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Education Committee. I



BOARD OF GUARDIANS. I o ——— A i-tiet,iing tf Boar(i ,f (;uan]i:ul:'iwi1'ô I held at the WorMiouse on Thursday last, Mr. W. Y. evIH in the chair. The other mem- bers present were Messrs. Da, id Harry, Win. Pagh, J. LIe?-cnyn Thomas. Isaac Lloyd, W. 1 John, Moilsy Joseph. Revs. W. "Trevor Jones, I W. (,. ,iri(i T) Geler Owen, together with the Clerk <? r. D. C. Ed\\ard?? -:t).d the nepu?y C'?Tk ?Mr. J. H. Blikc). VISITORS. The visitors fur the fortnight are Messrs. W. i t'ugb. and David Harry. C POOS LAW REPORT. "With regard to the joint report of flie Rev. W Trevor Jon«s ruid Mr. W. Pugh, who were Appointed to attend the Poor L1.w Confer- ence, Mr. Pugh said til,'It, ilt view of the ¡ -parse number present, it would be expedi- ent for them to defer the matter for a fort- night. Mr Kevin, said the rep' resentatives were also to call at the W-«n End Hospital, with -regard to the, three jjafit'iits they contemplated send- t ing there. The Clerk observed that a letter had been received from the Local Government Board ) consenting to the Guardians defraying the ex- penses incidental to the curing of the patients. The Rev. W. Tievor Jones he visited the Hospital, and saw the Governor, \\ho told him that the Hospital wac; fyll at present, and eould llut admit any patients for a short time. It was also stated that they would not eon&ult iiiiy ease until they consulted their doctor. The patisius could, if the Guardians desued, be treated hy their own doctor, in accordance with instructions from, the HaspI- I rars physidan. At the same time, there were other hospitals to which the children j could be sent. The Chairman enquired whether it would: not. be better for them to write to the Hospi- tal superintendent, and enquire what. course he could suggest, with regard to cniamunieal • ing with their own doctor. Rev. Trevor Jones: They had no doubt the children could be treated exactly the same by ¡ following their instruction. He proposed that they procure the instructions. I Mr Pugh seconded, and hoped .the doctor I would he asked to co operate, andul.e motion was carried. < POOR LAW C ONFERENCE. ) Conference would be held atPenart h on Jane 1\ 15th and 16th. The Board usually appointed a Mpres?'t?tive [') ?ftend. ?.tr Willian) Brace, M.P., would bs present, and .pons .fr.d ad? } dre?scc u?rc to be given on :I?- Report of the  Poor Law Commission. Th:> matter was tb-i?rr?d nniil ??. next  .h'&<r?. IRREGULAR EMPLOYMENT. I application for relief was made by -f ¡ married man. 51 yeans ci ag?, r?Hm? at! ?u?eaV!('!?ria.R?a'-I. Thcap?!'t-"?)!i.du?tJ lsoeu able to continue1 his employment for a ronsfidetable time. ?Rpr!?nf5gi?rv.c?w?<gr;in'd. j A DISABLED WOMAN. I Au application was made by a. disabled woman, 51 years of age, residing- at Island Place. She at present earned her livelihood hyd,¡ng !")me charring work on ieo days a week, but- a medical certificate wad produced stutujg that the applicant wan not. able to do I bat. I SEVJimAJ, OPERATIONS. j .A s'iigi.e woman, 22 years cr' age, residing in Amos Terrace, sought the assistance of "the Board. resided with her widowed mother who was GO years of age. The applicant had t' und?i?one several operations in consequence I of illness. decided i" grant relief <o' 2s. 0*1. iter I A L IHHa-IfJR CASE. I I years ot age, residing ;>i. Lon- don Road. Upper Lotighor, applied for relief. I Her Jiusband died in April last, on whose J death she secured R12 club rnonev. out of which she bad paid some debt and funeral expenses. ^Sha had no children of her own.  Rclid Ql 3s. r,,?r was granted. }

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- The Claims of Wales. I

Library Committee. ;