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'Trimsaran. I

The Holidays.


- - - -CRICKET. I -0- I

I - :-_- -=- - - _-HARBOUR…


-=- HARBOUR LIGHTS. Trade has been very quiet at the North Dock throughout the past week, spite of its having been a period of spring tides with plenty of water. The stagnant state of the coal trade accounts for this. -0- Trade at the other Docks of the Port, especially the Copper works Dock, has been better. —o— His satisfactory to have more than one string to the bow, and Llanelly should guar- antee this, in being both a port of shipment for coal and a manufacturing centre. —o— The greater the number and diversity of the manufactured products, again, the better, for they are not likely to be all dull at the same time. --0- Naturally, the more the amount of stuff manufactured, and to be manufactured, that crosses the Bar, the better for the Harbour revenue. —o— As much of it as possible will do so, for the very sufficing reason that it is the cheapest route in and out. -0- And not only the cheapest itself, but also making cheaper, by competition, all the other routes. —o— The Trustees are still waiting for the con- sent of tho Board of Trade for making this route, that means so much, of full value. —o— No airship has been observed by any of the employees engaged in Harbour night work. -0- Nor, so far as can be learnt, by any mem- ber of the standing-or rather leaning—com- mittees upon trade around the various docks, which oftentimes distribute much interesting general information.

IKidwelly Town Council.I

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Proposed Welsh Council. -0-