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The Holidays.


The Holidays. To the Editor of the "Llanelly Mercury." Sir,Many are the places selected by Llan- ellyites for spending a short holiday in during the summer months. Llanwrtyd, Llangam- mareli, Llandrindod, Builtlr, etc., have a tre- mendous attraction for some folks, whilst others give preference to seaside resorts, such as Aberystwyth, Tenby, Mumbles, Porthcawl, Burvy Port, etc. The reason why these places are is. in my opinion, because they are held up in the estimation of the holiday- makers as places where health abounds, where the air is bracing, invigorating, and contains all the health-giving properties which it is possible for any air to possess. The ozone of the seaside resorts is most in- vigorating, and thei pure air of the hills is most bracing. All these places are in the distance, and distance lends enchantment to r he scene How often we are apt to forget that we in Llanelly are blessed with a holi- day resort close .at .hand which is second to none of the places I have mentioned. Six miles away we have the quiet little village of Llannon, nestled among the hills and shel- tered from the storms, where the air is quite as pure as it is on the Llandrindod hills, and quite as bracing as it is at Aberystwyth or the Mumbles. In fact, the air, according to t he medical profession, is laden with health- giving properties, and it carries upon its wings the pure ozone of the Atlantic. Lately the renowned old hotel of the village has been renovated, and can now accommodate a few visitors, and who does not know of the beautiful plates of ham and eggs which many have gone up specially from Llanelly to en- joy. To spend a quiet week amongst the hills of Llannon would prove as effectual as if it was spent either in Llanwrtyd or Llan- drindod, and, in my opinion, much more so. The Wells are always crowded with all sorts of human-beings, and anyone going. there 'must submit to take his chance amongst the crowds and breathe the effluvia from all sorts and conditions of human-beings. In a quiet little village like Llannon there is no crowd, and a person does not run the risk of con- tracting diseases half as much as he dees in all our so-called holiday resorts. I verily LB- j lieve that even tuberculosis would be reduced to a iiia-r-(,Ilous extent ifour holiday-makers gave the crowded .watering-places a wide berth, and sought the eeclusion of a quiet country village away among the hills each summer-. I have spent very many happy tla-s in Llannon, and have felt all the better ((II Let others try it, and they will soon find iot themselves the benefit of this ad- < Mr. Editor, in antic-ipa- j ion, -Yours, etc., W, E. JONES. Hsr?lly.. M?' 25, 1909 'V, R. JOXE3. ¡ I


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