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I Llanelly District Nursing…


I Llanelly District Nursing I Association. The annual meeting of the above Association I was held at the Town Hall, Llanelly, on Fri- day afternoon last, the 7th inst., when there were present:—Mrs. B. R. Rees, Goring Villa (in the chair); Mrs D. Williams, Box House: Jlu, Trubshaw, Aelybryn; Mrs. E. Evans, Goring Place; Mrs. Dewsberry Williams, Gor- ing Road Miss Brodie, Cheriton. I Mrs. B. R. Rees was re-elected president, and Mrs. D. Williams, Box House, vice-presi- dent, for the ensuing year, Mrs. Trubshaw being elected hon. secretary and treasurer. The mc-mbers of the committee, viz., Mrs E. Evans, Goring Place; Mrs. Morgan, Greenfield Villas; Mrs. R. W. Evans, Dyffryn; -I!frs. *f. B. Harries, Brynarymor; Mrs. Dewsberry Wil- liams, Goring Road; Miss Brodie, Cheriton; were re leeted, the name of Mrs. Crosby, ISiew Roa-d, being added to the latter. The. accounts, (July audited, for the past, year, were presented to and adopted, by the meeting.. I It was reported that the services of the gene- ¡ ral sick nurse and the maternity nurses were I still in very great demand, and much unneces- sary suffering had been avoided* in many serious cases owing to the skill and care brought to bear on every case, the number of cases attended by the general nurse being 164, w?h 3516 visits, and the Ca3es attended by th( maternity nurse being 357, with 3781 visits. Hympathetic Teferenc( was made to the death of Mr B. R. Rees, who, with Mrs. R,es, had f.lwY8 been generous supporters of the institution; also to the death of the late vice- president, Mrs. Bythway, by whose death the Nursing Association lost a staunch and gene- rous supporter, and who had bequeathed the sum of £200 to the .funds of the institution. Reference was also made to i he excellent support given by some of the employers and I employees of the various works in the town, and the hope was expressed that. ore long tho remaining employers and workmen would al- low their names to be added to the lIst of an- nual subscribers. Tho committer also passed a unanimous vot i of thanks to the Llanelly Tram Car Co., ?or their great kindness in allowing the nurses 'tl? fr.:è use ?f the trams. The treasurer's account, showed:—Balance 1 carried forward, £ 153 fe. 5,; with, receipts during the, year amounting the expenditure for the year being ;£383 6s 9d; shewing a balance in hand a.t the end. of the year of ,£206 17s. 9d. It is proposed this year t.o hold the usual annual jumble sale, and the committee wmild I fee] extremely abliged if any friends who sym- pathise with thei movement, having any cast- off clothing, or .any other articles for which they have no further use, would kindly plac-e, the articles aside for the sale in October.


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