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Parliamentary Expenses.


Parliamentary Expenses. -0- MR NATHAK GRIFFITHS AND COUNSEL'S FEES. At the monthly meeting of the Urban council on Monday evening the counsel's fees 111 Aspect- of Parliamentary expenses were Considered. Mr. Nathan Griffiths said he desired to ask "? or two questions before they confirmed t minutes of the Finance Committee of May 28th. ?? ? not wish them to think that he did so from any morbid curiosity (laughter). IT e b.eheved cheques were passed to Mr. C.  "utehinson for £ 384 6s.: Mr. Honoratius Lio?d, K .C! ??? ?' ?'? and ?' Mscassey, ?1?"0 1' 6s. What he desired to know was, why .as there a distinction between the amounts ? the opposition of the Gas Bill and the ftrPf positiorx of the. Rural Council Water Bill? .*?y found some items in respect of expert l,ees, Dr. J. C. Thresh, L73 10s.: Messrs T. and • Hawks ley, £ 304 10s.; and Messrs J. Taylor, ns and Santo C'nmp, R246 8s.; and there ?' and Santo Crimp, ?246 8s.; and there ^s an amount of ?43 6s. 64. from Messrs. to'o Cook and Hammond, in respect of car- n ad plans for ihe Water Bill. He be- 'llei,ed if ?cy took cartoons of some people in  town, they would be well worth the no* ney (laughter). He would like to know lrhat Was the original amount of the bill of "I?* A. Rhys Roberts, the Parliamentary 4gerlt,. They had already paid him £ 500, and ?account must be considerably high. ?e Chairman: Terri hI y w Mr. Nathan Griffiths, continuing, said he 1 as asking the question. He was a couneil- I 4r, and lie was fully entitled to know the a^oum, of his bill. ¡ o.The Chairman: Put your question in a con- Se iialiiier, and I will endeavour to answer sM r. Nathan Griinths: What was the origi- I ? amount of the bill of Mr. Rhys Roberts? I The Chairman: I cannot give vou the exact I amount. me. Nathan Griffiths But the Clerk can tell i ryle. i ^e- Chairman: The biH has been submitted ??xaticn.—— II  Mr. Nathan Griffiths: You do not mean to ,tell me that the Clerk cannot tell me from 'I 1 Memory the amount of the bill? The Clerk; I will tell you directly. The HPa ay- ment of £ 500 was made by the Council, so I that the Bill could be submitted for taxation. The Chairman: There is no intention to uPPress anything. I l' Nathan Griffiths said he would also be to know the amount that had been de- tlted to them in respect of their opposition to the Gas Bill and Burry Port and Rural TMs- lIet Council Bill. f The Chairman said it was quite impossible for theim to apportion these particular dlUOunts. Air Rhys Roberts's account inclu- d their opposition to the Gas Bill and the ?ater Bm. ^Mr. Nathan Griffiths: I do not want them th-nlght. Will the Clerk undertake to give 'he'll at some future meeting? 1JThe Cle,rk said the matter would obviously  hronght before the 'Council. The commit- tee had not yet quite imished their business.  ?'- Nathan Griffiths o?erved that he de- ?d to know th? original amount. They n? ?"? that the original amount was an ^riiitant one. Even though Mr, Rhys P,ob'?Tts was a partner of Mr. Lloyd George, r h Made exorbitant charges, there was no i ason why they should not engage, another ?ntleman. ??. W. Bramwell Jones objected to Mr. N. d rifiithe's renection upon Mr. Rhys Roberts. ? fee, with costs, was a very fair one. Mr. Nathan Griffiths Eaid he was not cast- ng a reflection upon ir,. Rhys Roberts. It Vvas Mr. Bramwell Jones's duty to stand up for his profession. He would like to know "hy the Council paid Mr. Rhys Roberts £ 500 On account before sending it, up for taxation? The Chairman replied that before they paid ^Unsel's fees they were bound to submit them for taxation before iliey paid them. Mr. Nathan Griffiths: But we are in the r^k with regard to the amounts. The Chairman: You are in the dark, or you would not say what you have 'just said. Mr. D. James Davies remarked that they silt the accounts for taxation, or perhaps the *?<'al Government Board Auditor would sur- ?rge them. The Clerk said that the amount of Mr Rhvs .