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L! Maintenance Order. I


L Maintenance Order. I A KNOTTY CASE I At the Police Court on Monday John Harry, I Upper Inkcrman Street, made an application I to vary a maintenance order in respect of his wife, Sarah Harry, Stepney Place, Mr. l), R. Edmunds, who appeared for the applicant, said the applicant rnad-e the pay- ments in respect of the order regularly until the beginning of this' year. In August, 1307, he ceased, to work, and had ho means at all, except the little money he had saved. There was some money in Lloyd's BLiriloiji the joint names of the applicant and his son, but the amount had now been depleted to the extent of £ 13 odd, and the son claimed the amount. Applicant said lie lived with his step- daughters, and was 73 years of age. In July, 1906, an order of 6s. was made against him in respect of his wife, which he paid up to March of this year. He had no means at all at present, with the exception, of an old age pension of 5s. per week. He married the re- spondent about, five years ago. The respondent said that the applicant's statement with regard to his means was un- true. He had some money, but. ehe did not know where it was. She contended that he had two banking accounts Mr. D. R. Edmunds said that in February an offer was made of 2s. 6d. per week out of the old age pension, but the respondent took out a summons in respect of the arrears. Her action had soured her husband's relations, who were under no obligation to contribute anything. The Presiding Magistrate: I take it that the balance of 913 can be used. Mr. Edmunds: No; I submit that this case must not be considered from a Guardians' point of view. The Presiding Magistrate1: Do you mean to say that the applicant cannot get a penny out of this money of the Bank ? Mr. Edmunds: Not a penny of it. He has already depleted the account beyond the Bnm he was entitled tn, He has struggled hard in order to qualify himself for an old age pen- sion, and to keep away the taint of poverty, Mr. Thomas Jones: We make an order of 2s 6d. per week. I am still of the opinion that lie can have this money. Mr. Edn unds said it was not a sentimental question, and it ought to he considered from a legal aspect. There was no evidence that the applicant had any money apart from the 5s. per week, and the Legislature had come to the conclusion that that was only sufficient to keep a person. If the Bench adhered to their decision lie would have to ask them to state a case. Mr. Thomas Jones: The respondent will, be seventy before long. Mr. Edmunds contended that it was per- fectly rllegal for the Bench to take away 2s. 6d. out of the old age pension. Mr Thomas Jones: There is a joint account, and surely the applicant is entitled to half of it. Mr. Edmunds: Thai- might be the view of t the lay umid, but 1 submit he can not touch a. penny of it Mr, ThomM Jones: We have gh-tn our de- cision. Mr, Edmunds: Wen, I must Mk you t? I slate a case. I After a oonsuhaHon \\]111 the Clerk, iiul Beuc-h said they would defer their decision ¡ for a. month.


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