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LLANELLY HOSPITAL. -0- ANNUAL ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting of the Lianelly Hos- pital Committee was held at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening of last week, Mr. Dan Williams, J.P., presiding. The Secretary (Mr. D. G. Rees) presented the report of the Management Committee, which read as follows:- The Management Committee, in presenting to the subscribers their report and audited accounts for the past year, have much plea- sure in recording that the work in the Hos- pital, together with the support they have received, has been very favourable. The number of patients admitted, during 1908 was J 321, as compared with 290 in the previous year, thus shewing that the benefits of the Hospital continue to be very much apprecia- ted The ordinary receipts for the past year amounted to C 1495 Os. 3d., showing a gain of Z52 5s. 7d. over the year 1907. The work- men's contributions can be considered mainly answerable for this increase, as their sub- scriptions came to the sum of f,864 8s. 8d., as against P811 8s. lid. in the previous year. Although the income of the Hospital is only slowly rising, the expenditure is increasing a little more rapidly. The amount expended in the year 1907 in excess of the ordinary receipts amounted to -0123 4s. 5d.: in the past year the sum of klgs 12s. gd. represents the amount of the ordinary expenditure over and above the ordinary receipts The in- crease chiefly is in the maintenance, wages, and surgical divisions. It must be borne in mind, however, that the Hospital is much larger now than a few years back, and to ) keep the present institution thoroughly equipped no doubt requires a much larger 'I sum than in previous years. Also, the modern treatment of disease is yearly im- proving in efficiency, but this increased effi- ciency is and must always be accompanied by a corresponding increase in the cost, and if the treatment in the Hospital is to be pur- sued on modern lines, a somewhat higher cost may be expected. Of course, this up- ward tendency is common to all hospitals, but, nevertheless, it is a fact that must be recognised. As this addition of income is required, the Committee realise that the only course open to meet this increased cost IS to make determined efforts to add to the private annual subscription list, as there are a great many residents in the town and district whose names do not appear in it. t The Committee give expression to the ;-or- row felt by them in losing by death Mrs. Bvthway, the president of the Ladies' Com- mittee, and a most active member of illO Management Committee. Not only was Mrs. Bythway, a most generous supporter of the Hospital, but her keen interest in all that made for the well-being of the institution will be very much missed. Mrs. Bythway has, by her with bequeathed to the Hospital a sum of £ 1000. This gene- rous legacy is acknowledged with much gratitude. It is also the sorrowful duty of the Com- mitte'e to record the death of Mr. John S. Tregoning, the senior trustee of the Hospi- tal, who had been identified with the insti- tution from its inception. In late years Mr I Tregoning had resided at Landue, his Cornish residence, and was therefore unable to give so much time to the work of the Hospital as 'I formerly, but. lie always displayed a. kindly interest in its welfare. It is gratifying to learn that Mr. Tregoning has bequeathed to ¡ has t)eqLieat"lic(l to the institution a legacy of £200, which is very sincerely appreciated. The Committee very warmly recognise the generosity of Mr. Richard Thomas, who has given to the Hospital the sum of one thou- sand guineas, as an endowment of a bed to be called "The Richard Thomas of Lydbrook Bed." This handsome donation was given in commemoration of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Richard. Thomas, to whom, the Committee extend their sincere congratula- tions and good wishes, and also their deep 1 sense of gratitude. The Committee very gratefully acknow- ledge the sum of 100 guineas from Mr. Her- bert Eccles, the managing director of the I Llanelly Steelworks, and the most, cordial II thanks are extended to him for his genero- sity. Again, this year's fete and gala. organised by Mr. Henry Studts proved very satisfactory, as a sum of P,226 7s. 4d. was realised The I best thanks of the Committee are due to Mr. Studts and family for the generous help they I give -to the Hospital by bringing these fetes ¡ to such successful issues. Mr. Studts has I this year again kindly' consented to hold a I fete and gala. I In November of last year Miss Roberts, who had been the matron of the Hospital for ten years, resigned and left to fill a like position at the Tredegar Hospital. Miss Roberts worked yeTY assiduowsly in the position she held so well and creditably for these years. In her stead the