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A Magistrate's Rebuke. i





RURAL COUNCIL. I PWLL WATER SUPPLY. I The monthly meeting of the Rural District Council was held at the Workhouse on Thurs- day morning last, Mr. J. L. Thomas in the chair. The others present were Messrs. Dl. Davies, W. Y. Nevill, David Harry, John Davies, W. B. Jones, W. Llewellyn, Llewellyn Olyon, together with the Inspectors and the Medical Officer (Dr Evans). THE WATER BILL. 1 From the minutes of the last meeting, it ap- peared that the Clerk had endeavoured to arrange an interview with the promoters of the Llanelly Water Bill, so as to come to terms, but as the promoters declined to meet them he was obliged to engage counsel to oppose the Bill. ALLEGED ENCROACHMENT. With regard to the alleged encroachment of the Great Western Railway at Pencoed, the Surveyor said he had seen the plan, and found that there was a public road there for pedes- trians. The Clerk said the Surveyor had better see for an alternative path equally as convenient as the other, and the G.W.R. Company, who were always amenable to reason, would be communicated with. They could not then I complain of the closing up of the old one. PWLL WATER SUPPLY. n I I The question of a water supply for the 1'wll district was raised. It. was reported that the population was rapidly increasing, and seve- ral houses were being constructed. It was suggested that a tank should be fixed holding 250,000 gallons, and a quarter of an acre of land be procured at an estimated cost. of £750. In reply to Mr. W. Y. Nevill, the Clerk said the Pwll district would be affected by the new water supply The Clerk: Do you not think, Mr. Owen, seeing that this is within the new limit, and the pipes will shortly be laid along Sandy Road, rather than spend £ 750, that it would bo better to get the pipes there as a part of the extended supply. Mr. W. B. Jones: But you will have to wait five years for that. Mr. Llewellyn Owen proposed deferring the matter for a month, which was agreed to. PONTYEATES DRAINAGE. I The Surveyor reported upon the drainage scheme for Pontyeates. The drains of several of the houses at present discharged into the ditches in the main road, and in consequence, during finel weather, a foul and offensive smell was created. He suggested, in order to abate the nuisance, that a line of 9 inch pipes be laid for a distance of 450 yards, and the owners of the houses should be ,compelled to connect with the main. He estimated the cost at i253. It was decided, on the proposition of Mr. Daniel Davies, seconded by Mr. David Harry, that the work be done LLWYNHENDY WATER. I The provision of water meters for trade pur- poses at Llwynhendy was discussed. Mr. David Harry said that some of the people would not accept a meter. The Clerk: We cannot compel them to fake the water. If the fanners used the water without metering it, we can proceed against them. The Inspector said that. one of the farmers had discontinued using the water. Mr. W. B. Jones proposed that if they dis- continued using the water, they could give instructions to cut them off, and give them notice that if they were afterwards caught taking the water from their mains or public taps they would be prosecuted. This was agreed to. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer reported that 32 deaths I took place during the last month, which was I equal to 17.8 per thousand of the population. NEW TRIMSARAN COLLIERY I The Inspector reported that two cases of fever had been notified during the month— one at Felinfoel, and the other at Pontyeates. A new colliery had been opened at Trimsaran and lie suggested that water from the stream be used until a supply be obtained. The Clerli &ii(i tlie Inspector could watch the developments erf the colliery, and if there was any danger as regards the supply he could bring the matter up again.

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