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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. I RELIEF CASES. I A. meeting of the Board of Guardians was j held at the Workhouse on Thursday morning last, Mr. W. Y. Jfevill presiding. The other members present were Messrs Morgan Thomas, W. Llewellyn, Daniel Davies, Wm. John, W. B. Jones, David Harry, William Pugh, Revs. D. Da vies, and David Jones., I INCREASE OF SALARY. j The Clerk reported that at a meeting of the Finance C-omniittee held that morning it a. decided to inerease the salary of Nurse Davie3 from £35 to iP38 per annum. The recommendation was adopted. VOTE OF CONDOLENCE. I Mr William John, Gowerton, said he would I like to move a vote of condolence with Mr. Thomas Jones, Gowerton, and family, in their I sad bereavement by the loss of Mrs. Jones, whose death took place the previous dav Mr -W. B. Jones seconded, and Mr. Morgan Thomas supported. The vote was carried in silence, all the Iii sleneel, tll 1, ?lie members standing. LONDON HOSPITAL. I The Clerk said he had received a communi- cation from the London Hospital stating tbt-t the Guardians could send up the patients for whom they recently sought admittance. He availed himself of the opportunity, and. ent the children up in accordance with the re- quest. VISITORS. I The visitors for the fortnight are Messrs. W. B. Jones and Daniel Davies. I RELIEF DISCONTINUED. I A letter was read from the Swansea Officer I stating that with regard to a woman who re- sided at Grovesend, and was in receipt of f,s. per week relief, his Committee had given in- struction that they should discontinue grant- ing relief, because the two boys were work- ing, and an average of £ 2 lis. 6d. was going weekly into the house There was another case of a woman receiving 5s. per week relief, who had two boys earning on an average 4-2 18s. 6d. per week. Mr. W. B. Jones proposed, that they send to the Swansea Guardians, instructing them to discontinue the relief, which was agree.;? to. REMOVING TO BURRY PORT. A letter was read from the Pembrokeshire j Union stating that a woman and her chikl had left the district for Burry Port, and they I asked the Guardians to grant 2s. per week for the child which was agreed to. PUBLIC VACCINATORS. I A letter was read from the Manchester Union, stating that the Board had resoiv*! to petition the Local Government Board, asking them to allow every medical man t', act as medical officers of health and pub] Ie vaccinators, and to be paid according to the scale fixed by the GuardianH. Mr. W. B. Jones proposed that they take no action Mr. Harry: What is your objection'? The Clerk: Everybody will then he medi- cal officers of health and public ina, It was decided to agree to The proposition of Mr. W. B. Jones. I OPERATION FEES GRANTED. I The Clerk said that the Local Government I Board had signified their approval of the payment by the Guardians of the amount of jE6 Is. to Dr. Evan Evans for his services in connection with a recent operation. MASTER'S REPORT. I The Master reported that there wore 233 inmates in the House, during the last fort- night, ag compared with 265 for the corres- ponding period. The number of vagrants relieved was 441, as compared, with 83 for the same period last year. It was decided to accept the invitation of a local company to give an entertainment of "Buy your Own Cherries" to the initiates of the House. KEPT TWO CLUBS. An application for relief was made by a man, 38 years of age, residing at Stepney Row, Felmfoei. He had been out of work for some time, and had six children dependent. He had two clubs, but- they had now been reduced to half-payment. He recommended that Is. fid. per week be granted for each child. Mr. W. B. Jones said they should not take the 5s. club money into account. The appli- cant was in bed suffering from tuberculosis. He proposed that 2s. per dlild he inn, see ing that the man had done 1113 level best, and kept two clubs. Mr. Pugh said lie thought 12s per week only reasonable, and ho would second Mr. Jones. It was decided to gvatir relief of 2s, pyr week Tor each child. A HEAVY FAMILY. A widow residing at Cradock Street, whose late line band was a bricklayer at the Gas- works, applied ior relief. There were seven children dependent. On the death of her husband, two years ago, she received' £2S0 nompcnsation money, .and £5 tr;))I¡ a club. Some of the money was spot* in paying off old debts and loans during her husband's life, and pa.id for funeral ex penses. She received 2s. per week for each child iu respect of the compensation money. The Officer said he pointed nut to The ap. plicant that the children were each, and the Guardians could not srive her more, but she- said she eoukl not not' her- .