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MIll MUSTARD AND CRESS. i i Mr W. H. Ayles, of Birmingham, will speak evening at the Hall qqLiz;re Dr. Herman Adler. the Chief Rabbi of Eng- land, who consecrated the Jewish Synagogue, was the guest of Mr. I. Benjamin. John Sireet, Owing to the elevation of Mr. J. LI. Thomas to the aldermanic bench, Mr. John. Jones, was elected county councillor on Thursday in his stead. Llanelly will shortly possess electric light. The Harbour Trustees have decided to grant a site to the Power Company for a generating station, and developments are likely to take place immediatelv. I The Llanelly Male Voice Choir will hold a grand evening concert at. the. Market. Hall on Friday evening of next week, when some of I the test pieces at the London National Eis- teddfod will be rendered. The cnnttilmtions of the Churchmen of I Holynead parish towards religious purposes do not, according to the calculation of the Rev. Edwin Jones, M.A., average one half- penny per head per annum. Sergt. Major Brown, R.E., the popular in- structor of the Llanelly detachment of Royal Engineers will be presented with the long service and good conduct medal immediately after the Church Parade on Sunday next. A case which, in its nature, was unprece- dented in the annals of the Llanelly court was heard on Monday, when a person was charged with purchasing a quantity of lead under the legal stipulation one cwt. Arrangements for the holding of the Horse Show and Parade at Stradey Park on Whit- Mondav are proceeding apace. An exceeding- ly large number of entries have been secured, and the show augurs well to be a pronounced Tommy: Ma, can you spell blind pig'?" -Mamma: "Yes, dear: B-l-i-n-d P-i-g." Tommy: "No: it should be. 'B-l-n-d P-g.' "— Mamma: "How is that? You've left the i's out.—Tommy: "Yes, ma: the blins pig has not got any Amongst the signatures of the Welsh boys of Vancouver, British Columbia, who last week sent their congratulations to Mr. W J. Trew, Swansea, the Welsh capfiin, were Mr. D. Oliver Rees. of Llanelly, and Mr. E. Gra- velle, Kidwelly. A gentleman who is attached to the leeal profession was found a few days ago on the- railway platform at Pantyffynon, and the porters, mistaking him undoubtedly for a parcel, dispatched him by the first available luggage train to Llanelly. Two hundred men at OkehampTon pledged themselves solemnly not to enter a public- house for throe months unless the price of beer was reduced to its pre-Budget figure. As a result of this the publicans gave way, and agreed to retail the beer at the old price. The Education Committee have decided to resuscitate the drill competition, which they have resolved to hold in the Market Pavilion on July 20th. Last year the event proved an interesting one, and the children are under- going a sedulous course of training in order to secure the coveted honours. Sir Marchant Williams says he discovered the other day that when General Picton, the great. Carmarthen hero, was killed at the battle of Waterloo, he had a commission in bis pocket from the English War Office ap- pointing him commander-in-chief should the Duke of Wellington happen to be killed. A keen rivalry is taking place between some of our local c-hoirs. One day this week on^ of the gentlemen who was commissioned to canvass the town with a view to selling tickets for one of the -forthcoming conceits, found, after a great deal of persuasion, that he had lost his plan. What a sad predica- ment John Bright was a scion -of a famous Somer- set house. He. used to tell a story of how a barber, who was cutting his hair, once said to him. You 'aye a large 'ead, sir. It is a good thing to 'ave a large 'ead, for a large- 'ead means a large brain, and a huge brain is the most useful thing a man (,,111 'ave, as it nourishes the roots of the Tr ivmud 1)0 interesting to know exactly what restrictions the old type of Puritans would impose, if they had the chance, upon work on the Sabbath. The Sabbath in Puritan New England set forth a case in which, in 1656, an unfortunate cipt.ain was set in stocks for two hours at Boston on con- viction of "lewd and unseemly behaviour. His offence was that, after three years' ab- sence. he kissed his wife in public on the Sabbath day. The construction of the new Y.M.C.A. build- ing is to be commenced next month. The building is to be erected on the most modern lines, and will, no doubt, present an imposing spectacle nor the Town Hall Square With this magnificent building on the one side, the Town Hall on the other, and the Post Office, which is to a butt the Y.M.C.A. institu- tion, the Square will be adorned with some of the most brilliant achievements of the architectural arts in Llanelly. It is indeed gratifying to observe that the Board of Education have intervened in the conn'ovet'sy that has l?en .going on betweesj Llanelly and the CaTmarihenshire Authority wiTh regard to the rural children. The situa- tion had become a very grave one inasmuch as h jeopardised the intellectual benefits of the children in future- life. The communica- fion from the Board seems to have aroused the Carmarthen members from their sloth- fulness, and a committee has been appointed, to make investigations. A blissful pair of lovers were in a sad pre- dicament one evening this week. Whilst walking leisurely along one of the meadows on the outskirts of the town they were en- countered by a ferocious-looking bull, who stared, ominously at them. The young man, S who should have been more valiant than his | fiancee, commenced beating a hasty retreat, j but (lie courageous lady procured his walking | stick and goaded the intruder until he ran for dear life to an adjoining field, whilst, her erratic and wary lover lied in ambush. For- sooth. to strong hearts difficulties exist only, to be overcome. LINES. Over the ridge of th' opposite roof A beautiful star is peeping, I And I question it oft, in my wakeful hours, "When its trem'lous light is gleaming, If rny dear ones leave their fragrant lx>wers me But it answers me not-, but fbro' the still hours Its watchful light is burning, While still its sihery light, .downpours. But. never a hint returning:- 1 But, I know full well that the dear. ones c-oniio When I'm wearied by worry and sorrow. With caress, hand-pressure, and aroma of some Foretaste of a better to-morrow. J OSRV A. R0WE.