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Education Committee. I


mmmm ———— Burry Port District…

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- The Claims of Wales. I

Library Committee. ;



f Stationery! Stationery!—AH d?sctipitons of Stationery and Office Requi8ite can now be I had at W B. Jones and Co., 28 Market Street, j Llanelly. Jk S. Lo GRAVELLE | SCULPTOR, jjlL Ashburnham Road, PEMBREY, Near the PARISH CHURCH. Branches at CAUSEWAY ST., KIDWELLY, near the Town Half, and BURROWS, BURRY PORT, Monuments, Tombs, Headstoaes, Crosses, &c" exefed Granite, Marble & Stone Monuments, Tombs, Headstoties Crosses, &c., in Representatives :-Mr. W. G. BEVAN, 5, New Street, Burry Port. Mr. ALBERT JENKINS, Bryn Morfa, Kidwelly. I PROVE YOUR EYES BY CONSULTING C. F. WALTERS, F.S.M.C., QUALIFIED OPTICIAN (by Exam., Lond.), Holder of the Highest Diplomas possible to obtain as a Sight-Testing Optician. SIGHT-TESTING ROOMS- A 51, Oxford Street ( unionstreet) 5 SWANSEA 1 SPECIAL OFFER! IW* 3 LEADING LINES AT CLARKE'S Stores PEMBERTON ST., LLANELLY. PER La Finest New Zealand Butter 1/1 FINEST DANISH BACON 8!D. per lb. FINEST DANISH HAM 9d. „  FEB LB Our Challenge Blend Tea 1/6 The above offer cannot be equalled anywhere in the Town. We ask you to try these Goods, Yours respectfully, CLARKE'S STORES. SALE! SALE I -l.l II -=- ,f" E't/ ))' But NOT an Auction Sale. .on Whv buv Auction Sale Cycles with no guarantee whateveri when vou can buy an I" i %j ENGLISH MADE CYCLE, Fully Guaranteed, HQ ?Oq C? s And fully equipped with Lamp, Bell, Pump, oUv luVi W* Tool-bag, and aU Accesories at  Call and inspect. Over a Hundred Cycles to select from., Prices and Models to suit one and all. NOTE ADDRESS: J. GRIFFITHS, Cycle Emporium, 98, Station Road, Llanelfjf SPRING St. SUMMER. J. JONES & SONS, Ladies and Gents' Tailors, Now show their Latest Ranges of Patterns in Shades & Styles suitable for Ladies' Costumes, Gents' Suitings, flo. FIT and STYLE PERFECT, All Garments made on the Premises. —— LOCAL AGENTS FOR Burberry's Weatherproof Coats, 4-c. NOTE ADDRESS:— GREENFIELD BUILDINGS, Llanelly.