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I.h ! Slaughter-house Anomaly.


h Slaughter- h ouse Anomaly. THE MEAT INSPECTION. At a meeting of the Estates Committee on Thursday afternoon, the question of meat in- spection at the Slaugter-house was delisted. It was alleged that the! animals were killed, and the meat taken out, before Mr. Hill, the veterinary inspector, had a chance c-f seeing it Mr. Hill explained that this occurred when the animals were taken late at night into the Slaughter-house from the Station. The ani- mals were killed and the meat taken out not later than 8.30 in the morning. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones: How do they take it out without your permission? The Chairman (Mr. Guest): The Mye-laws state that the butchers are not to take meat out, within ten hours until it is inspeced. Mr Hill: They do not get permission. They take it. away themselves. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones: How do they get ill ? Mr. Hill: The caretaker is there about six o'clock. Mr W. Bramwell Jones*Thai man to seo that nothing shall leave the, Slaugl/er-housG unless it, has been inspected. The Clerk: I understood that there is no system of marking the meat to show that it has been inspected. I do not know whether we could have a system whereby it "ould be marked. Mr. Hill: We can mark the meat without injuring it in any way. Mr. W. BramweH Jones said the r>ute'ftersi took the meat out at six o'clock in ibe room- ing, when their caretaker was there. Their officials were to blame for letting it, go out. Mr. Hill said that there neyer had been a system with regard to the present question at the Slaughter-house. He had been J pying to get a system, but it had been haul?:eci every time. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones: We have tried to get a system, there Mr. Hill said he did not blame vJonneil. The system at the present time wgs worse, and it was being done with his expressed dis- approval. They keys had been left with the butchers, which was done to the knowledge of Mr. Hopkins. Mr. William Roberts said it would be better for them to defer the question, so .nat Mr. Hopkins could attend. Mr. Hill said that Mr. Hopkins was in charge of the Slaughter-house. He ;.Mr Hill) had not interfered with him in any way. ITo had received a letter from Mr. T Morgans, but.cher; in which he stated that he regretted to have to complain as to the manner things were being carried on at. the Slaughter-house. He had lost some sheep skins, etc., which he> valued at 28s. He (Mr. Hill) knew Coat thiev- ing was going on there every week. He had instructed the police to keep observation, on the place, but the offenders woe in the butchering trade. They were not -he outside public. They watched the caretaker, and were taking things away when he not possibly be there to watc-h them. It was decided to defer the matrc until the next meeting when Mr. Hopkins ■/■■"aid be asked to attend.

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