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Adjudication on Male Voice…


Adjudication on Male Voice Com- petition at Haverfordwest. Dear Sir,—I herewith send you copy of what I believe to be a fairly true idea of my adjudication on your singing at Haverford- west, last Monday. li I am sure that those 'here present would have been amply repaid for the trouble of the journey, if they had heard the performance that we have just listened to, only. It was a most excellent exhibition of singing, as the piece is one of very great difficulty, which en- hances the merit of the finished rendering which has been given. There are, however, a few points, which I should like to com- ment upon. The opening Tempo was, in my opinion, a shade too fast. In some places I should like to have the words more clearly enunciated, particularly the final consonants. "All. error was made on page 13, where the Jtccelerando passage could have been taken less rapidly. On page 16, last line, bar 4, there was a slight mistake made in note value, on the words' Then the.' "I am sorry that there was not a competi- tion for this prize, as the work is such a fine one. But this I can say, that if any other choir had been here, they would have to have gone "all out" to 'have beaten the line per- formance we have just heard—a performance upon which I heartily congratulate and thank both choir and conductor. I am sure that you will agree with me that they well deserve the prize." Believe me, Yours very truly, ARTHUR J. GREENISH, Mas. Doc. P.S.—I must also thank you for your beau- tiful rendering- of the sriee. "0, Peaceful Night." I i

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