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22ND MAY, 1909. FERRYSIDE, Carmarthenshire. [0IJN F!; ANf '•!S & SON will offer for Sa • by £ Pi.biir A.ict.o., t. f. WHITE LION HO K en SATURDAY, 22nd MAY, 909. u.3t> |. ni., the V«Hi»iije Leasehold Dwelling Houses Sjft "in below — LOT 1, All tb Valuable Stone and Cariia voii- slated Dw.liig MOUM*. situate and being No 2. tiRlQtfiOl Kfi. lEKKACE, FERRYSIDE, con titi- "I 911i tiiit tloom. It il; Hoom, Kitchen, 3 Bedro ins cox Room (°" 1.1J(.u", »nd w.c., and held by VIts. Elias Itt an ai.iiual rent ot jE12, tenant; paying rates and tax.s, LOT 2 11 th-t Valuable Stone and Carna von- sfated I)w.)?)? H-.u?. situate and being N. 3. 8'Rted I)w, iKli? E g 'I%E k HAt ?E, containing Sitting R?m. Dining R otn Knob- n 4 brdroom?, and usual OtHc?s. «ela b> 'Hj ?? ?? ?tnma! rent of £ 12, t uant paying rates I (I :i)Xi s LOT 3 Ail th VHliifible Stone and Carnarvon. '!vle '"lf* .10111" situate and being No 4. 13RIG 'j (I( KK ) h hRA< K, containing Sitting R on¡ f)init'g 'o.m 4 hdm. ins, Box Wom. Kitchen, ??'?'S(u!:(-ty ?)a?-h"uMandw.c.,a!)dtmt.))'y i\1r. ic'b.¡' at. hn .u?. rmt of £ 14, tenant p?in? ?tesht.d.as.s VaCllllt o' s 1 and 2 may be obtained (11, 29til September 1909, «nd of Lot 3 on the 25t,b1 J«ne, 1909. Furt-lie, p.til-i-ilarm may be obtained of JOHN FRAN. IS & SON. Es<a e Agents, Valuers, Survivors ai 'Ca l Aa uciiuU'>ers, (,a, ma, titell or of REES & EDWARDS, (;533 Solicitors, Solicitors, Llanellv, WITHOUT RESERVE. To GROCERS, SHOP-KEEPEHS, A.\D OTHERS. 1\,fR. WILLI d\1 DAVID has received instructions to S-li hy Aucti on the Premises, No. 1, VAUGHAN STREET. Llanelly, On 'fHUlI)AY & FRIDAY Next, MAY 27TH "lid 28TH 1909. The WHOLE of the GROCERY STOCK, ?IITlKGs. UTN) I S, HORSES, CARTS, TRAP ?"'t t'AHNi?SS. comprising T — UP CERY STOC K T?a. Cofhe, Cocoa, ?ugar. rrants Blue, Candles, Sop, Mustard, Cor. dour ?atchbs. Bovril, Bhcuits, Port, Sherry, Clarets, Cornial!! a'h< Bridsb Wines, Potted Meats, Tinned Fru;-t, Jain,, Cheese, Bacon, aud a large j aiititv of UM.er? Uroe?rk-s. t'lTTING AND UrFlNSlLS-Shop Counters, Stands, ??ss??'?' C?ses, Mirrors. Fire-proof Safe, r?-H MiU. Sc?s. Wights, Com Bins, Sack M,,r ?""? ''?"cka. Canisters, Steps, Ladders. I _?M '? OBice Furniture. "OR  AKI'b, &C — Chestnut Mare (5 years), B? "'?f<9yen.s). 4 Carts, Spring Trap, 4-WLeel \r?? SgonSSts of Harness, Ch?'Cutter, Bicycle Stab,le Requisites. ,N.H.-The Horses, Carts, &c will be -old at 11 Clrick Oil "I hursday, the 27th May. ???''?''?"'??'"PP?y? Messrs. E. T. C?T? & ???' Chartered Accountants, 28, B? „ Brist«l; or to the AUCTIONEER, at ??'?"'?'" B??"I; or to the AUCTIONEER, a?tf0? Town HaH Chambers, DaneHy. 6545 GREAT SALE OF CYCLES ON SATUR- DAY AT 7 O'LOCK. 1'0 Cycle Makers, Dealers, Private Buyers and others Gibson's Auction Mart, 1. Market St.. Llanelly HAS. GIBSON has been favoured tvitb instruc- ,V tIOns to submit for SALE BY AUCTION, at Mart, on SATURDAY. MAY 22nd, 1809, about 25 Ladies', Gents' and Juveniles' CYCLES. s £ ^nsi^ Weldless ;t(,el Tubitig, ?T?????????. R?!? Spokes, tined rakes lErarnptonor Bowden), Rustlcss Spokes, liued fw? COlours, Plated Rims. beautifully Enamelled and Flmshed; several are fitted with 3.speed Gear. Sale   ?'?' Te?-Casb. N -R _Tho 4 !0"6^ ?s to ca^ the special attention of inte"buyers to the fact that these ?Cy!cl???re ?.)) ?enti? ?? make ? Byaish, m'ke ""d *"d well worth tbeir attention  Tel- 108. J _?? 6547 SALE ON MONDAY. BELL'S STORES,, Stepney Street, LLANELLY. Unreserved Sale of Shop Fittings, Counters, Scales, Gladhill's Check Tills, and remainder of Unsold Stock OHAS. GIBSON has received ins?uctions from the i Receiver to Sell by Auction at tl?c above address .? »ossssxs s.%&sr- SHOP FITTINGS. c., V.Z. :-Shelves (which are in Sections), Counters, Scales Iron £ s t2tQ X 18 x 18 (wHb 2 Drawls) by Sca'Ies '?p?'