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j I KIDWELLY. I EISTEDDFOD. louier the auspices of the Welsh portion of St.. Mary'c Parish Chiu.ch t-nnday School a most successful and highly entertaining eis- teddfod was held at the Town Hail on Satur- day evening List. Some: of the best-known singers and reciters for miles around) COIll- peted. The entries in almost every item were exceptionally heavy, and the eisteddfod lasted much longer than it was expected tn, and several well- k nowu reciters had to leave be- fore their names were, called. The committee one and all worked very hard to make the whole the success it was. Mr. John Morgan was the hon. secretary, and Mr. J. W. Wild the hon. treasurer. Mr. Dan Jones, A.C., Kid- welly, was a iiost painstaking musical ad- judicator, and the Rev. Hugh Rees, B.A., of Llandyrv, made a splendid adjudicator of the recitations. Both gave general satisfaction. The duty of accompanying the singers was dlnded I)y Wixe. 'v and Mr. Tom W. Thomas, of Kid?elly. ?. W. D. James, The Barbican (deputy-mayor), made an ideal pre- sident. His place during the first part of the e!steddf??d was well filled by nH 'Rev Gniffvdd Enms, B.D., vicar. Messrs. Joseph Wild (senior), W. Thomas, Charles Maliphant, E. John, James Gower, James Jones, John Wil- liams, etc., worked hard as stewards. The competitions were as follow s: -Boys' solo, Paid a'm gadael i," Master Stanley Grif- fiths, Burry Port. Girls' solo, Meet me at the Fountain," Miss; Olive Gilbert, Car way. Welsh recitation, 23rd Psalm, Miss M. Jones, Llandefeiliog. English recitation of the same Psalm: 24 children essayed this, a-iid were heard by Mr. Rees in the Parish Room, the six best being sent on to the eisteddfod plat- form, with the result that the prize was awar- ded to Miss Winnie Morris, Loughor, a special prize being given by the President to the smallest competitor, Miss Queenie Price. Tenor solo, Sweet Memories," Mr. George Erasmus, Burry Port. Soprano and contralto duet, "O! lovely Peace," Misses Agnes Hall and Hilda Williams, Burry Port. Bass solo, Wales,' prize divided between Mr. J. < I Howells, Burry Port, and Mr. W. J. Rees, I Kidwelly. Soprano solo, "nadull ar fy mron": seven sang this solo, which was com- posed by Mr. D. Burry Walters, Burry Port, the prize being awarded to Miss Maggie Mor- gan, Burry Port. Duet, "When we were boys together," Messrs. Williams and Howells, of Biiiry Port. Pianoforte solo, Miss Nellie Novello Griffiths, Kidwelly. Nine competitors entered for the champion solo, the prize being awarded to Mr. J. 'Brython Williams, Pem- brey. The prize for the best open recitation was won by Master Tom Glyndwr Thomas, Pemberton, Llanelly, special mention being made of the ability displayed by Mrs. Gilbert, Carvvay, in this competition also. It is inten- ded by the Churchpeople 10 hold a large eis- teddfod in the grounds of the Old Castle, early in August. Of course, there were the usual criticisms by would-be professors 3nd doc- tors, but these are always inevitable, and must not be noticed. I PROPERTY EXCHANGE. ] At the Pelican Hotel, Kidwelly, on Monday evening, Messrs. John Francis and Son, of II Carmarthen, sold by auction, all that valu- able grazing land, comprising six fields, ad- joining Hollow ay Farm, the property of the executors of the late Mrs E. Lewis, Eerryside. The fields comprised some 16 £ acres, and were bought by Mr. J. G. Anthony, draper, ],,oi-iglit. I)y '1 11- J. (,. Aiit,110113' etc., Kidwelly, for £ 1040. Mr. A. 0. E. Har- ries, of Carmarthen, was the vendors' solici- tor, and Mr. D C. Edwards acted for the purchaser. -0- S. L. Gravelle, sculptor, Burry Port, has re- I cently opened a branch at Causeway Street, Kidwelly, near the Town Hall. Particulars supplied, on application to the above, or to Albert Jenkins, Bryn Morfa. ¡






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