Committee appointed (after election) Miss Davies as the matron of the I institution. Miss Davies had previously held I important appointments in the Swansea General Hospital for some years. I I The gratitude of the Committee is fully due to the Ladies' Committee for their valu- able work during the year, and also to those ¡ ladies who have rendered assistance bv thch- ¡ visiting. I Amongst other acts to be acknowledged are THE Christmas farid other gifts for the patients, and the cordial thanks of the C01- mittec are accorded to those douors who gave such pleasure to the patients by these pre- sents, and equal thanks are due to those clergymen, ministers, and other friends con- nected with religious instifjnons and associa-, tions who have conducted services at the Hospital.   The kindness received by the Hospital during the year have .been very many, and the Co'umittee desire" in conclusion, to ex- press their sincere thanks to ,everyone who has in any Vay contributed to the advance- ment of the InstnutIon. MEDICAL REPORT. During the year 321 patients, suffering from the results of accidents or requiring urgent surgical or medical aid, have been admitted. The treatment the patients received produced most satisfactory results. There' were 217 operations performed, an increase of 28 as I compared with, the year 1907. The following figures show that the work of the Hospital has been fully maintained during the past twelve; months :—Admitted into warcls--1905, 257; 1906, 324; 1907, 290; 1S0'8, 321. The nurs- ing in the institution continues in every way satisfactory, and the Committee have much I pleasure in testifying to -the discharge of the t various duties, and the excellent attendance to the patients by the Matron, nurses, and. r probationers, and also to the Matron's care- ¡ ful supervision. The thanks of the Conumt- tee arc accorded to the Honorary M i Staff for their valuable, and skilful sc at the Hospital. ? The Chairman said 1\8 had Mery great j] sure in moving the adoption of the ltpoi The M-it men+ nof a<coun<» had um ..uditeoj </ M L.tftJ. Jit' r' > 1 )< 1 r ;thJ"jlí ,;ia ht: 1fN1i;(. h;¡t :A;}+i(i:1 <i accounts as submitted. It would be observed that the expenditure had exceeded the in- come. This was to be regretted. The Com- mittee were much indebted to the workmen of Lianelly for their very generous support. So far as their subscriptions were concerned. II they appeared to have reached the high- water-mark,- their contributions amounting to £ 864 8s. 8d. He was anxious to see thai amount increased to £ 1000. The works pro- I prietors had also .subscribed well. The pri- vate subscriptions, however, were most dis- appointing, being lower than ten years ago. He noticed that the total in 1898 amounted to a2 from this source, as compared with £84 for last year. In his opinion, this amount could be increased materially. The expenses of the Hospital were growing year by L year. For the past twelve months the institution had been practically full, and IT was the de- sire of the Management Committee that no. one should be turned away. They, however, had no desire to again run the Hospital into I debt.- If handicapped in the matter of funds it was just possible that someone would have to suffer. Some of those present were aware of the serious difficulties which they had to contend with some years ago, when the Hos- pital was heavily in debt. He was sorry that Mr. Studts, who had so generously assisted them year after year, was not present. Mr, Frank Nevill and himself were recently asked to wait upon Mr. Studt, with a, view of his continuing the fete, AND they accidentally came across him a few days, and informed him that they proposed to see him again shortly, when he replied that there was no need for it, as he was again willing to do whatever he could for the Hospital (ap- plause). He would also state that Mr. Studts was extremely anxious to meet the temper- ance friends, and was prepared to do what he could in the direction ot meeting their wishes, but could not see his way clear to run the fete on strictly temperance lines. He be- lieved that they would agree with him that it was better managed than in previous years since the co-operation of the A. had lieeli He 1, been obtained. He believed the Y.M.C.A. would be just as ready to assist in the future. As in the past, ample facilities, would be pro- vided for those who desired temperance drinks. He hoped That Mr Studts would live many years to continue his most generous support to the institution. So far as the np- keep of the- Hospital was concerned, the money received in respect of rates should not be taken into consideration. He favoured the investment of the money, and a special effort being made to manage the Hospital out of revenue. There was a sum of ZIBOO already invested. In the past year they had been obliged to take into account the re- ceipts from the