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'Trimsaran. I

The Holidays.


- - - -CRICKET. I -0- I

I - :-_- -=- - - _-HARBOUR…

IKidwelly Town Council.I

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| 4AAAAAAAAAAAAA A idftk idh A A A A A. A A A i ? PRELIMINARY NOTICE, £ ? ? T?? to t? ?d? ?d??s, ?. I 4 At tlie demand of man? of our friends, we nave deemed to arrange this year, during tlie month of August, "a I k. At die demand of man? of our friends- we nave deciaed to arrange tais year, during the month of August/a. ??. 4 Trip to the BELGIAN ARDENNES ana otner places of interest, including:- 4 Brussels, Antwerp, Namur, Liege, the Field of Waterloo, Grottoes or Han, Barage of the Gileppe, w .¡ Abbey of Maredsous, Castle of Walzin, Ciergnon, etc., etc., w 1 particulars of which will be issued shortly. We have great pleasure to announce that  1 MONSIEUR CAMILLE DEUQUET, • 2 has kindly decided to accompany the tour and to act a,.z Guide and Interpreter. No doubt, with the ex peritnce of Monsieur DEUQUET, who has a perfect knowledge of the country, this trip will prove a greater J success than those of the preceding years. 4 The tour will be so arranged as to give every comfort and entire satisfaction to all. Ladies will be heartily welcomed to join the party. Particulars of the tour may be had from— » 4 ARTHUR T. JONES, "Mercury" Offices, Llanelly. > '9" '9'"9" '9" '"V. V v. v" v. 'V T"T "Y 'Y" .j(


Proposed Welsh Council. -0-