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- .-Stiward yr Arglwydd.


I " Clywedion o Bontyberem."

---__-, Maescanner, Dafen.i

! Atebion i Ddychymyg I Myrddinfab.…

-Cwyn Awen



,Eisteddfod y Tabernacl, Llwynhendy,…

I Can i'r " Looking-glass."


The Beat-all Ointment.


The Beat-all Ointment. THE MARVELLOUS CURE. Guaranteed to cure in an exceedingly short period pimples, chillblains, burns, scalds, chapped or dry hands, boils, carbuncles, scabs (wet or dry), barber's itch, eczema, and all other eruptions of the skin. Mothers who require their breasts dried will receive im- mediate relief by the use of the ointment. It will prevent gangrene, etc. Supplied in boxes at Is. lid each. Apply for the same to the patentee and sole manufacturer- Mr. D. W. WATKINS, Burry Port. COPIES OF TESTIMONIALS. 24 Railway Terrace, Tumble, near Llanelly, Jan. 14, 1909 Dear Sir,-Having suffered a great deal with a gathered ankle, widell caused me much in- convenience and expense, through being treated by several medical men. I gradually got worse, until one day I was visited by a friend, who recommended your ointment, known as the Beat-All Ointment. Acting on my friends advice, I bought a box, which I used with great success. 'Thanks to the Beat- All Ointment I was able to walk quite well after the first few dressings. I have had a complete cure. I shall alweys keep a box in the house, in case of emergency. I am, yours truly, MRS. THOMAS DAVIES.