? ?.? ? ? S? Crt, GiadbHl's Check TU!s. M i rSrors ?" Cart, G'iadhill's Check U1.:î.' l1rrs. Berkel s Bacon Slicmg Machiie, Butter Dishes, IUdo\V Blinds, aether with whatever STOCK thief rp n?? be left at time of Sale. ? 8ale at 11 ?? ''°?- Te? C?h. No Reserve. A??- ?; ?ces. I J?? Street, L!aneUy.  NatIOnal Telephone K? 6518 GIBSON'S AUCTION MART, 1, MARKET STREET, LLANELLY. served Sale of Excellent Household Furniture, &o, CHA8. P???? ??s received instructions from a GeutJeman wbo is having the Town to remove llAv ^n ?Y AUCTION, at his Mart, on FRIDAY, «OLD* iuRNiTURK?"?^ °f Excelleut H0USE- HOLDFbRS???? ? ? ?"??? HOUSE. N B TTli Auctioneer i,? prepared to receive and 'Uclutlo I¡cludeù .in this Sale any Scrpius Stock of Furniture, «tc. wK- L may ^elivtred up to the precedmg ^"tsdayeve 130 '?'? sbrp, ?"?-?.h. >vT. Tel. 108, I the Matter of the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1589, L-lanelly Intermediate School I District.  IS HEREBY GIVEN that the L'aneHy n Urban District Council are entitled to elect 6)x ?Drp..??''? ??' ??cis ono shall be ft woman) on t?he nrt? ? Body ? t? Lla?!y Intermedi?e .ounty Ss. A  the Persons &pp(.!nted, stating their Daes, id^r!>ss«. occupations, together with their written consent 6erv'mUfit he ?Ht to ma ou cr before TLtltsd,Y, he ?iI tli day cf May, instant. Dated this Hth day of May, 1903, Street, JAMES H. BLAKE, Clerk. "— ^1* nelly. 6537 In the Matter of the Wt:¡h Intermediate Education Act, 1869. llanelly Intermediate School OSstHct. N Tl("H IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Managers N ???P ? NonProvidtd 8cbools within the above D;a, l °. areCn^' tc ?cta Representative on the S'S? « of the L??Uy h<tMNedhce County Schools PrfciUfio,'uusfc to me on or before "Friday, ^hie «- J day of M.y.?stMt, atating the nfr address and occup»«on of the Ca?Mate, toppfLt .f1 wtlWea corsect of such Candidate to?? ?? thew:!ttea consect of Buch Candidate Datedthisi4th?y<:4May,190P. 72. Stepney Street, .U,t\IES H. BLAKE, Clerk. Llanelly. 6535. | Adulam Chapel, Felinfoel. I TO CATERERS. ESTIMATED ARE INVITED for supplying 1 1 -UN"HE')NS and TKAS at the Public H?! Felinfoel. for the Aiiiiisters and Representatives of j the Churches present at the Association Meetings which will be held on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June next. Full particulars may ie obtained on application to the undesigned. Estimates to be in hand on or before June 1st, 1909. W. B. JONES, Secretary. Mercury Offices, Llanelly. 6524 1/4 NO HIGHER PRICE! THE VERY BEST "MAYPOLE" TEA Nowcoslis Why N'ow costs \i/04 Pay only Pay more Maypole" Dairy Co., Ltd., Over 600 Branches now open. 3572 .——-—. I COMING EVENTS. May 22-Sale of Cycles at his Auction Mart by Mr. Charles Gibson. May 24 Sale of Shop Fittings. &c.. at Bell's Stores, I Stepney Street, Llanelly, by Mr. Chas. Gibson. I May 27 and 28 -Sale of Grocery Stock, Fittings, &c., at 1, Vaughan street, Llanelly, by Mr. Wm. David. Mav 28—Sale of Household Furniture, &c., at Gibson's Auction Mart, Market Street, Llanelly. May 28—Grand Evening Concert at Market Hall by Llanelly Male Voice Society. Whit-Monday—Tradesmen's Horse Show and Parade at Stradey Park. Whit-Monday- Grand Eisteddfod at Burry Port, Whit-Tuesday, 1909—Sports at Five Roads. Mehefiu 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-Cyfarfodydd Agoriadol (A.) Noddfa, Pontyates. June 8—Public rehearsal by Llanelly Royal Choir at I the Market Hall. June 12, 1909-Polltyeates Annual Sports June 19—Eisteddfod at Council School, Llwynhendy. v June 26—Annual Tea and Concert at Carmel Chapel, Pembrey, July 3-Grand Eisteddfod at Hendre, near Panty- ffynon. August 2 (Bank Holiday)—Twenty-Sixth Annual Regatta and Sports at Burry Port. August 2 (Bank Holiday)—Fourth Annual Regatta at Llanelly. August 3-Grand Eisteddfod at Trimsaran. August 4—Chair Eisteddfod at Llandyssul. August 14 — Llangennech Flower Show. August 28—Annual Show at Pontyberem.

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