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- - - llanelly's Dilatoriness.


llanelly's Dilatoriness. To the Editor of the "LlaneDy Mercury." Sir, I shall t:e gratified if you will allow me to trespass upon ;i small portion of your space, so that I ro.'ty. Thror.h the milium of the "Mercury." c^avey to the }>>■ iit- some news, which 1 oeliere affects the welfare of Llanelly, After all rh? bickering and garrulity in dulged in by one town councillors, "who have been elected H guardians of the destinies of I t,nr snug and comfortable town, it is with un- I disguised astonishment that I learn on the most authentic authority that Carmarthen iv ill, ere long, secure a motor service to Cross Hands and its neighbouring villages. Our councillors, together with the Chamber of Commerce—whom, I believe primarily broached tIle matter—have discussed this question ill -solemn conclave, but, with their usual lack (ll" I perseverance, they have ceased to interest themselves in it, whilst the Carmarthen folk, •whose aspirations are transcendently high and whose animus towards Llauelly M as bitter, as the juice of the wormwood plant, 'have sur- reptitiously and cunningly interested them- selves in this scheme, discussed the question in profound secrecy, and as a result have stolen "another" walk over Llanelly. I use the word "another" because Llanelly were some time ago the victims of dire disappoint- ment at the hands of the Carmarthen men. It was a bad day for our councillors, as will be recollected, when they declined to grant the C.W.R. Co. a site for the erection of a new engine shed, which, if granted, would have in-ovided employment for 400 workmen. What did Carmarthen do? As soon as the o^ 'unity was given them, they dun, n '? 'l'.1 1.1 ( 'he wild beast do?s to ib, pWV> ?? granted L railway c?pa?y a site, and to^lay there ? a ?indmg abutting Carmarthen btatwn ?h!ch is the centre of engine-cleaning opera- "ons for this <!iatric?, and providing employ- ment for about 400 workmen? I cannot but* think that this motor project which they have still in their minds will materially affect. j blandly. Carmarthen is already regarded as the centre of agricultural interests in West Wales, and now that these villages will se- cure this motor facility—where there is also a great interest taken in agricult rwe-is it not logical to think that they will transfer their present interests from Llanelly to Carmar- then, unless, of course, our municipal repre- sentatives will feel disposed to embark upon :1 similar scheme, wherewith they will c-oun- ?Bract- the project which Carmarthen now contemplates? I do not know whether Car- marthen intends mnning this motor service on municipal iines or not, but, at any rate, our councillors can either run 'them on such lines, or approach the G.W.R. Co. with a view ro their doing so. I hope, Sir, that this letter will be the means of arousing our councillors tn a sense (If their duty, and LI think-if they cure to interest themselves1 in it-that it would be far more expedient on their part if they •were to carry out this scheme effectively, thrill discuss schemes which they cannot possibly carry out. and thus continue to build castles in the air. To accomplish one thing, and that done well, is better than the waste of eloquence upon divers schemes, which, as soon as they are discussed, are buried in the limbo of deep -rorgetflilness-never to rise again. Let them shake off the dull sloth which now clambers round them, and arise from their insouciance and supineness, and be alive and active for the future weal of blanellv. I can 011! hope. in-conclusion, that this motor service, will soon occupy their atten- tion, and that they will endeavour to secure this facility from Llanelly to Cross Hands, in order to safeguard the interests of the town. —Yours, etc.. ONLOOKER. ———- ?? .——

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