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I HARBOUR LIGHTS. i — I Trade at the North Dock during the past week of neap tides has been mainly in smal- ler vessels, a high proportion being sailers bringing pitwood to the port. Several large timber boats and sailing ships are expected during the next month. —o—• It is gratifying to find, from the discussion at the general meeting of the Trust on Mon- day, that the Trustees are likely to come to an agreement with the Electric Traction and Lighting Company, whereby a site near the North Dock will be let to them upon which to erect their buildings and plant. -0-- The rental will be a gain to the Harbour revenue, but beyond this will be the far revenue, indirect gain of having a progressive Power-producing company upon the Dock property. Their presence will, in all proba- bility, act as a leaven to the undeveloped life of the Dock, and bring it, into an active and profit-producing condition.' —o— The alliance of interests between the Har bour Trust and Urban Council, indicated by the establislunoent uf the power station for the electric traction and lighting of the town, upon what must- be regarded, in essence, as town property, is also very satisfactory. —o— It may not look so important in the bud of to-day, but in all probability the Llanelly of twenty years hence will Tegard the arrange- ment as a vary wise and far-sighted one. Further, this Company did not fix upon the site as the most satisfactory one for their purpose irom .any point of sentiment, but as the best from the bard and fast commercial point of view that it would bring them in the greatest point, of pronto It is the same point of view as that of all companies seeking suitable sites for new works, and the Harhonr Trustees have such sites to let. —o— Once one sheep goes over the Ledge, the flock follows readily enough; and this parti- cular first sheep is a hell wether," in being a producer of the most modern form of power | at the lowest possible cost. Another very wise resolution of the Trus- tees on Monday, in response to an invitation trom the Chamber of Commerce, was the ap- pointment of four of their number to co- operate with the Chamber of Commerce and the Urban Council in suitably advertising the town from a manufacturing point of view. -0- The more closely knitted the three bodies be-como in schemes for their mutual benefit, the more effective their joint action, and the better for Llanellw



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