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Estates Committee.I


Estates Committee. I U I RE-ARRANGEMENT OF THE MARKET. I A meeting of the Estates Committee was held at the Town Hall on Thursday last, Mr. Richard Guest presiding. The other mem- bers present were Messrs. W. Bramwell Jones, John Smith, William Roberts, D. Jas. Davies, J. Walter Thomas, E. T. Jones, together with the Clerk (Mr Spowart) and the Surveyor (Mr Watkeys). VENTILATION OF THE ATHENE UM I Apropos to the ventilation of the museum room at the Library, which was recently dis- cussed by the Library Committee, the Surveyor said the cost of two ventilators would be 2110. It was decided that the work be done. I COUNCIL'S PRICE EXORBITANT. The, Surveyor reported that Messrs. Buckley Bros., Worcester, who recently applied for a site at Ropewalk Road for a timber yard, had declined to accept the price stipulated by the Committee. He wrote to them asking them to make an offer, but they had not sent a reply. AN EVERGREEN QUESTION. I Mr W. Bramwell Jones called attention to an evergreen question between themselves and the Stradey Estate with regard to the water coming into the Park from Caemaen. There was an agreement supposed to be made between the Council and the Stradey Estate. The Surveyor: What was the agreement? Mr. Bramwell Jones: There was an agree- ment but I think it is the Clerk's fault this time. He. was supposed to take the matter up with M'r Mansel Lewis. The Clerk: After the nasty remarks of the ex-chairman I will make a report. INCREASE OF SALARY. I It was decided to grant an increase of 2/6 j per week to Mrs. Griffiths, the cleaner of the I Athenreum Hall. WAUNLANYRAFON ESTATE. I The Surveyor reported that Mr. Arnold, on I behalf of the Waunlanyrafon Estate, bad undertaken to fix an iron railing between the park and the boundary of the estate, in accor- dance with the, agreement entered into in 1901, and it would be necessary for the Coun- cil to carry out their part of the work, and fix entrance gates and to provide two wicket gates and a main entrance gate, at the estimated cost of E40. If the Council desired any addi- tional gates fixed, they could call upon the estate owners to provide them. The Surveyor's recommendation was ap- proved of. THE COKE WORKS SITE. The Clerk reported upon the cost of laying out the coke works site for building purposes. The Surveyor estimated the cost of making the road at P,400, and if they decided to do the curbing, etc., it would cost an additional £ 110. As far as the flagging was concerned, it was proposed that the tenants should pay. ft was suggested that they should ask the tenants to pay 2s per foot for tlie land, and that they should do the curbing, channelling, etc., themselves. Their normal price was Is. 6d. per foot, but the additional sixpence would recoup the Council in In years for the £ 400 they expended on the making of the road. They would have to borrow the money, on which they would have to pay interest. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones said he thought it was a bad day for them when they refused to accept Messrs. Williams and Davies' offer to take the whole plot of land. They would have saved all this expenditure. v It was ultimately decided to adopt- the re- commendation of the Clerk and Surveyor. MARKET RE ARRANGEMENT. MT. W Braamvell Jones enquired whether it was not possible for the members of that Committee to visit the Market, and see about. the re-arrangement. of the middle portion of it. It was -at present worse than ever. They would find in one portion fruit, toys, and books, and in the c.entre they would have sweets. Mr. D. James Davies: Mr. Jones ia advoca- ting more quacks to the Market? Mr. Jones: There is a, place allocated for sweets at the other end of the Market. The Chairman: The Committee attempted to make a re-arrangement of the Market some time ago, and gave notice to the stallholders, hut there was a strike, and nothing abso- lutely was done. Mr. John Thomas advocated visiting the Market, and they could see what was really going on. Mr D. James Davies: We will see ourselves as we really are then We will be like a mir- ror show (laughter). Mr. E. T. Jones said that one of the stall- holders, who had been in the Market, for six or seven years, made -an application far the stall* recently vacat-ed by Mr. Morgan Jame £ He Considered it a grievance, inasmuch as it was let to a person who was not a previous tenant. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones: We can deal with that at the same time. Mr. John Thomas: I think Mr Rees should prepare candidates for us. It was subsequently decided to visit the Market POSTMORTEM HOUSE. Mr. William Roberts enquired when they were going to receive a report, relative: to the postmortem house. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones: Another old ques- tion, Mr. D. James Davies: We have approved of the plans. The Clerk: The next, question will be that of borrowing the money. The Deputy Surveyor said they desired to reduce the expenditure of the bnihiins to ?00. is a ver?? The Surveyor: It is a very costly building. Lt was decided that the Surveyor should re- port and submit plans to the next meeting I MUSICAL FESTIVAL. I An application was made by Mr. Rhys Davies fo," the use of the Market Hall, on Sept. 4th. and 5th, on the occasion of a grand singing-festival. The Clerk said that Mr. Bees said that they could arrange to give applicants possession of the ball on Friday night. The festival was to be held on Saturday and Sunday, and a tew massed choirs would be in attenclanee. They bad to consider the fact that- they had j the regular tenants of the Council at the Market Mr. John Thomas said they ought to try and meet the stall-holders, who had to shift from their regular places. The Chairman: Has this festival been held, in the Market Hall before? Mr. J. Walter Thomas: No; it is being held in the Crystal Palace. Mr. D. James Davies: They will hold it in the local Crystal Palace this year. I Mr. E. T. Jones said they would not cause any great, inconvenience-to the trade, for the reason that it would only be one day. They I should compensate them for moving the usual stall-holders. The function would at- tract a large number of people to the town. Mr. W Bramwell. Jones: It will be a grand advertisement. It was decided to grant the use of the Hall for' live guineas. Finance Committee. I A meeting pf the Finance Committee was then held, Mr. E. T. Jones presiding. I ISOLATION HOSPITAL. i It was reported that the cost of re-opening, the Isolation Hospital recently, re-furnishing, nurse's wages, and the curing of patients "bod .amounted, t-o £ 184.

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