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I Llanelly District Nursing…


Alleged Theft at the Market.



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ADVICE TO THE MARRIED. H BOOK FOR THE PEOPLE f By a Medical Expert. Contains over 200 pagee of up-to-date practical information which should he read by all. Largely illustrated. The most corn plete book published. From all booksellers le., or direct post- free for postal order la. 2d -MOOR., Wilmami A Co., Ravenhill Road. BelfaJt. gl-24 G. W. R. LLANELLY PLATFORM ARRIVALS Mir A N D JUNE, 1909. UP TRAINS. 7.57 Slow train to Swansea and fast train frcm t Swansea to Padding ton. 9.10 Slow Lain (via Loop) to Bristol. 10.30 Express train to Gloucester, 10.56 Slow train, via Loop. P.M. 12.47 To Swansea (Saturdays only). 1.10 Fast train to Paddingtoii. 1.15 Barry Port to Llaneily. 2.0 Slow trala to hwans^a, theu North BxpresS 3.30. Blow tram. North Mail. 4.35 Fast tt&iu to Cardiff. 5.0 train to,? tv, 5-0 Blow traiu to Swansea (via Loop). { 7.8 Slow train to Swansea (Tiiuisdays and Saftn'- _> èav,,). 7.2-5 Ski", train to Cardiff. 8.36 Mail train to Paddington. 9.45 Slow train lo Swansea (via Loop). SUNDAYS A.M. 8.13 Fast train to Paddingtoo 10.10 Siow train to Paddiogton. P.M. 5.53 Slow train to Neath and Aberdare 8.36 Fast train to Paddlngton (Mail). DOWN TRAINS. I A.M. 4.2) FII.st train to Carmarthen and slow from Carmarthen to New Milford. 7.45 Slow train to Carmarthen. Runs on Satur- days only. 8.30 Slow train to Aberystwyth. 9.15 Fast train to Carmarthen and slow frora Carmai then to New Milford & Fisbguard 10.18 Slow train to Pembroke Dock. P. U. 12.20 Slow tmin to Barry Port (Thursdays Md Saturdays only). 12.33 Fast train to Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. 132 Slow train to CarmarSbei-. 2.20 To Feoibrey (Saturdays only). 2.55 Slow tftun to Carmarthen; [nns to LIlin- dyssil on Saturdays. 4.20 Express train to New Milford, Newcastle Bmlyn, Cardigan and Aberystwyth; does not etop between Llanelly & Carmarthen 4.53 Slew train to Carmarthen. 6.0 Slow train to Neyland; runs to Llandyssil on Saturdays. 8.1 To Pcmbrey. 8.40 Slow train to Carmarthen. t 9.83 Express to Fishguard Harbour; stops at f Carmarthen and Clyuderwen. i 10.14 To Hurry Port. I 11.32 This train runs from Swansea to LlaneHy I only Leaves: 'wausea at 11.5. j SUNDAYS. I SIU. DAYS. 4.29 Fixpvess to Neyi&nd. 11.49 Slow train to Carmarthen. P.M. 8.38 Slow train to Neviaod BRANCH LINE. Amvals. Departures AM, A.M. 9.0 5.20 10.15 8.15 I 1>.M 9.40 I 12.15 11.10 1.85 12.45 3.5 P.M. .f.50 2.20 7.0 4.40 8.20 6.1G 11.5 Saturdays only. 10.0 Sats. only. S D A Y S. 5.45 P.M. 6.55 A.M. I FOR Welsh Butter, Welsh Bacon and Welsh Eggs, TRY D. S. PHILLIPS, 30, WATERLOO STREET, ILANELLY. Also every Article in the- Grocery and Provision Trade of the Best, Quality at Lowest Possible Prises. i ESTABLISHED 37 YEARS. THE ORIGINAL. ?  ?"?" ??-—«  ft i1 | I f » r\VV moi/s,4A/e$c?   r   B T TO (HS 74STH IIg TOOTHVACHE ^HEURALOiy~;K- HL AND fl I Mp'-c-nv^. ft) ¡if/! r-'lST' aSBSBaaBg— IliUpawB MANWACTOII I [POWDER j j W DL- R S E6.L?ll y PKOJIPiLY AHRKST& | QUINSV and COLDS i BOOKkl A RqlEn t "r. ;1>'1'11)1f or Vim iJiroiUASCt IO 1H« I' !\HmED. ? paces, tUu'?.-i-fd A g| boon to every nurrifa person, i'ost frer. ||  A''K'N?O?S. ?. H ¡U, STUKFT g MH>DLr.SBROUGH. \a?.' pap-r $ LADIES RECOMMEND NUBS); WOODS' HEALTH PILLS, "the only safe and ntia.bt. remedy fat Ir't gularitiei of the system and Female AUmt.tJ.b. Warranted non injurioci, Superior to Ar-loi. Peurvroyai, &-P,. Price. H. per box; Post Irrou- en ipt of Po tits) OIdu. Obtainable hG J. Wood, 36, Cannon Street, (Me_. ,-oii this paper.) EVERY WOMAN Should, End two stamps for our 32 1,,agv. I Illustrated Book containing valuable informa- tion how all '• Irregularities and Obstruction* may bo entirely avoided. nr removed by eîml'llt means. Recoiumeiided by eminent Physician* as the only Safe, Sure, and' Genuine Reroady. Never Fails. Thouear.dx <-f. Teatimoniala. es- tablished 1862. Mr P. Blaiieliard, Dais tow Lane. London. <4W -o-c-' FOR SAME- Stephens' Ink (the best in Lt- market), Inks, and Webeier's Irks* Fountain-Pene, Letter Files, and all kltdr. rf stationary useful to house 01 ofBos, at v ov, pt?-a? ? ?h? "MtTCMy" 46 Ma- m:?? *W