^■Qberts's bin was some ?930. The Commit- 6e thought themselves justified in paying ?500 J* account, and the balance would be sub- ltted in the ordinary course. The charges ■ ere moderately drawn out, and they would See whether the, taxation bore that- out or not, whether they got the benefit- of the taxa- IOn. Mr. William David observed that he would Upport Mr. Griffiths if he asked for a return J- the costs in connection with .each of the ills. He believed it would relieve the anxiety niany of the ratepayers, and it would be of Service to the members of the Finance Com- lllittùe to know exactly what these various- patters had cost tliem. It would also be a sUide for the future. If Mr. Griffiths pro- Posed a return of the cost of their opposition ó the Rural Council and Burry Port Water 18"11 and the promotion of their Water Bill, e would second him. th Mr. W. Bramweli Jones: May I point out at this is an usual thing for us to do. I The Chairman said the Finance Comnritte.e had anticipated all these matters, and, so far s possible, all the costs had been tabulated •jFttder the various headings. Some of the ac- (nJ,nts had been, submitted for taxation, and hers returned in order to endeavour to get "reduction in the amounts. As soon as the f'inanee Committee were in a position to tabu- "?e the costs of their opposition to the Rural fhgj Council Bill, and the promotion oP wieir own Bin, thev would do so. Mr. D. Jas. Davies: They have always done Mr. Nathan Griffiths said he was obliged to Mr. David for his suggestion. hut, to lie on !he safe side, because there wr-s such a ^u,iible in the: matter, and each item wa.s Illtebnixccl with the other, he thought it be a matter ofapprcc-iatiun to know •■ he costs or these various bills. He thought It W¡if.; only fair, and it would relieve most of then; whan the weekly new spapers were issued with the ropnrl of these matters. They need (hen be worried of tluur appearing in the Newspapers. Tlte Clerk: And von will include the Am- manford Gas Bill. The Chairman: I am quite prepared to ac- I ?Pt your resolution if yon like: but, as I ?ave said, Die Committee are taking stcpe to f: ahVlate these things. Mr. Nathan Grimths replied that if the airman would not accept his proposition ■fe-he would give notice of motion. Mr. D. James Davies said he would agree if Mr. Griffiths added the words" as usual" to his motion. Mr Nathan Griffiths: There is DO "as usual" ?'ut it. 1 h?e been here for 'I).?, last ?u:)' I will stick to my resolution. three years; and I cannot say that it has hoen ¡he Chairman said he did not wish to ¡ ?hie Mr. Grim.ths out of order, although the ?mmittce wore prepared to do what he de Sired. 11 Mr. David said he would like to say that he ^ad ?cu a statement of tabulation at the manc-e Committee. As the Chairman had Sivcn them an assurance that it would be done, he believed they ought to be satisfied. Mr. Nathan Griffithis said lie clearly under- stood that the Chairman had given a distinct Undertaking that the matter would be atten- de to. There was no necessity for his reso- wtion so lolif as lie.; did so. Mr. W. Bramweli Jones said it would be Xo,T mi.ere.vtjng to know the cost of their op- 1 position to the various Bills, and the promo- tion of their own Water Bill, and then they would be able to show what the Bill has cost them. Mr. Nathan Griffiths' was one who de- elined to promote a Bill last year which would have saved their going to Parliament this year, and would have saved the Llanelly ratepayers thousands of pounds. Mr. Nathan Griffiths: I did not know that you promoted a Bill last year. | Mr. Bramweli Jones said they wished to promote a bill at the same time as the Rural District Council. Mr Griffiths and his friends opposed the Bill, and it was carried that they should oppose the Rural Council's Bill, and promote a Bill of their own this year. They would have saved the ratepayers thousands | of pounds if they had promoted a Bill last year. Mr. Nathan Griffiths said that Mr. Jones was playing to the gallery, and he described i his sta-temente as hitting below the belt. He did oppose promoting a Bill last year, and as it happened his own friends opposed it also. He thought they were justified in doing so. If they had promoted a Bill last year, at the same time as the Rural Council, they would certainly have lost it. After some further argument the minutes were confirmed. I

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