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A Magistrate's Rebuke. i



BEFORE THE MAGISTRATES Monday, before Messrs Thomas Jones and W. Y. Nevill. PURE NEGLECT. James Nicholas, Cwmfelin. was summoned for neglecting to send hie- child to school. Attendance Officer Thomas said the child had never attended school. and he attributed the fact to pure neglect. The defendant had been previously convicted for the same offence, and on the last occasion was fined £1 The Bench imposed another fine of RL HELPLESSLY DRUNK. Thomas Goge, labourer, was charged with, heing drunk in Market Street on May 22ncl. The constable said he found the defendant, helplessly drunk. The defendant pleaded, guilty, and said he had walked from Ponthenry, and could not find any lodgings. A iine of 10s. was imposed. "MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY DRtNK. James Grant was summoned for being drunk in Stepney Street on May 22nd P.S. Roblin sail the defendant, was" men- 1 tally and physically" dnmk, ar>d the Beach fined him 10s. DRUNK. i Patrick Sullivan was summoned tor being drunk in Long Rowan May 23rd. P.C. Davies stated that he saw the defen- dant in Long Row on Sunday in a helpless condition. Defendant. was fined 10s., and allowed until Saturday to find the money. I INCAPABLE DEFENDANT. j Michael Sheridan was lined 10s. for being drunk in Vauxball on May 23rd. P.C. Luther Jones said he saw tlw defen- I dant ahout 1 am. on Sunday morning leaning against the wall in Vauxhall, and lie was not ) capable of taking cam of himself. DID NOT DRINK THE RUM. Thomas Lev. '?., tailor, pleaded not guilty to being drunk »n the 1- air Field on Sunday. The constable said lie saw the defendant about two o'clock on Sunday, sleeping in the Park. A bottle of rum was found in his pos- session. Mr. thorn as Jones: Where is the rum now? The Tt is iii the Polic-c, Mr' Thomas J ones: He did not ,chink the irnin then (laughter). ThE Bench DISORDERLY -DEFENDANT. John Roberts pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Prospect Place- on Sunday. P.C. Poyntz said he was called to the lodg- ing-house to eject the defendant. Having been eject.e.d be began kicking the door, and became very disorderly Defendant was fined and was allowed a week to find the money. A MAGISTRATE'S SYMPATHY. I ,I(tilt- WiUi:nnRccs. Thomas Cnsey, I John Saunders, and Hugh Williams, all labourers, were summoned for sleeping out lal)our-ers, wele siii)lilk?)lle(l Olit P.C. Davie? said he saw i?vu of the defen- dants fast asleep in the Park. They failed to I ?ive a good account, of themselves. The defendants contended that they faÜed to have lodging in the town. The <'i.er?s<?d rhe defendants f?tild have called at the Police Station for tickets. Ivir. Th.o;nas .Tones: T. am sorry to find that five able-bodied, men leave been g the greater number of th.Hu 'without means. I will give you fourteen, days with hard I any of j your class. I



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