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PONTHENRY FRACAS. I ALLEGED ASSAULT. I At the Police Court on Monday, Sarah 1 Thomas, Post Office, Ponthenry, proceeded against Evan and Margaretta Gravelle, Ash- grove, Ponthenry, for assault. There was a I eross-summon». Mr. E. Kammerer appeared for the plaintiff and Mr. T R. Ludford defended. Mr. Kammerer said that Mrs. Thomas was I the owner of the house occupied by the de- fendants, and she gave them notice to quit. They were, however, allowed to remain on until they found another house, on the under- standing that. the possession of the garden was given up. Mrs. Thomas, on going into the garden, was assaulted. Mrs. Thomas, Post Office, Ponthenry, said that on Wednesday afternoon last she went to the garden for some rhubarb, and Mrs. Gra- velle came out and called her names. Wit- ness told her that she had no desire to quar- rel with her, and in a few minutes she fetched the brush and struck her with it. Mr Gravelle then came out and kicked her. As a result of the kick she fell to the ground. Mrs. Gravelle then hit witness's head. After this witness ran away, but was overtaken by the male defendant, who kicked her and threw a brush after her Cross examined: You took away their rhu- barb?—It was not theirs. Were you in a temper?—I was not in a big temper. You threw a bucket at Mrs Gravelle?—I did not have a bucket, only a few rhubarb sticks, Did you drag Mrs. Gravelle by the hair?— Yes, when she bit me. You pulled Mrs. Gravelle's hair as hard as you could j—I don't know about that. Re-examined, witness said the garden had been given over to Smith, who set it, and she had obtained his permission to get the rhu- barb. John Siephen Smith. Post Office, Ponthenry, said the garden attached to the house occu- pied by the defendants had been in his pos- session since March 20th. He had authorised Mrs. Thomas to go there for rhubarb. He was to be the tenant, of the defendants' house as soon as they cleared out. On the date in question his attention was called to what was taking place in the garden. He saw the male defendant kick Mrs. Tlic)iiias,"aljid the female defendant threw a bucket at her Mr. Ludford asked whether their worships were not of the opinion that the ease should be dismissed, seeing that the plaintiff had ad- mitted. having pulled the defendant's hair. The Presiding Magistrate: We think you have a. case to reply to. Evan Gravelle, collier, denied having kicked Mrs. Thomas, or that he ran after her. There was a squabble between his wife and Mrs. Thomas, and both were pulling each other's hair. Mr. Kammerer objected to Mr Ludford put- ting words into the witness's mouth. Mr. Ludford: Really, you should not be so impudent, Mr. Kammerer Mr. Kammerer: I object to the manner in which jou examine your client As to my conduct, I leave it in their worships' hands, and not in yours. The Presiding1 Magistrate (to Mr. Ludford): The witness has made no independent state- ment so far. Margaretta Gravelle also gave evidence. The Bench bound Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. I Gravelle over to be of good behaviour for six months and ordered the parties to pay their own cos ts, the case against Evan Gravelle being dismissed.

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