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I Llanelly District Nursing…


Alleged Theft at the Market.




HARBOUR TRUST. I 0- The monthly m:he Har'Mur Trust was held at the Town Hall on Monday, Mr. John Waters presiding. The other members I present were Messrs. D. James Davies, George Blake, John Davies, Brinley R, Jones, Joseph I Williams, William Rees, Thomas Jones, John I John, Captains John Thomas and John Wil- liams, and Mr John Roberts, the Bank repre- sentative, together with the Collector (Mr. Lobbett), the Superintendent (Mr John Rees), and the Clerk (Mr. Spowart) PRECEPT. It, was decided to make a precept for the sum of £4-627 13s. 3d. upon the Urban Districf Cornier!. HARBOUR SCHEME. The 1 !« rK observed that he wrote to the Board of Trade with regard to their report on the Harbour Trust Scheme, and they had re- plied stating that they were negotiating with the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Rail- way Company, and they expected io receive a letter fioni them with regard to the proposed works. They would submit their report as soon as possible. ADVERTISING THE PORT. A communication was read from tne Cham- ber of Commerce suggesting that the Harbour Trustees should confer wit'h the Urban Coun- cil and themselves with a view to advertising the commercial advantages of the town and port of Llanelly. The Clerk said that some time ago the Trust considered the question of advertising the port as an independent body, but the sugges- tion now was that they should confer with the Chamber of Commerce for unit-ell action. Mr. B R. Jones said they at present adver- tised the advantages of the North Dock in the "Shipping World." Mr. I). James Davies remarked that they only advertised in special numbers. There \vas a special advertising committee appoin- ted, who decided to advertise in special numbers of the "ShÍTlping World" and the Shipping World Year Book, and also insert a page in the tide table, and all this had been done. Enquiries were also to he made ror the purpose of publishing a booklet, but the committee had not been called since. The Chairman said the chairman of that particular committee did come to one meeting but he never came again. It was subsequently decided that Messrs. Thomas Jones, Brinley R. Jones, and George Blake be asked to confer with the, Chamber of Commerce, with a view to making further recommendations to the Trust. DREDGER'S INSURANCE. The Clerk said that the expiration of the in- surance of the dredger would take place in a few days, and lie presumed the Trust would renew it for two months. Capt, Williams: What do you want to in- sure her for? The Clerk: If a vessel were to rim into licr elu'i might sink. The insurance moitev is onlv £5. CapL Williams: I should like to get £ 5 a month (laughter). The Chairman explained that the Bank of England representatives would not allow the vessel to remain in the dock unless they in- sured. her. It, was agreed to renew the insurance, THE TUG" PALCON." A question was raised as to the loss the Trust, sustained every year by the purchase of I the tug Fa Scon." The Clerk estimated the loss nt- £ 540 for I, twelve months'. Mr. John John: Does that include the in- terest on the capital sum? Tho Clerk: No; nor the depreciation Mr. John Roberts said it was fair to say that the Falcon had done something. It had straightened something that was crooked Ire- fore, and that was the condition of the pilot- age. The estimated loss at the start was £ 700 a year. Mr. John John, disagreed with Mr. Roberts; He thought the position was worse. The Trust should have let them manage their own affairs. He objected to the purchase of the tug at the st,ao-,t, but t'hey were challenged by the Bank representatives that it was part and parcel of their contract with the Bank. He believed they should have waited until they had deeper waterr, so that, they could utilise the dock, and perhaps they would be able to purchase two, and have them into their own management. They were now losing practi- cally ClOOO per annum. I Capt. David Thomas said lie advocated the purchasing of the" Falüon," and lie believed, .she • was needed in the estuary now. At that time lw asked the Chairman how much notice iL was necessary to give to the pilots if she did not turn out a success, so that they could sell her. He was told that six or twelve months notice was necessary. The Falcon did noLpay them t present, and I hø would like to know what the Trust was prepared to do under the. circumstances. Supposing they were to give the pilots six months' notice, would they be breaking the agreement? He would like the Collector to give him an estimate of how much the ship- owners' gained by the tug being in the estu- ary. The Collector: Ten per 'cenl. ¡ The Clerk suggested that- an agreement I should be coma to with the- pilms. It was an important Capt Williams s')id be could not sec how II the tug had travelled 1510 llLiies. He would like to see the log book, I The Chairman: The log book is- io the Har- bour Office. Capl. Williams: It ungld to o. Wo ¡ know nothing as to where she goes. It she vent oni to Caldy every day she would not go \t'.rlt <I'lJ.1 t:(alr!j' fïl.)ry d'Y S11() '.YO\lldnut g;, I The Superintendent: Capt. H:es is pre- pared. to piovo i(. (.■apt, Williams: Let him prove it. and bring tho log book here. Cap! Rues was ashore OIl Saturday evening, and was- ashore on Monday morning, and he was home on Rundav. It was decided that the log boolv he pro duccv.i ;1. the next meeting.

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