fete. It would be seen from the balance sheet that the item bad gone into the revenue account A sum of £ 140 was ex- pended on the premises. He sincerely hoped the private sn bscribel's wuuld ralJy round in the future, and help the Committee to place the finances on a better footing. The, Hospi- tal in the last year had lost by death some of their best friends, including Mrs. Byth- way, a lady who had always been very gene- rous to the institution, and Mr. J. S Tregon- ing, senior, one of the trustees. As a result. of the bequest of Z1000 from Mrs. Bythway. and Z200. from Mr. Tregoning, there was an additional £ 1200 to invest. He was glad to- think that the Management Committee could not spend this money, and that a con- dition was made that it be invested for the benefit of the Hospital. He would like to see more of the supporters of the Hospital doing what they could in their life-time, as in t, l ie,, case ?)f T%fr. ar)d in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas. who so generously came to the aid of the Hospital with a donation of £ 1000. There was now practically a sum of £ 4000 in invest- ments It was very necessary that the sub- scriptions should improve if all the beds were to be kept open. He would, also men- tion the donation of P,100 from their friend Mr. Eccles, whom they could now practically, claim as a Lianelly man. No condition had been made in respect of this sum, £ .nd Mr. Eccles stated that he would be only too ready to assist th,eÚ1 if necessary. It was; proposed to spend JS50 to L-60 of this sum for instru- ments for the operating theatre, and the re- mainder upon the painting and decorating. In the past year they lost the matron, who had been appointed to a. similar position, and the Committee regretted her departure. The Hospital nad been most fortunate in the choice of a successor, and wished to acknow- ledge fhe excellent services rendered by the Matron and staff. Whilst differences may have existed-on the Committee occasionally, they never took their differences outside, but fought out any point in dispute in the mosi; friendly manner, and were really a very happy family (applause). The Rev Thomas John, D.D., said he agreed with all that had been said by the Chairman. He was plea-sed with the way in which the working people subscribed to the Hospital. In that respect Lianelly set an example to every town in the Principality, There was never a deserving cause which the work- ing people, of Lianelly did not support when appealed tu. Rev. Hugh Jones commented upon the smallness of the private subscription s and expressed the hope that some add be made to increase it next j ear. He quite agreed with Mr. Daniel 0 111 e of those present might come n,r .o as- sist the Hospital during their 1.0 so a.3 to avoid the death duties, and that the doctors might -,t a good example. The Iter Watcyn Morgan said that- although a .member of the Committee he did not think there could lie any objections in. his' sup- porting the adoption of the repci « a rr> he was one of the members who rarelv amended, and therefore left the work to tLø others. He was very much, struck by i n and intelligent interest taken in t Cita- tion by the working-men. The work?' repre seutatives on the Committee thoroughly eon- siderei 'opry item on the agenda b n com- ing r hv meeting.. He wr.s -?T? -?? -he list of: private subscribers' could be mcrea-?'! although. there were many possible sub- scribers who gave in other wars. Rev. Father McLaughlin said it was always a great pleasure t > mm to attend the Hospi- tal. cspcually liuu visiting bis SlCL, He was much struck with "iho i au iioti th patients from the sta fL. On his was ireatv i i h Me ut- most it pi ■ f. He would bte to inereasd his. subscription, and would also be able to in- duce his people to do better, when he pro- perly laid the position before them Mr. W. H. Andrews said he had not been able to attend the meetings as regularly as in (he past. HE had always found the Hospital well conducted-, and well managed. IT was to be hoped that there would be asubsèantial increase In. fhe income -during- the coming rear. Tthe working-men of the town could be depended upon to do their share. Mr. Evan Roberts stated that he would very- much Hke to aee a mor? 's&&?.?'?ry repui- Th? expcnditurs EXCEEDED FLU iT1c:om,hy ?112 after taking into T IN-< I 1 T I.«I est on in\ «TI c (<• N d h 522C F.,»M tbe F. • ■. which TN> T NIL NO1 AN IF\V up J' If these I I- I I >T ,)' • ITOM J there would N 11) ,heüD fL 1. R T -live T-IIS ago T'I s s n h-- SCRIP?ions amoun t.ccl > f F workmen "ULSOIB I T Y-N I t!i'? '?. ,U d o'heM T L-V P V HI t L d U' » .(.? ih?.rt. i)]!ljl):f>j;e y,cu,Ù<1 -'1' 1,! I HE ( J oimai -.IM lie v?s -AI 'A. VI Tregoning v as aimRd loat He always TOO\ r DTEP mt< IE-T O GU U n f the 1R T-Q U D. H H >, <I 1 r #uro I 1 *■ '2000 ner an-num. T.1 u $   E] ?'i ?'?' „ N ?-d. ?.