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G. W. R. 4 t

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G. W. R. 4 t LLANELLY PLATFORM ARRIVALS, I MAY AND JUNE, 1909. UP TRAINS. I A.M. I 7.57 Slow train to Swansea atfd fast train from I Swansea to Paddington. I 9.10 Slow train (via Loop) to Bristol. -I 10.30 Express train to Gloucester. 10.56 Slow train, via Loop. P.M. I 12.47 To Swansea (Saturdays only). j 1.10 Fast train to Paddington. > 1.15 Burry Port to Llanelly. 2.0 Slow train to hwansea, then North Express. 3.30 Slow train. North Mail. 4.35 Fast train to CardiS. 5.0 Slow train to Swansea (via Loop). 7.8 Slow train to Swansea (Thursdays and Satur- days). 7.25 Slow train to Cardiff. 8.36 Mail train to PaddiDgton.  9.45 Slow train to Swansea (via Loop). |i I .SUNDAYS I 8.13 Fast tra-u to Paddington Jk 10.10 Slow t'ain to Paddington. m P,M, jl 5.53 Slow train to Neath and Aberdare, W 8.36 Fast train to Paddington (Mail). [ DOWN TRAINS. i A.M. 4.29 Fast train to Carmarthen and slow front Carmarthen to New Milford. I 7.45 Slow train to Carmarthen. Runs on Satur- days only. 8.30 Slow train to Aberystwyth. 9.15 Fast train to Carmarthen and slow froin Carmarthen to New Milford & Fishguard I 10.18 Slow train to Pembroke Dock. P.M. t 12.20 Slow train to Barry Port (Thursdays and t Saturdays only). t 12.33 Fast train to Carmarthen and Aberystwytb. 1.32 Slow train to Carmarthen. jt 2.20 fo Pembrey (Saturdays only). 2.55 Slow train to Carmarthen; runs to Llan- f dvssii on Saturdays. f 4.20 Express train to New Milford, Newcastle Eknlyn, Cardigan and Aberystwyth; does not atop between Llanelly & Carmarthen 4.53 Slow train to Carmarthen. 6.0 Slow train to Neyland; runs to Llandyssil on Saturdays. 8.1 To Pembrey. I 8.40 Slow train to Carmarthen. 9.33 Express to Fishguard Harbour; stops at Carmarthen and Clynderwen. 10.14 To Burry Fort. I 11.32 This train runs from Swansea to HaneMy only Leaves Swansea at 11.5. I SUNDAYS. I l A.M. 4.29 ExpreEs to Neyland, 11.49 Slow train to Carmarthen. P.M. 8.38 Slow train to Neyland I BRANCH LINE. Ariiv&ls, Departures A.M. A.M. 9.0 5.20 10.15 8.15 P.Id 9.40 12.15 11.10 1.35 12.45 3.5 P.M. 4.50 2.20 7.0 4.40 8.20 6.15 I 11,5 Saturdays only. 10.0 Sais, only. I SUNDAYS. I 5.45 P.M. 6.55 A.M.