rang up through space, In the pink When the case of the Border children was baing heard last Tuesday week at the Town Hall Mr. Edmunds taunted Mr. Nicholas with endeavouring to play to the gallery. Mr. Nicholas replied, That is no good. for I know that the whole of the gallery is on your side. Mrs. Dr. Lloyd was the only occu- pant of the gallery at the time. The Llanelly Town Band will play the fol- lowing programme of music at the Town Hall Grounds on Saturday at 7 p.m., and on Tues- day at 7.30 p.m. :-Marc-li valse. Liebe- strailm" (Czibulka): duetto "Love's Serenade" (Marks); overture; "Sorrow and Joy" (Carl I-Tause); gavotte, "La Comtesse" (Dodswell); selection, "lone" (Petrella); "God save the King." Conductor—Mr. J. Samuel. Two young clerks in the employ of a local brewery were the recipients of a neatly packed parcel one day this week, per railway car- riage, for which they had to pay fourpence. They cautiously untied the parcel., and an in- tolerable aroma emanated from the contents within, and an examination revealed the fact that some of their confreres had played a hoax upon them, and sent, t'hem a mackerel each, which had left the waters fur a con- siderable time. At the Bradford A.M.C. last week Mr W. B. Jones thanked the Board of Directors for com- plying \\ith the request of the delegates from the Principality, by allowing the Welsh em- blem and motto to figure amongst the others on the Unity Almanack. He should, never- theless, like to see- the motto correctly given, and the words correctly spelt. The Grand Master promised that this would lie seen to, if Ero. Jones supplied them with the correct version, which Mr. Jones promptly did. When Mr. John John, Parceithyn, heard that the Llanelly Urban Council had refused to re-elect Mrs. Dr. Lloyd on the Board of Governors of the Intermediate School, for which she had done so much, he exclaimed, Well, they've killed the hen that laid the. golden eggs." Since then the Urban Council found they had committed a. blunder, and rhey set about applying artificial respiration to resuscitate their victim; but it was "Too late." The Council generally manages things in this way. Mr. Nathan Griffiths waxed eloquent at the Council meeting on Monday over the counsel's fees in connection with the Paliamentary Bill. It will be observed in another column that the Parliamentary Agent's account amounts to nearly one thousand pounds, apart from the remaining hundreds for the other counsel, and this, added to the Clerk's and councillors' trips to London, must in- evitably reach a colossal amount. The many friends of Mr. John Daniell (and Mrs. Daniell, New Road) will b.e pleased to learn that he has been promoted to the posi- tion of chief assayer and metallurgical chemist to the Amalgamated Crown Gold Mines ef Johannesburg. Mr. Daniell is very well known in educational circles, being exa- miner of the matriculation and diploma examinations in science and physics. Before the War he was lecturer to the Council of, Education, Johannesburg. He was nominated as Progressive candidate for the first Parlia- ment, of the Transvaal, which honour he re- fused. He was again nominated by Lord Sel- oourn-e and others for the Upper House, but was not selected by the offiejalQ in England, Boer being selected. He is the son of the Late Mr. Meyler Daniell, Hendre, and brother to Dr. Alfred Daniel, barrister, Lincoln's Inn.