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Education Committee. I


mmmm ———— Burry Port District…

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mmmm ———— Burry Port District Council. I COMMITTEE MEETINGS*, I The usual meetings of the: Finance, High- I way, and Sanitary Committees were held at Somerset House on Thursday evening. Mr. W. V. Jones presided. There were also pre- sent Messrs. F. J. Evans, Jotm Leyshon, R. G. Thomas, Hume Buckley Roderick, Thomas Hughes, Thomas Beynon, David Evans, Jas I McDowall. Richard Roberts, and Dr. J. H. Williams, together with the Rate -Collector (Mr. W. R. Leyshon), the Surveyor (Mr. A. 3. Oburn), the Medical Officer), illk Owen Wit, liams*, and the Clerk (Mr. W. (Howell). ACCOUNTS. I The accounts were examined and certined for payment. There, was considerable discus- sion regarding the accounts submitted- by the councillors who journeyed to London in con- nection with the opposition to the LI a nelly Water Bill The accounts received, were. William Howell. Clerk, 9 days at 5 guineas I per day and expenses-.C47 10s. Mr. F. J. Evans, 3 days at one guinea p?i day, and two railway fares-£9Bs. I Dr. J. H. Williams, 3 days at one guinea per day, and two railway fares— £ 9 6s. Mr. R. T. Hammund, 3 days at one guinea per day, and one railway fare— £ 6 r4s. 6d. Mr. R G. Thomas, 3 days at one guinea per day, and one railway fare— £ 6 4s. ::Sd. A total of £ 78 10s. 1 There was a lengthy discussioaa regarding ] I -[T Itiiiiately iT, N?, -as T,? -,I the Clerk's account. Ultimately -11) was re- I solved to pass all fur payment. ) POLLING DAY. The Clerk submitted an account whicJJ amounted to E15 4s. 3d.—the expenses in- curred on polling day. Mr. R. G. Thomas: I hope that snore caro will be taken in the next election regarding withdrawals. Then this amount vi.!)tiid be saved. CURBING I A letter was read from the Forest of Dean I Stone Company, asking for payment for tin- stone supplied. Air. John Leyshon proposed, and it was se- conded, that P.60 be paid on account.—Car- ried. The question of pro?iding the Surveyor Wit!) a safe for the holding of books, vouchers, a&d cash, was lefeued to a special committee. LOAN. I The Clerk, as requested at a former meet- ing, submitted a lengthy report on the ques- tion of lending money for the purchase of houses. He emphatically stated that a town with a population of less than .10,000 must have permission from the County Council be- fore it could do anything. As soon as the County Council granted permission, any ur- ban authority could advance four-fifths of the money required for the purchase of a house. But the purchaser would have to dwell in the house for a period of six months before the application was made. Mr. F. J. Evans moved that the Clerk make the application to the County Council for such permission. Dr. J H. Williams seconded, and ft was I carried. WATER SCHEME. i T)r. J. H. Williams drew attention to the fact that the Llanelly Rural Council had in- curred considerable expense* before the Burry Port Urban Council joined them in promoting The Llygad Llwchwr water scheme, and he thought they should be saddled, with the It was resolved to ask the Clerk of the Rural Council for a detailed account. --0-- Sanitary Committee. Mr. R. G. Thomas presiding. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr. Owen Williams presented his monthly report, in which he stated that seven births 1 were registered-a birth rate of 20 4 per 1000: six deaths had been recorded—a mortality oE 17.7 per 1000. Two cases -of scarlet fev?r were notified, and one case of diphtheria. Every I precaution was taken, and so far no other had been notified. The report added: "At th» • last sanitary meeting I brought forwrd I the question of arranging for hackianes to be provided at the back of both sides of New ¡ trcet, iu order to allow the night soil to be removed. This is undoubtedly an important question from a sanitary point of view, as the gardens are very small, and have now been I over saturated with sewage. I think it would be well if the Council moved in this matter I without delay." Mr. F. J. Evans moved, and it was resolved that the land owners of New Si root be written to on the subject. PlASS. I i lhe plans tor a new house to oe built at Gorse Mr. Henry Bonneil. were ap- Roa( i aT)- proved. Plans fur the erection, of five dwelling- houses, to be built by Mr. Richard Arnold, were submitted and approved of, subject- to the Surveyor's approval Highway Committee. ) Mr. John Leyshon in tho chair. ) NEW ROAD. A plan for a new road leading from Church l Road to Pill Hall was submitted by Mr. G. I Garnons Williams, agent to the Eight Hon. th" Earl of Ashhurnham. His lordship was prepared to make a 34-foot. road. It was in- tended to let the land for building purposes. Mr. John Rowlands moved the adoption of ilic plaii. I Dr. J. H. Williams seconded. and it was unanimously agreed to WESLEYAN ROAD. I I Mr. R.G.Thomas proposed that die com- mon seal of the Council be affixed to the agreement made between the Council and the Burry Port and Gv, endraeth Valley Rail- way C ompany, re the diversion of Weslcyan Road. Mr. F. J. Evans seconded. Dr. J. H. Williams: I strongly object and protest against such waste of the- ratepayers' ion ey. The Clerk said thai he had previously poin- ted out that, it was the Ibi1\ay Company's duty to make the road. Mr Juhn Rowlands s:-iid that he w alked over this road several times a day, and he was bound to admit it was bi a deplorable state, and it was high time -S^t an improvement was effected In wet weather it was v pity to see the little' children going 1o school. Dr. I. H. Williams moved that Ovy do not. sign the agreement. Mr. Evans seconded. • There was a prolonged discussion, after which the question was put to the vu->. The-proposition was carried: ten voted for the sealing of the ficl ai-,d two against LIGHTING. I Mr R. G. Thomas gave notico of motion I tie would move at the next meeting that I "i tie streets be lit by -some other thau

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