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I Llanelly District Nursing…


Alleged Theft at the Market.


Alleged Theft at the Market. DEFENDANT COMMITTED TO THE ASSIZES. Ernest Gould, Brynhyfryd, Swansea, was :eharged on"remand at the Police Court on Monday with stealing a quantity of dress I material from the Llanelly Market Mr. W. Howell defended. Reginald W. Martin, Andrew Street, assis- tant toll collector at the Llanelly Market, said that on May 6th he- took two boxes owned by Asker Deggett into the store-room at the Market, Mr. Brodie: Has he to pay for Uwi-Not for storage. Continuing his evidence, witness said there were other boxes in front of the ones in ques- tion. He noticed on Saturday evening that ono of the boxes had been broken open.' The stores were only locked at night. He observed that the contents of the box had been dis- turbed. By Mr. Howell: The store-room is open to I everyone?—Sometimes. Mr. Bowen keeps the key. Can anyone get. the key?—Yes. i There is no supervising control over the place ?—No. Anyone can use the place?—It is a store- tpoiti for the tenants There is no one inspecting or overlooking the room?—No. Why did you go to the place?—We have lost things before. As a piece of the box was broken off I went in frequently. You are not in any way responsible ?—No. Were you the only person who put the boxes in?-All the boxes belonging to tho Jews attending the Market were put in by me. Do you keep an account of the l>oxes'?—No. Mr. Sampson: Are you in charge?—No re- sponsibility is taken for goods stored there. What induced you to make a special note of the boxes?—It was open, and stuff could be taken out. The only time you take a special note of a box is when it is broken —Yes. The door is open to aiiyc)iiel--Oiily tenants are supposed to go there. Has Gould any books there ?His father has. Witness: Defendant has nothing to do with his father. Mr. Brodie: How do you know ? Witness: He has told me repeatedly not to let him have any of the books, and that if I he comes to the stall lie is to be put off. Mr Brodie: How long is it since you last say defendant in the Market?—Five or six I months ago. 'John Lewis, tram-driver, stared that on May 8th lie saw Gould carrying a bag. and there ¡ was also a boy carrying another. The bags were similar to those produced. Both Ulel bags were placed on the tram-car by Gould, who went on the front with the boy. On the way to the Station, the conductor stopped the I car and informed Gould that he would have either to go inside or take a seat on top. Gould car-Tied the bags into the station. Cross-examined by Mr. Howell: He knew the defendant by sight, and lie was sure he ¡ was the man. I Mr. Howell: Have you been talking about the matter ?—I saw the man coming back with j P.M. Hodge' Lewis. When did he see you After the defendant was brought, back from Swansea. I Isaac Davies, porter at- the G.W.R Station, that he remembered the defendant coming to ¡ the Station on the day in question. Witness asked him if he had any luggage, and lie pointed out two bags on a trolley near the stationniaster's door. He could swear to on-t of the bags, because he saw a man cut the bottom open with a knife. Two young men "iI '1. came arong, ana, aner jooKing at tne nags, made a statement. This, was only a minute after he had fixed on the labels. One of them put his hfoid into the bags, and pulled out some material He pointed out Gould to the men. Crosa-examined by Mr. Howell, w itness said he identified the bags because they were the only ones for Swansea. He identified the bag by the hole that was made in it at the Station. Asker Deggets, High Street, Swansea, said that one., of the boxes was broken at the side. He valued the articles produced aT £8, and could swear they were the articles missing from the stall. Cross-examined by Mr. Howell: Arc you the only person in the world that sells that sort of goods?-No Is there any mark on. tlie cloth ?—No. Is there anything in the lengths of the cloth to enable you to say they are your goods ?—-I know the pattern. Have other people; in Swansea the same ¡ patterns Yes. How do you identify th-e goods?—Because I I have: handled them so many times. f How do you know the material did not ¡ come from another shop?—-They were missed I from my box. I P.S. Hodge Lewis said he received the con- tents of the bags produced from the parcels I clerk at the G.W.R. Station, Swansea. In answer i.o the charge defendant- pleaded t not guilty. j Mr. Howell then addressed the Bei-icii for the defence and the Bench subsequently I committed the defendant for trial at the ¡' Assizes. Mr. Howell asked the Bench for permission I to withdraw the plea, and plead guilty, so that they could dcal with the case at that I court. I Mr. Sampson said he did not see how they could withdraw their decision. ¡ Mr. Howell replied that they had the autho- I rity to do so. The defendant.s par{)llÜ, were j much distressed on account of the present proceedings, and lie asked them, to deal with him under the First Offenders Act. Mr. Sampson said they could not alter their decision. Had tliei. defendant previousdy pleaded guilty they would have taken the ¡ | onus upon then to decide the case. i i ¡



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