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I,LANDEBIE. I iBy ''Casual.") s lV-ar Roadui's, aincetviy ask yonr pardon for not contributiog m tins journal for some time. lu?ycxp??lh.? owing In drafting it) Turkey, where. J have some interest, all iuj- time was so occupied; but I am so glad to be amonsst vou once asain thai I couhl kiss von all. I —o~ By the bye, no- ?.jn-.?rh?.Tbada! most hearty a/ i ,-ordi.tf invitation exproPs :tI;; co") :ti 'i' ;¥! of several noted churches in town, and that I availed myself of the elevating' opportunity Thai's aoothcr explanation. I sincerely hope ib«.t a lady of my acquain- taaco, rh'J by far eoai'test in the district, \_i1J avui) horsr 'if of :2 ..iD(:.¿rf :11"1v.1.(. — o— Persons v. bo imhii-c too freely, who bet, and smoke, ami have advanced symptoms of phthisis, who call oo relatives and blab ail they hoar and believe, are not fit and propsr persons to' rest on the saute gate as yourself. —o —- D?d any of you bear anything about a im 1 {:L ;{.: \:g \'s)e:{ f,,1)t]{I:Xt)d:jo\tuT grazing- in a field, but the .faun bailiff (the one who gave the i i "d broth to the don- disposition, and, i i ud any mad stampede,, be placed some boarus over their eyes. The effect was magics 1. One got so friglif,?, I '?;?t he ran away. I fancy he is away now? Anyone who finds the same will be enroled i.?; away ,i,?)w as member of our gang. J was "rio fiii(-is v,, i?ll. be promoted soniu tmi: ago f.o: r;r>j-r^ .;or p oso, l>iit I h- 'ipe that my .:ni' o.itb it ion is no; correct, for I; !(t¡:j;C: lè ¡y,i :i¡:j;l ¡ ^oio'i tlic pre-arjoiiged o b ject, -wo are not prood o! the re p ress: v^ s The I'nnid -> ■■■ < freshment was too distasteful for us. Do not appeal to charity for funds in future! -0- The eisteddfod arrangements are progressing very favourably, and we hope to give you de- tails next week. In fact, I am going to work hard now, to atone for the times gone bye. 1 -0- A sacred concert was held in Testo's show on Sunday night, and was well patronised. Foot and Fist" have been out of tune again since I was away. Some of the most prominent and honourable members have left I hear. We approve highly of your conduct. He who cannot control his own lioaseliold should hold his peace. That Truck Act business was a funny affair. It was worse than poultry farming, I should say. By the way, I wonder is the incubator, etc., getting on now. I have not had time to go that way yet. Perhaps' the Chief of the Silent Squad" could let. us have a full re- port. Kindly send me a balance sheet, dear Chief." There is a very large milk trade done here just now. We buy milk, but we do not get any cream. How does my learned friend ex- plain the law in this case? My learned and brilliant rival has notified his intention of calling the medical officer of health's attention t-o some of these dwelling- houses' here. They are in a lJJost deplorable state—women always gossiping, too many lodgers, etc Quite right: exactly! -0- i The divine political agitation, as well as the Ratepayers' Association, have gone. I see result. Presidency O.V. Thirty-six summonses. Oh! well. Good old South African hero., Be of good cheer. not to command success; you do 'more-you deserve it; and a Teddy bear will not. frighten you, I see'. Well done, Morgan; the billiard saloon is a champion. Is it possible to rent or lease the "Foot and Fist" Club, I wonder?


-I William King Again. I


.The Jewish Synagogue. I


Influx of Tramps. I

IBynea Farmer's Claim,I