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Carnegie Scholarship.

The Cardiff Pageant. j I

Y.M.C.A. Buildings. I

I Hotel Agreement Dispute.I




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! -Trimsaran.

! Pontyberem.

I Welsh District Councils.


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i CRICKET. ¡ CRICKET. r i LLANDOVERY v. LLANELLY.  Played Rt Llandovery. Llanelly declared at i 229 for four wickers, aad Llandovery scored 133 for nine wickets, the game being there- fore drawn. I Llanelly. ), f. ).j'O ') 9; Percy Rees h C. P. Lewis 125 'I Hugh Howell, Unv b G. M. Jeffreys 43 )' W. Davies c Jones b Price 2 H. B. Roderick b W. T. Price 0 Clough not out .=. 50 Extras ? Total (for 4 wickets) 229 LlanclovclY. I A. 13. lh.r,7eil 1 ¡ E. II. Oaten c sub b Clough 2 I S. If. Lockyer b H. ILi ierrck 24 D. T. M. Jones c John- b < origh 14 s e, Q G I. R. Jones b J. Bevan 12 W. T. Price c Lewis b Bevan 6 J. Morgan not our- 11 H. V. Watkins c Bowen b Clough 44 I E. Evans lbw b 9 C, H, Jeffreys not out 4 Extras 10 Total (for S wickets) 133 t A,)r-If Park on Saturday hist L betv-eer. the mem- bers of the Oiit-iital otars Ceams were chosen the capta;n and vice-capt. The Ciipi-am a i-uam won by 14 runs. Next Satunia ii),o. O. M, t.5 commence their fix- tures, v litl iL wet Park Church 2nds at. 1-?,he Tfie ?tl-(-21lds at. -0- VICTORIA v BURRY PORT 2D. Play&d It Burry Port, «.,n Saturday and I i-lIl, ?i. I for -Iic -1 i I t? 1) Ir 11.-1 I- Ib? scores were as follows :— Rees c Grave-lie hC. Williams 0, E. Davies c. D. Davies h. Groom 14, Jack Richards b C. Williams 17, W. P. Williams b C. Williams 11, E. Hughes (eapt.) c Leyshou b C. Williams 13, M. Phillips b Harries 23, A. E Gibson b Harries 7, S. Daniels c Groom b Harríesl. Jack Badger b WilLamg 1. A. Lloyd b Harries C, D. M. Bevan ne. out O. extras 5, total 91. BUfTY Port 2nds.-D. Jones I) Bevan 1, D. Davies b Bevan 0, C. Bowen b Lloyd 0, D. Harries b Bevan 1, C Williams c Richards b Bevan 0, A. Gravelle b Lloyd 0, tJ, Gower not out 0, Jack Thomas c Bevan b Lloyd 0, J. Groom b Lloyd 4, T. Leysiion b Gibson 2. extras 4. total 12. On Saturday the. V i foria C' C will play Swansea Y.M.C.A. 5 A grand r-rirk. maici. wi'- w played -it the Tan.uel Road Grounds <.n. S?-??da.? 'MXt, be- i {W(;l'n 1 he ',n,n"efi,  I I l?e I. L? -tJ.- N a 1-, se 'j Y.'M.C.A 1st XI. o'clock- 6543