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fHiDR. Y PORT  8?3Y PORT. I At the annual "Cymanfa Canu"held at Henllan on Friday, cur friend Mr. W. T. Roberts was the organist, wnilst- Mr. Car&dog Roberts, Mas. Bac. conducted. -0- Congratulation to Mr. J. Brython Williams, Pembrey. upon his success at Kidwelly Eis- teddfod cn Saturday. Thirteen competed for the champion solo, and Mr Williams was awarded the prize. It will be interesting to note* that this well-known baritone is a mem- ber of the Cambrian National Glee Singers, who will leave Wales for the United States in October for a six months' tour. For W.h Butter, Eggs, Bacon, and Ham go to D. Burry Walters and Co., Station Road. Their Tea at 1'3. 7:1 per lb. is the talk for miles around—best ever sold at the price. On Sunday an excellent address on religious work as it is carried on in the> United' State? of America was given at the Tabernacle Bap- tist Chapel by Mr. Pritchard, of Memphis, Tennesse. Mr. Pritchard is at present on a visit to Mr. Thos. Grifriths, .1.P., Buny Port. The address throughout was highly interest- ing and instructive, and wc feel sure that a repetition of this stirring lecture would tend very considerably towards improving the present very stagnant condition, of many or our churches. Mr. Pritchard is a Welshman, and still retains the hwyl of his country- men, though lie has resided for many years in the States, and has', unfortunately, been deprived of the privilege of addressing meet- ings in the language of Eden. On Saturday a cricket match will be pJayed h2?\ i 'ailt eil(.J,l;. i1 i¡;e. 1'1 Jyed Now is the time for Spectacles. Can you read this without straining the eyes in some way? If you can't, you must have Spectacles. John Walters, Chemist, Optician, &c, opposite the Station, has a special room for testing the eyes. W (lick the childrcn how they read. -0- The annual "Cymanfa Gerddorol or the Welsh Congregational Churches of Burry Port was held at Jerusalem Chapel on Sunday and throughout the! day the sac.ed ediRce was simply packed to its utmost capacity. TIis :Ullg 1(1lg,1Oi I: i :,r11;< \a. crowCii,41. f?)r ?-)f p e .') r. I e failed to gam admission The Welsh churches represented were Jerusalem! Carmel and Zion Chapels, Buny Port, and Libanus, Pwll. The various choirs had for some time been under efficient, training, with the result- that the singing v« as as perfect a<? h could possibly be. The object, of tha "G-yntanfa." is to raise the standard of the singing in the Welsh churches, and the promoters have every rea- son to- be proud of the success of Sunday's event. The great essential which contributes to the success of any musical festival, apart from the choir itself, is a capable conductor. Thisvc.u-'he?e?cnonv.asthatnfMr.Cara- Tli- ye?ti- Carl- known throughout Wales. his opinion M ';11:b7¡1(;g li \)e\ a¿':f;?Li(): s ),;ll(,n su:: cess of the festival is obtained in the fact that Mr. Roberts was highly delighted with the singing, and that throughout the- day he was full of praise for the singers. He speci- ally mentioned the excellent rendering of the chants. He 'had not, throughout his travels, j heard such beautiful chant-singing, and hoped they would cominlh" in that direction. For such a function as a musical festival the organist must be -an expert player, and Mr. W. T. Roberts gave a commendable perform- ance, hich elicited the greatost praise from the conductor The morning service was pre- sided over by the Rev. John Rogers, Jerusa- lem Chap-el, H. Rees emn- menced the meeting by reading a portion of Scripture and prayer. As in former years, this meeting was taken, op exclusively by the juv-enil'O choirs, and rigid well did they acquit themselves. All the pieces were ad- mirably rendered, and the fine clear voices of the children v, ere so harmoniously blended and so evenly balanced by the voices of the adults that a very line musical treat was en- joyed by the large congregation. Spceial mention should be nude of For," which was so exceedingly well rti I that, it was specially called for at the afternoon and evening meetings. The afternoon and evening meetings were presided over by the Rev. T>. E. Harries, Burry Port, and the Rev. Thomas Jones, Pwll. In these meetings the adult choirs took pan. when the different tunes selected were all sung in a very credit- able. manner, and showed considerable train- ing on the part, of the different conductors. The anthems were also given in a masterly style-, which brought for'h words of praise from the conductor. One very important, feature of the proceedings was the chanting introduced into the service. The chants Soaper and Llandaffwere ex. cellent* Mr. Roberts conducted this festival four years ago, and he said without fear that since then he had never heard suc-h beauti- ful chant-singing. The speakers were Mr. J. Samuel, Jerusalem Chapel: Mr. J. Washing- ton, junior, Zion: Mr. David Da vies, Carmel: and Mr. Michael Evans, Libanus. At the close a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the conductor, organist, singers, and the varmus conductors, etc., and one of the best inuniesl festivals held at Burry Port ter- minated. -0- At Llangefni. Anglesey, yesterday, a Sheriff's Court was held to assess damages for brcarh of promise of marriage in a case brought by Miss Owen, Llanfaeihln, against Dr. John T Price, of Llansawel, Llandilo, a native of Wan fat bin, .formerly of Burry Port, where lie spent eeveral years as assistant to Dr. Owen Williams. Mr. Ellis Jones .Griffiths, M.P., was for plaintiff, and Mr. O. G. Morris for defendant. Counsel for plaintiff stated that the parties had known each other from childhood. In June, 1.902, they became engaged, and letters wore written from Nottingham., Ffestiniog, H->lvobVid. -Burry Port. Ton Pentre, Birming- ham, and Trccynon, in all of which places defendant had been assistant. He pursued the courtship in the most hiving terms, such, :L My premise will never be broken.—Yours, heart, and soul. Jack. Nothing hllr deatl) will ever destroy my strong love for you. What a darling vou are to wait for me. I moan to you, !»f,eirtise I could nor Jove anv gill in the world but you. Life is hard without, you. I had to get your love-letters out to con- sole me. They were so sweet. Really, I nearly cried, when I read about our old meetings', and here we are engaged for all these years. I do wish I could get on nrnro and marry you, because I want you very, very much.. They want a married man, and I must call upon you to provide me with that qualification. In December last defendant, wrote:—"Dear Miss Owen,—I am afraid that to lie candid with you I don't love you. If you can forget me it would suit huth parties." Counsel described plaintiffs letter in reply to this bolt from the blue as most pathetic. Defendant, said counsel, subsequently mar- ried a daughter of Dr. Evans, Llansawel. Plaintiff, a prepossessing lady of 30 years, r-urroat -d counsel's statement. The jury assessed the damages a.t.ESOO A •• innings of 54 not out. by Roberts, Car- marthen College defeated Burry Port at Burry Port, on Saturday. Scores. Burrv P-ort.—C-. T. Williams c T). J. Jones b Evans b Shardlow 28, U. P. low 8. E R. R. Lewis c F. Jones b D. J. Jones 5. H. T. Bowen c F. Jones b D. J. Jones 19, J. E. Rowlands c F. Jones b D. J. Jones 0, T. J. Williams" b I). J. Jones 3, J Da vies lbw b n. J. Jones 1, D. Davies not out 0, H. Groom c U. J. Jones b Roberts 4, extras 7, total 95. Carmarthen College.—M. Taylor b J. Davies 4, J. F Shardlow b J. Davies 17, F. Jones st E. J. Evans b J. Davies 0. Poniy Roberts not ont. 54, D. J. Jones run OUT 9. A. Stanley b 1tR4'R\:i; (.ll;. Stone "I't 9:).Î' 9, total (for seven wickets), 89.










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