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'Trimsaran. I

The Holidays.


- - - -CRICKET. I -0- I

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CRICKET. I -0- I SWANSEA BEAT LLANELLY BY FOUR [ WICKETS. I The first important match of the season by Llanelly was played at St. Helen's, a start being made shortly aiter mid-day. Llanelly won the toss, and went first to the wickets, Percy Rees and H. Howell opening the inn-1 ings, Creber and Maxwell bowling. Rees was quickly hoveled by Creber. Then Howell and Clough made a stand. Three wickets, were down by lunch-time. After the fall of the third wicket Clough and Cliff Bowen played remarkably good cricket, raising the score from 31 to 87 before the former was caught in the slips by Dr Cameron off Max- well, having made 43. Bowen afterwards batted well, but J. Bevan was the only man he could find to make a stand with him. After the departure of Bowen, as the result of a fine catch in the deep field by Morris, the Llanelly innings rapidly came to a close, the only noteworthy feature being a clever throw in by Jack Bancroft, which ran out H. John with the score at 143, to which the last wicket only added four runs. Swansea went in to bat about four o'clock, Bancroft and Percy Morris opening the inn- ings merrily, hitting Gee and Clough about all round the wickets. W. J." was out, however, this time, just before reaching his 50. M. E. White was well applauded for his innings of 32, and Stanley Rees further caused the score to mount, the Llanelly total being passed whilst he and Nicholls were in, Swan- sea having five wickets to spare. Stumps were drawn shortly afterwards, to enable the Llanelly players to catch the train, Swansea thus winning by four wickets and 23 rims. Scmes Llanelly. Percy Rees b Creber 11 H Howell c Nicholls b Creber 17 Clough c Dr. Cameron b Maxwell 43 H. B. Roderick b :Maxwell 0' Cliff Bowen c P. Morris b Creber 50 Davies b Creber I 5 P. Rogers c P. Morris b Creber 6 E. Gee c J. Bancroft, b Creber 0 J. Bevan c Maxwell b Creber 18 H. John run out 1 C. C. Warner not out 5 Extras 5 Total 147 Swansea. Bancroft b Clough 46 .,roIo:6sClU; vies"'i; "Ú:" i M. E White b H. Howell 30 Dr. Cameron c C. Bowen b Gee 6 Maxwell c- Rogers b Gee 6, Stanley Rees not out 29 H. Nicholls b Gee 0 C. Johnson not out. 4 Extras 17 Total (for 6 wickets) 170 SWANSEA SECONDS v LLANELLY SECONDS. Llanelly Seconds were beaten by Swansea Seconds at Stradey on Saturday. Scores;— Llanelly Seconds. H. S. Burn b T. Harry 0 T. Randell c W. Nicholls b Pritchard 10 J. Rees c Nichulls b Prichard 8 A. Lewis b Harry. 31 H. E. Jones b Harry 0 D. H. Davies b Harry 2 Griff Rowe c Nicholls b Pritchard 0 E E. Bailey c Trew b Harry 20 R. B. Phillips not out. 2 L. Evans run out 1 C. Jones b T. HarTY. 1 Extras 5 Total. 80 Swansea Seconds. J. A Davies c Bailey b D. H. Davies. 0 E. Billings run out 1 37 W. Nicholls c H. E. Jones b Dayies 8 G. P. Hazel c H. E. Jones b Burn 20 R. J. Brunt b L. Evans 38 W. R. Thomas c and b n H. Davies. 3 L. Edwards b L. Evans. 1 W. J. Trew not out 45 R. J. Jones c T. Randell b Evans. 6 T. Harry c D. H. Davies b Bailey 5 Pritchard b Evans I., .1 8 Extras 9 Total. 174 POXTYBEREM v. HENDY. I The above match was played at Pontyberem last Satunlay. in brilliant cricket weather, and I ended in a win for the homesters. Edwards and Thomas made a good stand for the visi- tors. and the feature of the game was the bowling of Jack Davies, who took 5 wickets for 9 runs, and the remarkable batting of D. Jones, who batted two and a half hours for his 31 runs. cores :Po ntybereiii, 110 for 9: Hendy, 45. The Seconds also played at Hendy Ponty- berem batted first, putting up the total of 65 runs against Hendy's 132. The brilliancy of the. game was the batting of Morgans and Davies, and the bowling of the Pontyberem team, who showed that they possessed Dille good Ixiwlers, besides the captain, who took one wicket for 31 runs PARK CHURCH v. BURRY PORT II. I The Park Church Eleven'' were at home for the match on Saturday afterrnoon. last, and put up 130 for the loss of seven wickets, and then declared. Some fine batting was wit- nessed by E. Rogers and W. Rogers, who were in fine form. The visitors then followed, D. G. Hughes making a fine stand; but they were soon disposed of for 45 runs. For the winners J. W. Walker took four wickets for 16 runs, J Rogers 2 for 6, and A. Edwards 2 for 15. Scores:— Park Church. W. Rogers b C Williams 22, G. P. Phillipsc D. G. Hughes b C. Williams 2, E. Evans c D. Evans b D. G. Hughes 7, E. Rogers run out. 48.J. Rogers c Evans 1) W. R. Harries 17, J Harrington c Evans b Harries 0, V. Phillips b Harries 13, J. B. Jones not out 15, extras 6. total (for 7 wickets) 130. J. W. Walker and A. Edwards did not bat. Barry Port Seconds.—R. J. Davies b J. W. Walker 8, C. R. Gower 1) A Edwards 0, C. Williams' c W. Rogers b Walker 0, W. R. Har- ries b A. Edwards 0, D. G. Hughes c A. Ed- wards b J. Rogers 18, F. Fowler run ou? 4, F. Leyshon c and b J. Rogers 4, J. Thomas b W. Rogers 0. R Evans nor out, 1. D. M. Rees c Harringtoil b Walker 1. W. Thomas run out I 2. extras 7. total 45. FELINFOEL v. KIDWELLY. Felinfoel played their first League match at home on Saturday against Kidwelly, and after a pleasantly contested game ran. out easy winners by four wickets and 40 runs. The fielding on both sides was rather weak, the Felinfoel fielders losing several easy catchy. The out-sanding feature of the match was the fine batting of E. Roberts, who, going in at a critical time, changed the whole as- pect of the game' by his capital hitting. E. J. James also played capital cricket. Dr. Griffiths hit out merrily, but he was given at least three "lives" in his innings of 33. The most successful bowler of the day was Jere Griffiths, who took four wickets for 2 runs. Scores;— Kidwelly—W. Walters c G. Williams b Stepløs 0, I). R. Wilde b P. Davies 1, R. Davies e J. IVilliains b Staples 2, D. J. Hughes c Staples' b Davies 10, Parshley. b Davies 6, Dr. T. R. Griffiths c H. Griffiths b I E. J. James 33, J. Watkins c and b J. Grif- fiths 11. W Parry not out 3, W. D. Davies b J J. Griffiths 2, W. Lloyd b J. Griffiths 2, W. Williams b J. Griffiths 0, extras 8, total 78. Felinfoel.-W. Griffiths b Watkins 1, J. Wil- liams b Watkins 7, Jere Griffiths c Wilde b Dr. Griffiths 12, E. Roberts b W Parry 42, H. Griffiths b Parshley 17, P. Davies c R. Davies b Parshley 7, E J. James not out 20, D. Staples not out 1, extras 11, total (for six wickets) 118. T. Jenkins, E. V. Williams, and G. Williams did not bat.

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