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I BURRY PORT. I The Llanelly Royal Pai-ty consists of three I Burry Portians, viz., Miss Elizabeth Hall, Mr Ivor Reynolds, and Mr Christmas Evans. It is hoped that their visit to the Stat eta will be an enjoyable one. The second annual eisteddfod in connec- tion with the' Tabernacle Chapel will take place on Whit-Monday, and, judging by the entries already received, the event will be a grand success. It will be well to note that this year's event will be held at the Chapel. Programmes can be obtained from Mr. Wil- liam Owen, Mansel Street. The work in connection with the passenger service ';11 the Gwendraeth Valley Railway is I being pushe forward with all possible speed. The annual musical festival of the Con- gregational Churches of this district will take place at Jerusalem Chapel on Sunday next. I For Welsh Butter, Eggs, Bacon, and Ham go to D. Burry Walters and Co., Station Road. Their Tea at Is. 7d per lb. is the talk for miles around—best ever sold at the price. I -0- Burry Port played Kidwelly on the latter s ground on Saturday. This was the lirst match of the Carmarthenshire League. The visitors were successful by 127 runs to 43 runs For Burry Port, E. R. R. Lewis took 4 wickets for 22 runs, n. Davies 3 for 19, and J. E. Row- lands 1 for 1. Kidwelly being all dismissed I in an hour. The remains of Mrs. Christopher, P^mbrey, I whose death took place on W ednesday oi last week, were laid to rest, at Herman Chapel Burial Ground on Saturday afternoon, in the presence of a large number of sorrowing re- latives and friends. The doe-eased was highly respected, and much sympathy is shown for the bereaved husband and children in their bereavement. The last rites were performed by the Pe-v. I) Morgan, pastor, assisted by I the Rev J. H. Rees, Carmel and Zkm Chapels, I and the Rev. Tamos Griiffths, Peudirey. The chief mourners were Mr. D. Christopher (widower), Masters Glynne and Brynmol* Christopher (sons), Miss Laviua Christopher (daughter), Mr. and Iv1.r: Morgan (father and mother), Mr. and infrs. John Morgan (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. M. Morgan (brother), Mrs. Hughes, Graig (aunt), Mrs Owen, Pem- brey (aunt), Mrs. B. Morgan, Pinged (uncle), Mr. W. Williams, Burry Port (uncle), Mr. D. Hughes, Burry Port; lVIr. and Mrs. Davies, Ammanford: Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher, Skewen; Miss Ann Christopher (sister-in-law), Mrs Capt. Sadler and Miss Vera Sneller; Mr and Mrs. W. Jones, Pcmbiey; Mr. and Mrs. Capt. Butchers' Anus, Pembrey; Mrs. Mortis, Dan- ybank, Pembrey; Mr. Christopher Hughes, Mr. R. Williams, Mi-. W. Williams, Llanelly; Messrs. R. and IX Jonas. l-embrey; Mrs. W. Williams, Pontardulais; Mr and Mrs Matliias, Pwll Miss Williams, Pv.U: M?. E. A. Hughcs, Ms.?teg: M]?. T. HuglL,. ?ri'y Port; Mrs. Glynfab Williams. Dinns; Mi. nn.i Mrs. Gough Morgan, Swansea. -0- We have this week to record rite death oi ¡ Mrs. R:f-S, But,ro??-3 death took place on Wednesday evening of last \\eel" II after many years of painful suffering. The deceased ladv was 59 yeMs of ag(" and suf- fered grmtly from an internal complaint. She was highly respected bv;dl I I -) l?1) her. We extend our hear,i'clr sympathy to I the family in their hercaYen?!?. The fun-oral took place on Saturday, and was an excep- tionally large one The n?nains were interred at the Tabernacle: Chapel Burial Ground on Saturday afternoon. The last rites were per- formed by the Rev. R. Ellis Williams. The chief mourners -were:—Mr D. Rees (widower); Mr. and Mrs. David lleos, Rhymney (sou and daughter-in-law) Miss Maggie Rees (daughter); Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williams, Llanelly: M F. W. Rees (son); Miss L. Rees (daughter): Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams, Burry Port Mr and Mrs. J. L. Jones, Swansea: Mr. and Mrs. Hard\ick, Swansea; Mrs. Owen, Swansea (sister): Miss Alice Howells, Llangame (sis- ter); Cap! and Mrs. Blaokmore, Swansea: Mr and Mrs. Fender, Swansea; Mr. G. Lynons, Cardiff (brother-in-law); Mrs Lambie, Cardiff; Mr. and Mrs Owen Beran, Burry Port; Mrs. and Miiss Williams, Cacdolau; Mr. and Mrs. John Rees, Williams Terrace, etc.. etc. Many beautiful wreaths were sent by the family and a large number of friends. We are asked to thank the numerous friends for their kind sympathy shown towards the family in their sad bereavement. Now is the time for Spectacles. Can you rea.d this without straining the eyes in some way? If you can't, you must have Spectacles. John Walters, Chemist, Optician, &c, opposite the Station, has a special room for testing the eyes. Watch the children hen: tlicy read.








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