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'Trimsaran. I


Trimsaran. I To the Editor of the "Llanelly Mercury." Sir,—Having a longing to record my appre- ciation of Trimsaran and its inhabitants, I should be glad if you would find loom in several issues of your valuable paper for the contributions I am anxious to supply I pur- pose describing the village and its surround- ings from a few choice spots of ground, tak- ing first the eminence situated between Waauihir Colliery and Brickworks. On nume- rous occasions that hill and the view obtain- able therefrom has filled my mind with joy, enthusiasm, and excitement. I consider my- self very fortunate in being privileged to be once more in Trimsaran at this time of the year, as in the" merrie month Nature can be seen in her loveliest conditions. Adjacent to the colliery, the hill and its slope are pro- fusely decked with fresh young ferns, inter- mingled with flowers of almost every hue. Some are as white as the unsullied snow and as frail looking as the gossamer wing of the butterfly. Some are as blue as the summer sky, and others the colour of virgin gold. All afford delight and satisfaction to the. senses. Soon the flaunting foxgloves will appear in gallant array, and seem like a mighty army guarding a veritable Eden from the near approach of ruthless despoilers. The background to this splendid scenery is really enchanting. A wood crowns the emi- nence, green-leaved, with alluring depths and shade, and carpeted with ferns and bluebells thick as leaves in Vallombrosa. The view in front is magnificent and comprehensive, com- prising the hills beyond the lovely Gwen- draeth Valley and the large tract of smiling, peaceful country between. Cottages and farmhouses nestle so cosily amid trees that they are almost hidden from sight; bonnie plantations and a goodly number of trees, bright and beautiful in their varied foliage, also being in evidence. A multitude of fields, many of which are surrounded by luxuriant hedges, greet my enthralled vision. Some are shapely, while others remind one of the crooked letters of the alphabet. In several places a cornfield is sandwiched between fer- tile pastures, making a contrast pleasing to the eye. With the sun shining brilliantly, deluging the whole superb and delightful panorama with its golden light, with sweet flowers all around, with a sustained chorus of bird songs falling on listening, appreciative ears, and with pure, invigorating air to inhale one feels, while on this charming spot, deeply grateful to the Giver of all good for having created such a wonderful world, for so freely and lovingly bestowing and preserving life, sight, hearing, and health Before coming to Trimsaran I had never seen a colliery or brickworks so charmingly placed, and never in the past, with the ex- ception of my own excellent employers, have I met with such kindly, sympathetic officials as are those connected with the Trimsaran Colliery and Brickworks Company, viz., W. J. Graham, Esq., Mr. Albert Jones, and Mr. D. Williams. Of these true men and good it is eminently suitable to say: Thus each, one bears, without abuse The grand old name of gentleman, Defamed by every charlatan, And put to most ignoble use. And worthy Dr. Howeils is a thorough gentleman, too. Courteous, cheerful, atten- tive. helpful, generous, and clever, he is a distinct credit to a noble profession.—Yours, j- C, WILLIAM BOSWELL.

The Holidays.


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IKidwelly Town Council.I

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