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'Trimsaran. I

The Holidays.


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IKidwelly Town Council.I

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Proposed Welsh Council. -0-


Proposed Welsh Council. -0- LOCAL COUNCIL'S SUPPORT. At a meeting of the Urban District Council on. Monday evening Mr E. T. Jones presiding, the Clerk said that with regard to the for- mation of a Welsh District Council Associa- tion, he found that the idea met with con- siderable support. There were several Welsh councIls who expressed themselves in favour of it. A meeting was to be held in the County Buildings, Llandrindod Wells, during Whitsuntide, and he believed, as they had al- ready supported the scheme, they would ap- point one or two delegates to attend He felt they would find the association of consider-, able use. I Mr. Nathan Griffiths said he! happened to read in the newspaper that the Clerk was moving in the matter of forming an associa- tion for South Wales Was it thei work of Mr Spowart or somebody else? He would like to know, first and foremost, if such was the case, and how it came to be put on their agenda. He had no fault to find, but he would have some fault to find if there was any glory attached to going to Llandrindod. He would like to warn them, and to give them a solemn warning, that there was no second class at present, and it would be use- less for them to put second class down again (laughter). If they were going to appoint any- body to attend, lie hoped it would be the best members on the Council, and not any Tim, Dick, and Harry. Mr. Jones: I propose1 we appoint Mr. Grif- fiths (laughter). Mr. Simlett: I will second that. Mr. Griffiths said lie could not attend. The Chairman said they would have to de- cide how many delegates they would send to the conference, and whether they would pay their expenses Mr. John Thomas enquired what would be the duties of the Association. Was it to look after the interests of Wales? The Clark said that many points cropped up nov and again of popular interest to the Principality. If any Welsh council was in any hardship, they would be obviously in a better position if they had a sister council to support them in any way. Mr. Bramwell Jones said he regretted the withdrawal of Mr. Griffiths. They were glad to see anything formed as a national confer- ence for Wales. He proposed, that they send the, Chairman and Vice-chairman, together with the Clerk, and that the Council pay their expenses. Having regard to the fact that there was no second-class, they would j remember that there was a first-class (laugh- j ter). Mr. urmuiis torgot- to say to at, Mr. Nathan Griffiths seconded the proposi tion, but he disagreed with Mr. Bramwell Jones with regard to the first-class There was a third-class Mr. Bramwell. Jones: I thought you were in the guard's van (laughter). fli(, .ir- It was ultimately decided that the Chair- roan and Vice-chairman be appointed, and in the event of the Vice-chairman's inabilify to attend, Mr W. Bramwell Jones was appointed j in his stead. )