-self. Mr W. B. Jones said the applicant hail a very hoary family, and he proposed that rhey give her 6d. per week for each child. This was agreed tu. OLD AGE PENSIONER. An ohl age pensioner residing at Prospect Place, who formerly resided at Bryn, sought assistance of the Board. He was in re ceipt of an old age pcr^i »n W, B. Join*« pi" iba! the House J>& otfered. if tlu J did r." give any re- bef they add !<<■ full relief, 1" ean-tr tie applicant would lose his old nge pension. Were they going so jeo-paoiise. -the n jiswu t v i.bis ohl man 'i T1 < «h'<' *r the very iliuijj the appii- 'fI W;S OOO thv .Ki j Mr. Wm. Pugh: Supposing he does come in; then he loses his pension Rev. D. Jones: Does he realise that ? Mr. W. B. Jones said he did not desire to say too much, but if the applicant had only behaved himself he need not have troubled anybody. He had been a source of trouble to his children. After further consideration it was decided to refuse the application. MAGISTRATES' INCONSISTENCY. The Officer said that with regard to a man residing in Wern Road, the Board had got an order against him for the maintenance of his father in March, 1S08. The Clerk: Is this the case that; has fre- quently been before us? The Officer said the case had been before the Bench some considerable time, and an order was made for Is. 6d. per week. The applicant desired them to reduce it from Is. 6d to Is., the same amount as his brother paid. Mr. William Pugh: This man is a labourer, and they p-Li, l him to pay Is. 6d. per week, and his brother, who is a. plasterer, is only ordered to pay Is. The Clerk: The plasterer has children de- pendent, and this one has not. The Board refused the application. A LOUGHOR CASE. I ? A widow residing at Banneld Farm, Loughor, whose husband died in February I last, applied for relief. She received £ 20 on the death of her husband, and there was one girl working very irregularly, earning on an average 8s. per week. It was deeided to grant 2s. per week relief for each child, making a total of 8s. per week FAMILY GRIEVANCE. I A single woman residing at Walters' Ter- race. Loughor, applied for assistance from the Board. She lived with her two brothers, who earned 22s. and 22s. 7d. respectively. The applicant's father died about two months ago, and the step-mother, in consequence of a grievance with the boys, had to leave the house. Mr. W. B. Jones proposed that, the applica- tion be deferred, so that Mr Longhurst could see the. applicant as to whether she eould I have a house for her brothers or not. Mr. William John said there was some un- pleasantness with the brothers towards the applicant. Mr W. B. Jones: What a lot of heartless I fellows you have got up there (laughter). Mr. William John said that the applicant was suffering from an illness. Rev. David Davies thought it would be better for the applicant to come into the house, and be treated rationally. It was decided to defer the case for a fort- night. A DESERTED WIFE. I A woman, whose husband had deserted her, residing at the Tumble, applied for the as- sistance „of the Guardians. She applied in March last for a maintenance order against her husband, who had sold the furniture. She had three children. The Clerk: Why does she not enforce the order ? The Offi-cer said that, an order of 15s. per week was made against the husband. The applicant appeared before the Board, and it was explained to her that she should enforce the order, and that the Board had no I legal power to assist. her. APPLICATION REFUSED I A resident at. FelinfocJ, who sustained an I accident a fortnight- ago, who was at present in the Hospital, applied to the Board to assist him to pay the Hospital. It was explained that- he received 12s. per week in respect of compensation, but his maintenance at the Hospital cost, him 15s. per week. The Officer said he explained to the appli- cant's mother that he did not think the I Board would asisist. him. I The application was declined.

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