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- .-Stiward yr Arglwydd.


I " Clywedion o Bontyberem."

---__-, Maescanner, Dafen.i

! Atebion i Ddychymyg I Myrddinfab.…

-Cwyn Awen



,Eisteddfod y Tabernacl, Llwynhendy,…

I Can i'r " Looking-glass."


The Beat-all Ointment.



SEEDS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! SEEDS! HT TO GARDENERS, &c. ~Wt All kinds of Seeds arrived, including the Followin("I,"OTATOI,S Early Rose, Early Puritan, Beauty of Hebron, I Elephant, Sutton's Abundance. British Queen. PEAS Telephone, Telegraph, Day's Early Sunrise, Fill Basket, Little Gem, &c., &e. SHALLOTS, BROAD BEANS, and all kinds of Garden Seed (Wholesale and Retail) at W, PHILLIPS, Thomas Street. PRACTICAL FARMER KEPT ON THE PREMISES. A BOOK FOR LADIES, The information in this book ought to tie known by every married woman, and will not harm the unmarried to read. No book 1* written which goes 80 thoroughly into matters relating to married women. Some may thlDki too much is told. Such can scarcely be the case., for knowledge is power and the means of attaining happiness. Can be had in onvolo from Dr. T. R. Allinson, 677 Rooin, 4, sp= place, Manobaster- square, Londou, W., i8 rstnro for a Portal Order for Is. to. aftVSc For Good Notepaper and Envelopes, aa4 all kinda of Stationery you will find the "Xer. enxy" Omoe to be the caost up-to-date axtft ehuJI-