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BRITISH DENTISTS. I ANNUAL MEETING AT LLANELLY. The annual meeting of the British Dental Association was held at Peneastell, Green- fields (the ieeentlv-opened branch of Mr. J, .Wesley Jones), OIl Wednesday. Letters of apology for non-attendance were received from the following:—Messrs. J C. Oliver, Clement Splridon, J. Thomas. Willows, all' of Cardiff; H. G. Howitt, Merthyr; H. H. Evans, Abergavenny; — Collidge, Stroud; — Jveudrick, launton; Henry Mason, Exeter; W. H. Jones, Pontypridd; Ed. and E. and W. Little, Newport; E. H. Cannell, Barry; C. Forbes-Seott. Swansea; Arthur Smith, New- port; Arthur Rice, Carmarthen; S. G Yates, Ross. Tne follo\\ in. were present :■-—Dr. J. Percy Oliver. Penanh; Dr. Nicholson, Cardiff; Mr. J. Wesley Jones; Messrs. J. H. Mitsgrov-e, Merthyr; T. Gill Williams, Newport: J. G. While, mayor of Newport; H. J. Thomas, Swansea; — Spray, Cardiff; C R. Peaty, Car- enft; — Maroon, • Cardiff; — Ivittow, Cardiff; A. C. Evans, Bridgend; Mitchell, Swansea; A. E. Jenkins, Swansea; T. H. Robson, Swan- sea; Shorroek, Carmarthen.. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. t[.' l.' 1 l. 4t. The following officers were elected .for the ensuing year:—President, Mr J. Wesley Jones, Llanelly; Yice-prcsjdent, Mr. Musgrave, Mer- thyr; president-elect, Dr. P. Oliver, Penanh; lion, secretary, Mr Nicholson, Cardiff; hon. treasurer, Mr. Peaty, Cardiff. I DENTAL DEFENCE. ■. A very interesting, paper was road by Dr. J. Percy Olver, Penarth, eniiiled "Dental Defence^' • During the course of his address ?Dr.OMveTsadhevvas asked by Mr. Wesley Jones about two years.ago to read a paper on this subject, nsh{)uld have .cdnaid?rcd the subject threadbare, but during the past few years things had been moving onward, and a recent decision on the interpretation of the Dentists' Act in the High Court seemed to have marked a turn, in the tide. To the South Wales and Monmouthshire Branch, d<fntal defence was not a now subject. As far back as 1895 a society was formed, called the South Wales and Monmouthshire Society, for this very same; object. It remained in i existence for eight years, and during this time carried out thirty prosecutions against t those infringing the Dentists'' Ad, und 25 of these were successful. The society /was ulti- mately nfevged. into the Smith Wales and ) Monmouthshire Branch ofl he British Dental Association, and their v,-as one of the resiilt-s of the existence of this s vr u U They would nole thai Ihe late Dent-)] Nh' ami its daughter their lri'I.'t1t branch 11 the first to obtain a conviction in the use of the term "painless extraction" by the unre- gistered, and. this decision had now received the seal of the High Court and was binding on all English law courts. The Bairne de- cision, to which he had already referred had given powerful weapon, and the un- registered were not now allowed to use any description showing thai they were specially skilled. A defence fund had been formed by the branches, and any infringements of the. Act would lie at once dealt with. The new Anaesthetic Bill now before Parliament would be. a powerful weapon to them, as by it none but qualified men would be allowed to tcl- minister gas, and tho,se going to the unregis- tered would have to bear the full pain of any operation necessary for the fitting of the arti- fieial teeth. State dentistry would be the final nail in tho coffin of the unregistered. All modern, states were beginning to realise that their most important asset are the child- ren, a.nd rightly or wrongly, they were assum; ing more and more the duties of the parent- and guardian. It was impossible that the ad- mittedly present terrible condition of the teeth of the children should continue. The safety of the State was involved, and it wouId, be impossible soon to get a sufficient number of dentally-efficient soldiers. There was only one solution. The State would have to see that the teeth were attended to. As a result' of school dentistry there would be such an* improvement in the general condition of the teeth of the nation that the great field from which the unregistered at present drew their victims would ho closed to them. He heard that enquiries were being privately made by the medical officer oi health of one of out" big cities as to the cost of dealing with the teeth of the. children in the council schools- and he believed that all this showed that a process of solution was going on, and fresh weapons had be-en forged for them. It only remained tor them to steadily and uurelent'- lessly apply the weapon, and he believed they could look forward to better times for the profession to v,hie'h they had the honour to belong lapfuause). NJr. J. < White, mayor of Newport, made the recipient of a- beautiful silver salvor-

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