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WEEKLY COMMENTS. THE value of a sound lung has been brought forcibly to public notice during the last few years by the attention given and the erection of sanatoria throughout the length and breadth of the land. What applies to the individual lung must do so equally, or even still more forcibly, to what may be regarded as a combination of in- dividual lungs in a town lung or public park. The worth of the unit, and the combination of units, is so very clear, that it is quite unnecessary to enter upon any proof of it. Everywhere throughout the Kingdom, the fact has been recognised in the laying-out of town and city parks. It has been so in Llanelly in the abstract, but has not yet found expression in the concrete of fact. Now, however desirable and admirable a park may be in the abstract, it is far more so in the reality. A com- fortably-cushioned seat in the abstract, overlooking a stretch of beautiful country, or, maybe, the sea, on a delightful summer's evening, is not of anything like I the same value as a deal bench in the ¡ reality and children do not swing on I swings in the abstract, nor do they t5 play cricket on abstract fields. The reality is ¡ always needed, and Llanelly is short of this. It is perfectly true that we have a I so-called" Public Park around the Town Hall. We have no desire to cast an aspersion in any way upon it. The best has, undoubtedly, been done in the limited circumstances of the case, and we do not hesitate to say that the small area of ground at the disposal of the Urban Council has been exceedingly well laid out. The grass is green and well kept, the shrubs well looked after and thriving, the paths nicely curved, and the seats com- fortable. The band also plays—and plays remarkably well—two evenings a week but in spite of all this, there is a "please- keep-off-the-grass air about the place, and "dogs are not admitted," and one feels where lie is obliged to keep off. the grass, and cannot be followed by his dog, it is not a public park in the trnc sense. The limitations of space preclude it in the Town Park, we admit, and we also aamit that it cannot be very well extended I without trenching upon the space allotted to the attractive town fairs, and the possi-  bilities of a future cattle fair other than I that held in the mai n street. It is true, I that for nine months in the year it is I alleged that the River Lliedi runs bard by, but we scarcely believe it would be ad- vanced with any seriousness that the inclusion of its course and banks would add any watery or sylvan charm to the extension of the present Public Park.

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