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Welsh Summer School. I





A.. ÃI. A A'" At.Â.At&. A..A.Â.Â.Ar..t.Â"A.&Â. A A"[ ? THIRD ANNUAL TRIP TO THE CONTINENT t j | Llanelly to Brussels and the Ardennes j [ [ INCLUDING L 4 Antwerp, Namur, liege, the Fieid of Waterloo, Grottoes oi Han and Rochefort, Barage of the Gileppe, w 4 Abbey of Maredsous, Castle of Walzin, Ciergnon, Ostend, Brujes, Ghent, etc. r ? p ? ? Saturday, August 7 TEN DAYS TRIP I An Exceptional p  ?? ??   I August 16th 1 c% 6s. Od. 1 Opportunity. jt 4 MONSIEUR CAMILLE DEUQUET. f A has kindly decided to accompany the tour and to act as Guide and Interpreter. No doubt, with the It J experience of Monsieur DEUQUBY, who has a perfect knowledge of the country, this trip will prove a greater £ t 4 success still than those of the preceding years. 4 The party will leave Llanelly on Saturday morning at 8 o'clock by special coach, second class from Charing 4 Cross to Dover, crossing in the afternoon, second class to Ostend, arriving in Brussels at 9.30 p.m. p ? The above price includes full Railway Fare from Llanelly and for the whole 10 days, Boat and Hotel Expenses, ||> J and the admission to the Grottoes of Han and of Hocbefort. 4 j During the fust fire days Brussels will be taken &8 a centre, and the remaining five days the beautiful and F  picturesque village of Waulsoit (on the Meusc in the Ardennes). f j t?bse unable to remain the full ten days may join the A Jk JB L 1 party with a SIX-DAY T!C?ET, for which the price is 3?"V ?rS- p r < — ———————————————— A Holders of the Ten-day Ticket can extend their stay in Belgium for five days longer and travel all over the w Bc-Igian State Railway. The Llanelly to London Railway Ticket will be available for 45 days by any fast train, thus giving the party an opportunity to visit the White City, etc. Lp IV, liiie in Brussels the party will stay at Hotel St. Jean Nord, a very handsome hotel situated well in the centre: < of the city, and at the Hotel Moderne whilst in AVatilsoi,t. J All desirous of joining the party should inform Mr. A. T. JONES within 12 days of the trip. E The tour will be so arranged as to give every comfort and entire satisfaction to all. Ladies will be heart fly v welcomed to join the party. Particulars of the tour may be had from- & G ARTHUR T. JONES, "Mercury" Offices. Llanelly. r3 j J' T. .y. V' y". v. v v TV'" T. V

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