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Proposed Skating Rink. ¡Proposed Sking Rink. I I SURVEYOR TO REPORT UPON THE COST. x; At a. meeting of the Estates Committee on Thursday last, a letter was read from the sec- retary of the Trades and Labour Council, sug- gesting that instead of the proposed bowling green the Council, should provide; a skating rink in the town. They suggested that the Market Hall would be a suitable place for the rink. The Chairman: We have decided to go in for a bowling green, and this Committee has full power to get the work done- I Air, W Bramwell Jones: I will give notice1 of motion that we rescind the resolution with regard to the bowling green. Mr. John Thomas asked whether they could get both on the same ground. Mr James Davies: We can ask the Surveyor to report as to the cost of converting part of the Market Hall into a skating rink. Mr. William Roberts: I think it will be necessary to re-lay the floor and purchase the skates. The Clerk said he did not think the Coun- cil wouia have the right to purchase <he skates. He woula :ot advise them, how eyer. sl?af,es. He ivoulct" ot allvi?,e thein, hc)"' ever, to do so, The Chairman: If we cam-lot p?'?? skates how can we purchase bowls? Mr. J;ohn Thomas: What is the season for the rink? The Chairman: They have skating rinks at the. seaside resorts all the year round. Mr. William Roberts moved that the Sur- veyor should present a report on the cost and as to whether the floor at the Market Hall would be suitable. The Chairman: This is an American craze, and it will be gone before you can get any- thing out of it. Mr W. Bramwell Jones: It is possible that by the time you get the Surveyor's report it will be gone (laughter). The proposition of Mr William. Roberts was agreed to. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones said the people who advocated the bowling green were new changing their opinions. They were to.'d at the time that the working-men were anxious to get, a bowling green, and now they had the members of the Trades and Labour Council, who represented them, stating that they wanted a skating rink. The Chairman: YOll assume that the Trades and Labour Conncil represent the working- men. Mr. W. Bramwell Jones: I take their word for it. Mr. William Roberts: Mr. Brarmvdl Jones is a representative of the working-vnt -i. Mr. Jones: Thank you, Mr. Roberts. I sup- pose you are taking the. result of the last election. The matter then dropped.

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I Agreement Without Force.

I.h ! Slaughter-house Anomaly.

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