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SALE TO-MORROW, GIBSON'S AUCTION MART, 1, MARKET STREET, LLANELLY. Unreserved Sale of Excellent Household Furuiture, &c. /"MiAS. GIBSON has received instructions from a ?-? Gentiem?n who is )- aving the Town to remove alld SELL BY AUCTION, at his Mart, on FRIDAY, MAY 28th. 1909. a quantity of Excellent HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE. &c comprising Fumed Oak Bedroom Suite, Satin Walnut Bedroom Suite, Wash Stands and Dress Tables Brass, Brass Hail and other Bedsteads Wire mid Straw Mattresses, Feather and MiUpufi Beds, Wool Overlays, Chest of Drawers, Chamber Ware, Bedroom Fenders, Mahogany Ward- jobes, Towel R-iis. Wainut Sideboards, Wicker Chairs, Divan Arm Chairs. Occasional Chairs, Over- Qi&utles, Oak Bureau, Dining Tables, Bookcase, Leather and Saddlebag Suites, Brass and Brass Rail Fenders, Centre Tables, Black Cabinets, Carpets, Oil Cloth, Pictures, Kitabeu Fenders, Kitchen Arm and other Chairs. O..k Hall Stand, Hall Tables, Window Poles. Cradle, Gas Heating Stove, IRON SAFE, 28 x 19 x 17. by W E BRAIN & CO., Birmingham together with the usual Kitchen and Culinary Utensils. Also a quantity of Boots, Shoes and Drapery. Sale at 1.30 o'clock sharp. Terms—Cash. Nat. Tel. 108, GREAT SALE OF CYCLES ON SATUR- DAY AT 7 O'LOCK. io Cycle Makers, Dealers, Private Buyers and others fc. Gibson's Auction Mart, 1, Market St., Llanelly c HAS. GIBSON has been favoured tviih instruc- tions to submit fur SALE BY AUCTION, at his Mart. on SATURDAY, MAY 29th, 1909, about 25 Ladies', Gents' and .Juveniles' CYCLES. These Cycles are made of Weldless Steel Tubing, fitted with Ball Bearings, Free Wheels, 2 Roller Brakes (Brampton or Bowden), Rustless Spokes, lined Two Colours, Plated Rims, beautifully Enamelled and Finished; several are fitted with 3-speed Gear. Sale at 7 o'clock, Terms-Cash. N.B *-The Auctioneer begs to call the special Mention of intending buyers to the fact that these cles are all new, of the best make aiid finish, and well worth their attention. Nat. Tel. 108. 6571 llanelly County Intermediate Schools. AS ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION Will be beld on SATURDAY, THE 26TH JUNE NEXT, 1\t the above Schools, and such other places as may be nortififaed two weeks before the Examination, if found ."ecessary tn Forty.four SCHOLARSHIPS (23 for Boys aud 21 or Girls, of the value of 1,4 lOs. each, will be awarded on the result of the Examination. is Preference will be given, so far as fifteen of the Cbolarsbips are coucerned (8 for Boys and 7 for Girls) to NVelsh-speakitig candidates The Candidates must not be more than 13 years of age on the 31st May next Full information as to the subjects of Examination, ogetber with Forms of Application, which must be rpj? u*ned to me on or before the 20th May next, can be tallIed from the Head Master, Head Mistress, or rom the undersigned Dated this 20th day of April, 1909. JAMES H. BLAKE, Clerk. 72, Stepney Street, Llanelly. 6438 WHY PAY MORE P THE VERY BEST "MAYPOLE" TEA Now costs Jg No Higher i only i N fmmr Price! "Maypole" Dairy Co., Ltd., Over 600 Branches now open. 3572 COMING EVENTS. l\'1:{ ;7 and 28-Sale of Grocery Stock, Fittings &c., Bla '?ugban Street, L!aneMy, by Mr. Wm. David. ?? f?-?Sa!e of Household Furniture, &c., at (f°n 8 Auction Mart, Market Street, Llanelly. ftla 28-Grand Evening Concert at Market Hall by iyio, Male Voice Society. M»?29 ,bale of Cycles at his Auction Mart by Mr. Olio Gibson. WJh-n?? °??y—Tradesmen's Horse Show and Parade ???yFark. h't' Wh °Utky—Grand Eisteddfod at Burry Port, &t t.Tuesday, 1909-Sports at Five Roads. Nodf?p 5, T ?' 8, 9-Cyfarfodydd Agoriadol (A.) Noddf Poatyates- 8-Grand P erform ance' of The Magic Cup by- I J 7tn, oU(^ Hope Juvenile Choir. Jun g rehearsl by Lianelly Royal Choi r at tlie re^earsa^ HaceUy Royal Choir at  Ju? ?' ???Pontyeates Annual Sports. ne 19-Eisteddforl at Council School, Llwynhendy. .J uue „ "Llnt, 2 O-Aunual Tea *?? Concert at Carmel Cbapel, In rey, .J nly 3 G '1111-Y 3-Qran(I EIsteddfod at Hendre, near Fanty- DOn. .August (B" A'gu8t ? ??'? Holiday)—A Grand Eisteddfod at wYUùendy. .åst 2 ??"? Hoiiday)—Twenty-Sixth Aunual t?egf?ttik and Sports at Burry Port.   (Bank IMiday)-Fomtb Ammal Regatta at Augu6t 3-Grand Eisteddfod at Trimsaran. A"91'st 4-Cbair Eisteddfod at Handyssul. August 14-L)angennech Flower Show. ?gust 28—Acuuat Show at Pontyberem.

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