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'Trimsaran. I

The Holidays.


- - - -CRICKET. I -0- I

I - :-_- -=- - - _-HARBOUR…

IKidwelly Town Council.I

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Proposed Welsh Council. -0-



 Here's help I A proved and "%? ?<S? certain help OA %? Avftp & 11 ?d. j§ ?caj? ? Is a worker: it is E? ?E j made to wash clothes and does it. E ] THOMAS. BRISTOL. FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the best in the market), Carr's Inks, and Webster's Inks, Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of Stationery useful to house or office, at lowest prices, at the Mercury" Office, 28 Market Street, Llanelly. NOTICE OF REMOVAL! < D VID JOHN, ?TX!?A?M)T? GENERAL SMITKI STATION ROAD, LLANELLY, Has REMOVED to NEW PREMISES, j IIIIlr Right Opposite Q.W.R. Station D.J. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous Customers and Friends for past favours, and hopes to merit a continuance of the same at his New Premises. Hundreds of Hopeless Cases have been Cured by Nature's Remedy. Health for tne People WHY SUFFER? from Deafness, Noise in the Head, {V etc Asthma, Bronchitis, Consumption. Coughs, Catarrh,; Indigestion, Ulcerated Stomach. Live and Kidney Troubles, Gravel, Stone, Dropsy, Piles, Fits, St. Vitus Dance, Nervousness, Sciatica, Rheumatic Gout f 5 Lumbago, Stiff Joints, Heart Troubles, Diabetes, Rickets, Wasting Diseases, Wounds, Sores, Boils, 8crofula, Scurvy, Ringworms, Tapeworms, 8eat Worms, Stomach Worms, etc. Don't give up hope as incurable before consulting Pro! T. W. PRICE j???? M.H., F.B.I.M.S., 0- 30-32, Inkerman Street, Llanelly, South Wales. TO MUSICIANS Concert and "Cym anfa Ganu "Committees AND ALL THOSE MUSICALLY INCLINED. We desire to let you know, and we want yoll to tell your musical friends, that we are still thinking of them, and are now able to t PRINT THEIP, ,1 ????? Choruses, Anthems, Glees, Part Songs, Quartettes, Duet?  and Solos in g OLD NOTATMN or SOL-Fi Js; 1?? ?'? are always wilung to help yon by Printing, giving yon I p g. ?N?? the best class of work at reasonable prices. "LLANELLY MERCURY" rl cO 28, Market Street, Llanelly. ] MISS MARY EVANS, | Teacher of Mnsic Local Representative of the London Collegf Music. SENIOR HONOURS, CERTIFICATED T. 0. L Wishes to make known that she is prepared to Receive or Visit PUPILS for THEORY and PIANOFORTE PLAYING. Ammanford and Kidwelly visited weekly TIIIRMS. ON APPLICATION 13, Downing Street, Llanelly. J. DAVIES & SON, A.M.I.C.E., M.S.A,, CIVIL & MINING ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS, VALUERS, ESTATE AGENTS & AUCTIONEERS, COWELL HOUSE, LLANELLY, j AND LLWYDCOED, CROSSHANDS, Sales by Public Auction or Private Treaty of Pro. perties, Plant, Stock, etc. Surveys, Plans, Valuations, Reports, Life, Fire, Accident, Illness, and Workmen's Compensation Insurances. Telegrams:—"Davies, Surveyors." Telephone 367 National. Established 1854. 2426 ) I Nat Telephone, No. 0151, I Important_ Farmers I Important to Farmers W.H. THOMAS &CO? CORN, CAKE & MANURE ML, RCHANT Has all kinds of Feeding Cake and FeedWf Meals in Stock at- j YAUXHALL STORSS, I Inspection Invited. Lowest Prices on applicstioo J ANALYSES and PURITY GUARANTEED' I j Farm Seeds, Oats, Barley, Clover, koalways | | stock, and sold at Cheapest Market Rate. | | Agents for the Noted MOLASSINE ItfEAfc 1 I Telegrams, Palatine," Llanelly. All CommUnical i tions to- VAUXHALL STORES, LLANELLY. 41^ FOR SALE.-Stephens' Ink (the best 11* market), Carr's Inks, and Webster's IØ- f Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kintfl* a stationery useful to house or office, at 101f f prices at the Mercury". Office, 28 MW" Ii Street, Llanelly.