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WEEKLY COMMENTS. ".1 THE question of the Llanelly Border Children I is attracting a great deal of attention both in this County and also in the neighbour- ing County of Glamorgan, On Friday last our Swansea contemporary, The Cambria Daily Leader," made some rather caustic remarks with regard to the extremely foolish and unjustifiable attitude assumed by a majority of the so-called Liberal members, and, of course-it goes without saying— the Tory members of the Carmarthenshire Education Authority towards the Llanelly Border Children. We are glad, however, to see that the Board of Education have at I last decided to take the matter up seriously, and have already addressed a rather strong communication--a copy of which may be seen in another column—to the County Authority. The Board threaten to take immediate action against the Authority un- less they can satisfy the Board that they have accommodation for the 2GO children who have been turned out of the Town Schools within reasonable distances of the homes of the children. The truth of the matter is, the County Authority, with the sole object of misleading the Board, have misrepresented the true facts of the case. This has been done to such an extent that the Board at last became dubious, and they did not hesitate to inform the County Authority that they were of opinion that the statements which' they had pre- viously made were "not well founded." Notwithstanding this justifiable rebuke, the County Authority, at their meeting on Thursday last, listened attentively and ap- provingly to Ii reply which the Clerk had > previously drafted, which was quite as mis- leading and erroneous as any of the pre- vious statements which had been sent to the Board. Fortunately, however, it was not decided that the reply should be sent, but a Committee was appointed to visit the Furnace, district for the purpose of finding temporary accommodation for the education of the children. We are given to understand that this Committee will visit the place to-day. The Committee will consist of Messrs. John IJloyd Chair- man David Evans, Vice-Chairman Henry Jones Davies, Glyneiddan; Wm. N. Jones, Tirydail; and W. B. Jones, Llaneliv, who will be accompanied, of course, by the Clerk, Mr. J-. W. Nicholas, The parents are naturally looking forward most anxiously to the result of this visit, as the children have already been for the last seven weeks on the road, and, as the Board very pro ptrly point out, the County Authority up to the present have taken no legal steps to enforce their attendance at school. The Authority persists in saying that they have ample accommodation for the children, and yet. on Thursday last, they deemed it pru- I dent to appoint a Committee for the pur- pose of providing temporary accommoda- tion. If they have ample accommodation already, what necessity can there be for temporary accommodation, and where does j the need come in for building commodious school premises for the district ? The truth of the whole matter is, that a Com- mittee was elected some years ago to go into the question of arranging terms with Llanelly. When the Committee was called, the only member who put in an appearance was Mr. John Lloyd, and he proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved that the Committee recommend that not one single penny should be paid by the County Authority to Llanelly for the education of the Border Children. This recommendation was adopted by the Authority, and Mr. John Lloyd, as Chair- man of the Authority, has consistently ruled out of order any proposition which has the remotest tendency to re-opon negotiations with the Llanelly Urban Edu- cation Committee. It is really distressing that it oecomes necessary for the Board of Education to take any drastic measures to compel an Authority, which is supposed to be composed almost entirely of Liberal members, to do their duty towards the children of the working classes. If the Authority was composed entirely of the most red-hot Tories of the country, whose sole object was to trample under foot the children of the toiling masses, they could never have treated the children worse than they are being treated by this so-called Liberal Authority. We hope the Board of Education will not lose sight of this de- faulting Authority, but that the strong arm of the Law will be made use of in the near future to bring them to a sense of their duty, and to justly carry out their obligations to the children of this part of the County. "h'

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