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MUSTARD AND CRESS. The ids,nelly Water Bill was read a third time at the House of Commons en Tuesday. Mr. Thomas Daniel, L.T.S.C., Llanelly, con- duc-ieu a musical festival at Liandoverv on honu ay last. Mr Cecil Augustus PhillipE. son of Mr. W. Ph,iliips, Postmaster, has passed the Pre- I il"ips, Pos",?r?aster, lias pas??e(, e Pre- The Welsh Rugby Union on Thursday evening last resolved to vote a sum uf £ 50 to the Carmarthenshire Cricket Club. Some of the Burry Port coal-sellers had a "Hunter Dyy on Monday One promising and powerful individual had a sand-bath on Sunday. The Oddfellows A.M.C. will be held next in Bradford. The Llanelly District will be iepisrsenteu. by P.P.G.M. John Harries and Prov. C S. W. B. Jones. At the Calvinistic Methodist held last week the Rev. Phillip Jones, Capel Newydd, delivered an interesting s duress on the nature of the church. Wan tea, four stalwart ladies to keep com- pany with The four bachelors taking their In,orning walks to the Burry Port Pier. Ap- plicants must be early risers. Mr. William Roberts, of the 4dJ Battalion Welsh Regiment, has resigned his commis- sion, with permission to retain his rank and to wear the prescribed uniform. Mr. Herbert Newark, Market Street, has procured a beautiful portrait of the late Mr Charles Nevill, of Westfa, Felinfoel. which he intends presenting to the village library The local police are evidently becoming more refined. The description of a case of drunkenness given by one was that the poor chap was" drunk, both ph:ysicalJyand men- tally." une iiunared years ago a man lived at Llan- elly, who was in his1 103th year. Another—a servant to Mr. Child—had Teaclied his 92nd year, and walked to Swansea and back the same day—about 24 miles. The usual exodus of our townspeople to places both far and near op n ho1iflsy will be militated against on Mo J<< «. *r;.r 'here will be a great attraction » •> • ( where the Tradesmen's I-loise S11C>\V \jJ] > eld. Although the late Sir Lewis Morris, the poet, was known far and wide, it is a curious lact that no steps have been taken to per- petuate his memory in Carmarthenshire. Not, even a street or road is named after him. A great musical festival is to be held in Llanelly in September. Some mass choirs will be in attendance, and the Market Hall has been procured for the occasion. It is customary to hold the festival at the Crystal Palace. Mr John Sankey, the- newlv-appointed Welsh' K.C., is a well-known figure in Llanelly. He appsared for the Urban Council when they applied for the consent of the Local Govern- ment Board to carry out an electric lighting scheme. The ausent-mindedness of one of the Burry Port postmen on Monday morning gave much enjoyment to the one in the window," when lie forgot that the pillar-box at the railway station had been removed. In fact, he smiled himself. Mr. D. IJemfer Thomas, who has frequently acted as counsel in many eases at the Llan- elly County Court, has been appointed Sti- pendiary for the petty sessional division of Pontypridd, in place of Mr Arthur Lewis, (lece i?c d. The Rev. W. Trevor Jones has been appoin- ted by the members of the Urban District Council to be one: of their representatives on the management of the Intermediate Schools. We think he will be an acquisition to the Governors. The chief topic of conversation amongst the gentler sex who attended a funeral the other day was the photo of the minister. It would undoubtedly be a most appropriate subject if the minister was a. single man, but as he was married we not do exactly see the of ii. It is said that a hotel is to be built in New York 376 feet high. Tin's would mean that its roof would be about 60 feet higher than the famous Copperworks Stack. 1: is sup- posed that in this way the roof will be out of the reach of cats and of the cver-recurring nightly calls of "Maria." After the Church parade on Sunday morn- ing last, Surgeon-Lieut.-Colone] Evan Evans, of the 4th Battalion Welsh Regiment was presented with ihe Territorial Long Service Medal, and SergL-Major Brown, R.E., waa also presented with a medal in recognition of his long service and good conduct. The Jubilee Souvenir issued by Greenfield Church is most interesting, as it contains twenty-eight photos of its past and present ministers, deacons, and Church and Sunday, School officials. A person always derives a great amount, of honest pleasure in scanning over the photos of those who were and are the pillars of the church. The mysterious airship has evidently not passed over Llanelly. If it did it would cer- tainly have been observed by some of those engaged throughout the night at the Harbour, or by some of the members of the Standing Committees upon Trade around the various docks, who very often distribute much inter- esting and edifying general information. The late Mr. George Meredith (the famous novelist and writer) during his peregrinations through Wales some years ego, spent a little time at Llanelly, and whilst here lie visited some of the large works at night. The red glow of the hot iron under the electric light aroused him to enthusiasm, which vented it- self in a fine now of brilliant language. We would advise all shop assistants not to I spend the whole of their wages upon their best girls, and afterwards live on the charity of their fellows; and the girls who allow poor fellows to do this are by no means worthy of the love and. kindness bestowed upon them. A case of this description was reported to us this week, and we must admit that he was a pitiful sight to observe. Beware, ye young men. The subcommittee of the Carmarthenshire Education Committee who visited. Furnace on Thursday, with a view to making arrange- ments for a temporary building for the ac- commodation of the rural children who have been playing on the roads for the last seven weeks, instead of endeavouring to find temporary accommodation, they turned their attention to the necessity of erecting a new school for the village. The productions of the Llanelly Pottery have a reputation beyond these islands. Some years ago a Cardiff man was in Portugal, and when passing a curio shop he saw some ware which pleased him so much that he went in, bought a quantity, and brought it back with him in triumph. Some time after he was proudly displaying his Portugese treasure to an expert, who carelessly remarked "Oh! you have some Llanelly ware here, ] seel" And the- unhappy collector retired quietly to the next room to kick himself. The samples of the potter's art from Llan:" elly seemed to prove a great attraction at the exhibition held under the auspices of the Welsh Industries' Exhibition at Hyde Park House last week. The Hon. Gladys Rice. who was in charge of the Carmarthenshire Stall, exhibited some Llanelly pottery <and it was hinted that it was sometimes exported and | afterwards imported as "Persian") and old Welsh wars Her Royal Highness the Prin- cess of Wales' visited the stall and purchased some of the Llanelly Pottery ware.