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An Impostor at Kidwelly.


! ————————— 1 ! A Llangennech…

I . Llanellyite's Sudden Death.…

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CRICKET. I LLAXELLY'S GOOD WIN. I The Llanelly team defeated Neath at Stra- dey on. Saturday by 220 (for eight wickets) to 74. Llanelly batted first, and Percy Rees and I Clough opened the innings, facing the bowliug of J. D. Davies and J. W. Jones. When the first, wicket fell the home team had registered 73 runs, and two of the men were disposed of for 105 Having reached 220, the home team declared, with Hubert John .and Warnei to bat. Clough took nine wickets for 39 runs, whilst Hugh Howell took one wicket for 12, the Neath men being disposed of very rapidly. Scores:—- Llanelly. I Percy Rees c Watkins b 3, D, Davies 49 Clough c G. Thomas b T)aNic-z; 48 Cliff Bowen c Freethy b J. W. Jones 7 H. Howell c Watkins b Davies 22 W. Davies st Watkins b Davies 23 H. B. Roderick c Whit-tington b J onee 37 E. Gee c Whit-tington b Jones 6 P. Rogers c Marshall b Freethy 17 J. Be van not out 1. Extras 16 j Total (for 8 wickets) 220 J Total (for 8 %A-ickets) not 220 I Neath. j A. E Freethy c Rogers bClou?h. 7 I Marshall c Davies b Clough 15 J. W. Jones c Bevan b Clough 6 Shuttleworth c H. John b Clough 18 A. L. Whittington c P. Rees b Clough 6 J. D. Davies b H. 8 Gwyn Thomas, c P. Rogers b Clough 4 Peter David not out 0 H. Prosser c H. John b Clough 5 A. C'. Reed Ibw b Clough 0 D T. Watkins b Clough 4 Extras I I Total. 7? I I -0- I I KIDWELLY v. LLANELLY 11. I I This League match was played at Kidwelly on Saturday, and resulted in a-win for the home team, the scores being as follows:— Kidwelly. H. Greenwood b J. Williams. i\, J. Watkins c B Jones b Williams 0 E. R. Evans st J. Rees b Williams 0 G. T. Gravelle c Phillips b Williams 3 G. E. Bmven run out 23 T. R. Griffiths b D. H.Davies. 10 1) J. Hughes c Bailey b Davies 0 R. Davies c A. Lewis b I)avies 2 W. D. Davies e G. Rowe b Davies 6 W. Parry-uot out 10 D. R. Wild c A. Lewis b J. Williams. 6 Extras 3 Total. 67 Llanelly Seconds. J. Roes b G. Gravelle 17 J. Williams run out I 6 H. S .Burn c W. D. Davies b Parry 1 A. Lewis b Gravelle 0 D. H Davies b Gravelle E. E. Bailey c G- E. Bowen b Parry. 0 G. Rowe Ibw b W. Parry 5 H. E. Jones 1) I 4 J. II. Randell c J. Watkins b Parry 10 R. B. Phillips c J Watkins b Parry 0 J. AVaTts not oiir 5 Extras 2 Total. 50 PARK CHURCH v. LLANGENNECH. I This inateli was placed at Llangenueoii on I Saturday last, the homesters winning' by Si runs. Scores:— I Llangennech.—W. J. Hughes c and b A.. Ed- wards 3, J. Williams c A. Edwards b W Rogers 8, D. Thomas run out 2, T. Rees b J. Rogers 12, R. T. Gabe b W. Rogers 14, W. J. Bowen c V. Phillips .b J. Rogers 0, S. Rees b J. Rogers 0, R Aubrey c A. Edwards b W. Rogers 2, C. Williams b W. Rogers 0, R. John not out 3, W. J. Thomas o F. Rogers b A. Edwards 6, extras 2, total 52. Park (!Iiureli.-W. ro,-ers h D. Thomas 16, J. W. Walker c J Williams b D. Thomas 0, F. Rogers b D. Thomas 0, J. Harrington b D. Thomas 6, J. Rogers b D. Thomas 0, J. B. Jones b D. Thomas 0, V. Phillips b Hughes 9, E. Bray b Hughes 4, G Phillips run out 2, A. Edwards b D. Thomas 5. G. Davies not out 0. extras 2, total 44. FELINFOEL v. SWANSEA THIRDS. This match was played at St Helen's Field, Swansea, on Saturday, and would certainly have resulted in a win for Felinfoel if time bad allowed. Jere Griffiths was again the most -suceegsful bowler, taking four wickets for 26 runs. Scores:— Tli;r(is.W. Mitchell c B. J. James h J. Griffiths 13, W Freethy b D. Staples 12, S. B. Williams c and b E. J. James 8, Ivor Lloyd b J. Griffiths 15, Jack Davies c W. Y. Davies b J. Griffiths 0, Harry Harvey b J. Grif- fiths C, R. M. Thomas b E. J James 9, C. H. Jenldns run out 20, J. Meager e E. Roberts b E. J. James- 2, E. Duncan c E. Roberts b D. Staples 25, G. LI. Hay not out 0, extras 6, total 109. Felinfoel.W. Griffiths b R. M. Thomas, W. T. Davies b H. Harvey 1, J. Williams b R M. Thomas 12, J. Griffiths e S. B. Williams b Mit- chell 18, E. Roberts1 c Freethy b Mitchell 24, D. J. Saunders b Freethy 21, E. J. James not out 7, P. Davies c Lloyd b Harvey 4, G. IVil- liams riot out 1, extras 12, total (for seven wickets) 100 D. Staples and D. Griffiths to bat.


The Doom -of a World. f -I