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WORKS WONDERS WITH ALL SKIN TROUBLES. THE SCALY DIS- FIGUREMENTS OF ECZEMA VANISH BY A FEW APPLICATIONS. STUBBORN SORES AND WOUNDS-EXOI N IS THE SPEEDY CURE. I REMEMBER THAT EXOIN IS JUST IT FOR ALL SKIN AND SURFACE TROUBLES. TO CLEANSE AND TO HEAL CUTANEOUS AFFECTIONS YOU MUST INSIST ON EXOIN. REFUSE HIGHER PRICED SUBSTITUTES. 7d. The EXOIN Co., GOWERTON, SWANSEA. Post Frèe. Post Frde. l PROVE YOUR EYES BY CONSULTING WALTERS, F.S.M.C, QUALIFIED OPTICIAN (by Exam., Lond.), Holder of the Highest Diplomas possible to obtain as a Sight-Testing Optician. SIGHT-TESTING ROOMS- ¡ 51, Oxford Street (UNIOAJREET), SWANSEA | J?T ), SWANSEA SALE SALE! SALE! SALE! But NOT an Auction Sale. Why buy Auction Sale Cycles with no guarantee whatever, when you can buy an ?MSH MADE CYCLE, Fully Guaranteed, 00 A 0« 6do And fully equipped with Lamp, Bell, Pump, <???. ?0 s. Tool-bag, and aU Accesories at 8^^ot/0 X.ZjU« Call and inspect. Over a Hundred Cycles to seloci from. Prices and Models to suit one and all. NOTE ADDRESS: J. GRIFFITHS, Cycle Emporium, 98, Station Road, Llanelly PRING SUMMER. J. JONES & SONS, Ladies and Gents' Tailors, Now show their Latest Ranges of Patterns in Shades & Styles suitable for Ladies' Costumes, Gents' Suitings, &c. FIT and STYLE PERFECT. All Garments made on the Premises. kQCAL -AGENTS FOB ————— Burberry's Weatherproof Coats, c. NOTE ADDRESS:— GREENFIELD BUILDINGS, Llanellv. I ] ASK OF THE OWL J ? and he will wisely advise lI m you to use Bliss Native  Jgg Herbs-the Original Herb ,m NM Compound-the common- i m ?se remedy for purify- ing the blood, toning the W W liver, restoring the kid- M t? "eYs, correcting constipa- -M ti On ???eumatism.and j? lWira$R R putting the entire system H jm in perfect health. Many ? "-snmonials in our Alma. M v W\ nac tell of wonderful vZes-*nd the cost is so i? ? little only ?' ? al box I > II of 200 tablets-enough for t the whole family. Re- fI I member the name-BLISS. FOR SALE By § WILLIAM DAVIES, ^lasfryn, Dunraven Terrace, Gowerton, Glam. ^1 is. KV,WC*>. TKKIUXOO Jin., CVMMKH. POHTH, ?ys- WiiS ?''PP'ed by ?heuns-.tism and Imd to by Rheumatism and had to 'Use crutch''B1,s8' Jfativc' Herbs has conquered the amn.'V -1- mane me well." f???' NOTHING OAMCtEROUS ?M.' P,IeP!.S io" cftache- p4 o,, w'- N -euraig ,a, ACCEPT I"" EL"^E' NO RISKS. ^Oc'F-pr Norti,Na ELEF7. RUN NO RISKS. I The Charing Cross Bank. I Established 1870. I CARDIFF BRANCH-73, ST. MARY STREET. | Head Offices: -28 1Bedforcl Street, Charing Cross, London j and 89, Bishopsgate Street Within, London, B.C. j Branches: Manchester. Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford Bristc;i, < Assets, £ 1,007,910; Liabilities, £1,2:36.871: Surplus, P,371,078 ( Loans of £ 30 to P-1,000 granted at, a tew hours' notice i Town or Country, on personal security, jewellery, precioui j stones, stocks, shares, and furniture without removal. j Stocks and Shares bought and sold. | 26 per cent. allowed on Current Account Balance*. Deposits of 910,tnd upwards received as under:- Subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal, 5 per cent. per an. 6 It „ M „ i „ 12 „ 7. „ j Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. < Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able to pay rates oÍinterest on deposits that will compare favourably ? with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or share- holding insuring the safety of capital. We have been | established for 39 years, and our position in the banking i world to-day testifies to the success of our business method* i and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write or HI for Prospectus. I A. WILLIAMS & H. J. TALL, Joint Manager* m CookerY fs ir?.?Sn open BOOK M MS?scf ? j (BORWICKSI ? \BAmM6P9WMR? ?? THE MOST SAT!SMCWRY?   ???BAt?NGPOWDER??? I f Pegler's Stores are noted for their Cake. Zid. pe-r lb.

Carmarthen Assizes. I -0-…

Proposed Skating Rink. ¡Proposed…

L! Maintenance Order. I


IIIntermediate Managers. |

I Agreement Without Force.

I.h ! Slaughter-house Anomaly.

Dental Association.

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